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Welcome to the White Rose Society

In a time of ascendant fascism the members of the White Rose Society came together in a loose coalition to combat Nazism.

And so our coalition of antifascists, here and now, take their name to renew the fight; sadly necessary once more.

We come from across the left and together we have worked quietly in the background, producing intelligence and feeding it to other outlets. But, the time has come, where the threat is so great and the speed of working through third parties so slow, that we now prepare to speak directly to our comrades.


The Alt-Right Gang White Power OK

“The Alt-Right Gang” celebrating their successful stack of the NSW Young Nationals Conference.

On 27th May this year The Australian reported:

A former Alt-Right Australia member was elected to the Young Nationals State Executive on the weekend amid fears from party members of a right wing push in the party.

Clifford Jennings was elected at the Young Nationals conference in Lismore yesterday as Metropolitan Regional Coordinator where he also moved — unsuccessfully — for the party to resolve to only accept immigration from “culturally compatible nations”.*

Mr Jennings’ attendance at the conference and that of some of his friends — all new members of the party — almost led to the postponement of the AGM of the party.

Outgoing Young Nationals chair Jessica Price-Purnell yesterday expressed concern at a potential takeover of the Young Nationals.

“It’s completely repugnant that people with [those] beliefs that has been quite public about it feel it appropriate they can come in and try and take over what’s normally a very reasonable [group] of young people,” Ms Price-Purnell said.

A federal government staffer, Jeff McCormack, who nominated Mr Jennings for his position, told the executive that if they did not let certain people in the party they could be “sued” so elections went ahead and Mr Jennings was elected.

Mr Jennings confirmed to The Australian he had been a member of the “Alt-right” group but said it had been a “long time ago”.*

He denied any nationalist views and said he had simply supported Donald Trump.

In a historical Facebook video, Mr Jennings says, “I created alt-right Australia. We have a podcast on our website, weekly”.

Mr Jennings said he had been “big-noting” and no longer had anything to do with that website, which now has links to an “Implicit White Nationalism” website.

“I am not affiliated with Alt-Right Australia and I totally refute any accusations to that effect,” Mr Jennings said.”

This was followed by three in-depth articles in The Land by Alex Druce: Young Nats ‘appalled’ as conference motion targets immigrants 28 May 2018, NSW Nationals delegates to debate migrant intake, nuclear energy, election safeguards at 2018 conference 29 May 2018 and NSW Nationals MP Wes Fang, son of a Singaporean migrant, opens up about ‘dogwhistling’ discourse 1 June 2018, as well as a mention in The Saturday Paper – The Briefing with Alex McKinnon 29 May 2018. Since June all has been quiet on The NSW Young Nationals front, at least publicly.

No other media thought to further investigate, so since June, we have quietly gathered as much intelligence as possible in order to bring you the profiles of some key fascists moving into mainstream politics. We then ensured this story made it into mainstream media as a major investigation by journalist Alex Mann from The ABC's Background Briefing. You can listen to the podcast of Alex's story at Haircuts and hate: The rise of Australia's alt-right.

We suspect The Nationals do not know how to begin to deal with a stack by nearly two dozen new members who identify as either alt-right or Neo-Nazis, or how to deal with a manipulative political operator like Clifford Jennings.

As Alex Druce reported in The Land on 1 June 2018:

“New Young Nationals chairman Jock Sowter said he had held several meetings with members of the Young Nationals executive since the weekend’s controversial conference in Lismore, where there was tension over the alleged objectives of an influx of new city-based members.

Mr Sowter said he had counselled metro region chair Clifford Jennings about the party’s ethos, but rejected that the NSW Young Nationals were being hijacked by the alt-right and welcomed the recent jump in membership.

“I communicated to (Mr Jennings) that we represent farmers, the little guy in the little town who feels like his voice hasn’t been heard in 35, 40 years,” Mr Sowter said.

“That there was support for a number of agricultural, environmental, and social issues [at the] conference shows there is no alt-right takeover here.

“As I’ve said to everybody on the executive, we abide by doing the right thing by the party, and doing the right thing by the people in regional NSW.

“There is no way I would let the Young Nationals represent anything else.”

