Anti-fascist researchers in so-called Australia

Nicholas Walker aka Niklaus Velker

Nicholas Walker is a resident of Canberra. He joined the NSW Young Nationals on 12 April 2018. He uses the pseudonym Velker on social media, however in the image below you can observe that Velker and Walker are one in the same.


There’s not much scope for women to be an active part of the National Socialist movement except as “breeders”. So it is unusual to see a woman as part of the core team. Lisa Sandford has come a long way from Melbourne as the “anti-feminist who believes in equality of the sexes” to Canberra and fully embracing the 1488 ethno-nationalist agenda.


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These two groups are so closely intertwined that it is difficult to talk about one without the other. Antipodean Resistance, an explicitly neo-Nazi collective, first formed in Victoria Australia and came to notice around two years ago. The Lad's Society formed a little later as a curious mix of UPF refugees and fascist-leaning gun owners.


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