The growth and mainstreaming of the far-right in Australia

Since June we've seen further mainstreaming of far-right discourse in Australian politics, with the far-right appearing to have a direct line to many politicians including Senator Fraser Anning and Federal MPs Bob Katter and Peter Dutton. We've heard the far-right and once niche “white genocide” myth about South African farmers directly from politicians' mouths; never-ending hysteria about an imagined “African gang crisis”; calls for a “Final Solution” to end Muslim immigration (direct from far-right Facebook echo chambers calling to end all Muslim and non-white immigration); and articulations of a desire to return to an explicit and formal White Australia Policy (a policy which has existed since colonisation, whether written into law or otherwise).

Meanwhile, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to live under legal and social apartheid with sovereignty denied; a second Stolen Generation is carried out; deaths in custody receive no justice; imprisonment rates of youth and adults skyrocket under a justice system designed to criminalise Aboriginality, and cycles of colonial violence and trauma perpetuate. Brutalities inflicted on racialised bodies and prison warehousing of “the other” are repeated in Australia's system of offshore concentration camps, with refugees demonised and tortured by the government for simply seeking safety. We can celebrate a false “multiculturalism” as a nation as long as these experiences of suffering remain out of our sight or something that never touches us: but The White Australia Policy never officially went away. There are many within Australian political circles and society who are actively working to officially resurrect the White Australia Policy.

When we first read the news of the stack and saw the names of the new members who'd joined (just within the membership window that allowed them to be able to vote and hold positions within the party), we saw a convergence of members and former members of various groups such as Young Liberals, The Dingoes, Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society, along with assorted other fascist memelords and shitposters, hiding under the guise of “irony”. A “White Power” / “OK” hand sign has moved beyond “ironic” trolling to a form of in-group signalling. Fashwave memes were never ironic, to begin with. A number of the new NSW Young Nationals members appear to be men still in their teens chosen for their views and groomed further in far-right politics to participate in the stack. Most live in the city, not the country.

We recognised that many of those relationships had initially formed in the closed Facebook group The New Guard, where leaders and members of Australian alt-right and Neo-Nazi groups formed over the last two years met and communicated quite openly: among them Dingoes, Antipodean Resistance, Austranati (The Australian Traditional Nationalist) and other now-defunct conservative and far-right “parties” (that never made it off the ground). That The Nationals didn't see this coming and were caught by surprise should be a warning to everyone to take the far-right and fascists seriously – whether in your communities or in mainstream parties.

The Facebook group The New Guard was inspired by the The New Guard Movement in Australia, formed in Sydney in 1931. From National Archives of Australia: Its membership application form said that the movement stood for: unswerving loyalty to the Throne; all for the British Empire; sane and honourable government throughout Australia; suppression of any disloyal and immoral elements in government, industrial and social circles; abolition of machine politics; and maintenance of the full liberty of the individual. A revealing history of the fascist The New Guard movement written by Andrew Moore is available to read online at the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History.

Who is Clifford Jennings? Who are the new members who infiltrated and stacked The NSW Young Nationals and what do they believe in? How are they connected to far-right and Neo-Nazi groups like Antipodean Resistance, The Dingoes and Lads Society?

A bonus question that we cannot answer: How will other major and minor political parties deal with possible threats of future infiltration by people with explicitly fascist and Neo-Nazi politics, when all parties in Australia either lean either to the centre, or are already on the right?

Clifford Jennings

Jennings is known online as “CW Jenn” or “Cee W Jen”. Jennings recently changed his name again on Facebook to “See Gen” — what will it be tomorrow? Clifford honed his political skills in The Sydney University Liberal Club, while completing a degree in Political Science and Government. Jennings was close to others from the right faction of the NSW Young Liberals, like Chad Sidler and Morgan Qasabian. Chad was particularly effective at stacking meetings for the hard right within the party, a tactic Clifford appears to have drawn on in his NSW Young Nationals infiltration and stack. The right faction within The Sydney University Liberal Club were heavily influenced and strongly supported by ultra-conservative Catholic state MLC David Clarke, who has a long history with the group.

With Clifford now elected as Metro Region Chair of NSW Young Nationals and his views seemingly unchallenged by the party except for a polite chat, he will be able to move up the ranks of the party if he wishes. Working as a Business Development Manager at a telco partnered with Optus, Jennings lives a comfortable suburban life in Sydney at the foot of the Blue Mountains with his wife. He is now perfectly positioned to realise his political ambitions and further mainstream the fascist beliefs and discourse he's worked hard over the last couple of years to foster (fester), both in online and offline activities with The Dingoes and networking with other groups.

Clifford is the ultimate networker — on his Facebook friends lists you'll find everyone from former Young Liberals, political powerbrokers, “patriots”, self-styled alt-media “journalists”, Antipodean Resistance members and other Neo-Nazis including “former” Squadron 88 members. While Clifford leads The Dingoes, he is intimately involved with the members of Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society and is supportive of their goals. He sees these groups as working towards a common goal: the mainstreaming of fascism and White Supremacy. Clifford also has a close political friendship with “The Aussie Fascist”, whom we will reveal in a future article.

The NSW Young Nationals infiltration and stack comes after a long period of in-fighting, much of it centred around Jeffrey McCormack, campaign director for John Barilaro at the last NSW election, and John's golden boy. Reportedly, the word “infiltration” was heard frequently during the conference weekend. Jennings officially joined the party on 13 December 2017. Jeffrey McCormack was the one to nominate Jennings to the Executive. This appears to be more than just opportunism, in considering the date Jennings joined The Nationals, the staggered join dates of those who participated in the infiltration and stack, and the apparent close associations on Facebook between Jennings, McCormack and McCarthy.

Clifford believed the Liberal Party was a waste of time by the end of March 2017, but that didn't deter him from his careerist stacking of the NSW Young Nationals, which he joined later that year.

Liberal Party

Clifford now says he's no longer alt-right, but he has long been an avowed fascist, stating on 6 January 2017, ”...all I care about is the fourteen words”. The 14 words is Neo-Nazi shorthand for “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. This phrase was coined by White Supremacist David Lane, who founded the terrorist organisation The Order, and was inspired by or derived from Adolf Hitler's autobiographical book Mein Kampf.

14 Words

Jennings was also never shy to articulate his political ideologies in The New Guard Facebook group:

Pure Ideology

Towards the end of March 2017 Jennings answered the question, “Are we white racist?” in the Facebook group The New Guard with, “One can learn from other cultures without gutting the blood and identity of your own people” – a warning against miscegenation – and following it up with, “I am sure that many APEX folks are Christian but that won't stop their violent blood.” Clifford went further, replying to a group member's view that ” least 80% of the people in white countries should be white” with the assertion that “Abraham Lincoln nearly repatriated every black slave back to Africa to address this very issue, unfortunately Congress (predictably) cucked him.”

Are we white racist

He then made arguments against compromise and against democratic ideals, articulating his ideas on how to gain traction in building fascist movements through good optics and public activities. This is disturbing in light of his more recent motions at the NSW Young Nationals Conference where he put forward:

That the NSW Young Nationals denounce the racial violence against white South Africans and calls upon the Australian Federal government to offer refugee status to those impacted by the violence and that are willing to relocate to regional and remote NSW and Australia or relocate to Agricultural Centres within Australia.*


That the NSW Young Nationals endorse immigration from culturally compatible peoples and nations but support strict immigration controls from those who are not.*

We also note Jennings' other motion from the conference, related to a more recent post he made to his personal Facebook:

That the NSW Young Nationals recognise the Australian energy crisis and its impact on Australian consumers and business and endorse the immediate expansion of coal and nuclear energy sources as a means by which to make energy more affordable and guarantee supply.


Clifford was the key organiser of DingoCon in late April 2017, as reported by slackbastard on 8 July 2017 ( /// The Convict Report /// DingoCon). DingoCon featured luminaries such as the kinkiest Orthodox Christian in Mackay, Pineapple Leather Dom George Christensen MP; domestic violence perpetrator and meth-addict Kane Miller of True Blue Crew; and Neo-Nazi and convicted racist (and arsonist, drug trafficker, stalker, etc. etc.) Blair Cottrell, who now represents Lads Society in Melbourne, where he grooms and radicalises young men for Antipodean Resistance through wholesome activities at his “boys only” cubby house. Tickets for DingoCon were priced at $88, another explicit reference to a Neo-Nazi term, with 88 standing for “Heil Hitler” (H being the eighth letter of the alphabet — or HH).


Jennings is so fond of Neo-Nazi terminology that in July this year he and his wife purchased a home together as newlyweds, with a street adress that includes the numbers 88 and 14. Whether he found this For Sale listing by coincidence or actively searched out a suitably numbered new address to fit a made up Neo-Nazi Feng Shui (or is it Numerology?), you'll have to ask Clifford. Whether his wife is aware of why he had his heart set on this particular property, you'll have to ask her. This Neo-Nazi Feng Shui is sure to bring Jennings just as much luck as everyone else in the “nationalist” movement — by which we mean, a string of misfortune self-inflicted through sheer arrogance.

In April 2017 Clifford was also organising an “alt-right gathering” for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Martin Place.


Towards the end of May 2017 Clifford had reopened recruitment for The Dingoes after a temporary freeze, advertising for members in The New Guard Facebook group.

Dingoes recruitment

In September 2017, the sockpuppet for The Aussie Fascist was still referring to Clifford in The New Guard Facebook group as a contact for members in Sydney who wanted to join a group for offline activities.


In late October 2017 Clifford expressed interest in collaborating on a movement similar to the Swedish (Nordic) Resistance Movement, a violent Neo-Nazi organisation.

Swedish Resistance Movement

Lastly, around 17 June 2017 Clifford commented on a post in The New Guard Facebook group about a postering activity in most states of Australia “next weekend”. Whether this activity ended up being limited to Sydney and this date was pushed back or not we don't know, but from 10 July 2017 racist posters in Sydney's Inner West were first reported in the media:


Racist As Shit Nationalist Posters Are Popping Up In Sydney’s Inner West by Ben Mcleay, Pedestrian 10 July 2017 and Police investigating racist posters plastered across Sydney's inner west by Pallavi Singhal, The Sydney Morning Herald 11 July 2017.

These posters were crude and puerile but they provoked the response the wheat pasters wanted (whoever they were). That these posters went up less than a week after DingoCon could indicate an emboldened membership. Clifford regularly referred to political and social activities in Sydney in comments and posts in The New Guard Facebook group, including meetups for parmas and beers and postering.

Posters1 Posters2 Posters3

Clifford has been fairly quiet on Facebook of late but his Facebook friends list continues to grow as he networks indiscriminately with a “Who's Who” of the far-right in Australia. We don't expect him to remain quiet in Nationals politics for long given his elected role.

Who else helped Clifford stack the NSW Young Nationals?

Nicholas Walker aka Niklaus Velker Stuart Churchill aka Stuart Durand Oscar Tuckfield aka Oscar Tuckers or Oscar Tucker Lisa Sandford and Justin Beulah Thomas Brasher aka Thomas Hopper

These are just a few of the names involved in the infiltration and stack of the NSW Young Nationals. The good news is we have all of their names and have completed intensive investigations into each of them, to be released in the near future. If your name is on the list there's no point in hiding, you've already been made.

We hope you're looking forward to reading our post about you soon.

We can be contacted at

We are aware that each of these profiles are image heavy. For those with vision impairment or using screen readers, we are endeavouring to write image descriptions for each as soon as possible. If you'd like to be notified as soon as image descriptions are available on these posts, please e-mail us at the address above.

Stuart Durand is an interesting investigative subject but not because he's intrinsically fascinating. On the contrary, he's just another Nazi boi hiding in plain sight. Rather, because he's managed to be the subject of two investigations that both met at Churchill. The first investigation is the one you're reading right now. The second, you'll read more about in future posts: Antipodean Resistance.


If you're starting out as alt-right, the MAGA hat is the first point of virtue signalling. Thomas later renounced Donald Trump and said Trump's “relentless sucking up to Israel and the Jewish establishment proves he's another puppet”.

Oscar Tuckfield is a young man from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who graduated from International Grammar School in 2017. He joined the NSW Young Nationals on 25 January 2018. He is of course, closely connected to Clifford Jennings and others in the party like Lisa Sandford. Like many others involved in the stack, he sees no conflict between his membership of the Lads Society in Sydney and any opportunism or political ambition in infiltrating a major party in order to mainstream fascist politics.


Nicholas Walker is a resident of Canberra. He joined the NSW Young Nationals on 12 April 2018. He uses the pseudonym Velker on social media, however in the image below you can observe that Velker and Walker are one in the same.


There’s not much scope for women to be an active part of the National Socialist movement except as “breeders”. So it is unusual to see a woman as part of the core team. Lisa Sandford has come a long way from Melbourne as the “anti-feminist who believes in equality of the sexes” to Canberra and fully embracing the 1488 ethno-nationalist agenda.


You can email us at

These two groups are so closely intertwined that it is difficult to talk about one without the other. Antipodean Resistance, an explicitly neo-Nazi collective, first formed in Victoria Australia and came to notice around two years ago. The Lad's Society formed a little later as a curious mix of UPF refugees and fascist-leaning gun owners.


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