Anti-fascist researchers in so-called Australia

Content warning: the below includes racial slurs, mentions of CSA, and extremist bigotry, including racism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia. We have collected a large number of posts by McNamara, what follows is a representative sample.

Alice McNamara, a white woman with a blonde bowl cut, holding a guitar and smiling. Inset is a screenshot of Mary Manson's Telegram profile. The username is IndoorChickenFarmer and the bio reads, I hate spiritual niggers.

The Age have reported yesterday:

Another anti-lockdown promoter has been unmasked as Alice McNamara, a musician who runs a children’s music business, KiddyRock. Ms McNamara, who has been posting neo-Nazi and anti-lockdown propaganda under an online alias, hung up the phone when contacted.

This seems unbelievable to those who knew her personally as Alice, or as Ally Spazzy from the mid-2000s pop punk band The Spazzys.

A twitter reply to at tom underscore tanuki that says, Gutted. Havent seen her in a decade I reckon but just sooo doesnt clock with the person I used to work with at the pub back in the mid 2000s!

McNamara has been a prolific member of the flourishing conspiracy-driven anti-lockdown movement since the start of the pandemic. Our investigations show, however, that her views predate 2020 and that she regularly shares abhorrent racist and white supremacist views in blackpilled accelerationist groups. This is a shocking contrast between her public persona and her work with children.

Ally Spazzy Kiddyrock & The Cool Bananas – Blackfella/Whitefella (Warumpi Band) @ Elsternwick Park (21st June 2015) from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

As 'Mary Manson', however, McNamara doesn't hold back:

A Telegram Screenshot that reads, Mary Manson, Yeh its occured to me that we have to be racist. I cannot abide a chink or an Indian looking down on me. That article on microagression got me thinking. Куд replies, It is our duty. Mary Manson, Yes. Chinks and Indians and niggers need to know their place. And BTW they only respect racist white people anyway. They know we are superior to them too. As long as we act like it.

McNamara is referring to an article from a fascist publication that describes how to have fun while using racist microaggressions in the “war on coloured people” in the workplace. It includes advice for causing maximum upset and offence but staying on the right side of the law. There are suggestions for how to make fun of people's names, cultures, backgrounds and food while maintaining plausible deniability.

McNamara's response? “Lots of great advice and tips in here!”

Mary Manson, Thats laughable to me. Dave responds, Yes but you're a hard ass fascist. Mary Manson, I know I probably sojnd judgemental and I have done stupid things I regret in the past but I'll own them and that's been a big part of my process to FASCISM Face With Tears of Joy emoji. I just have no time for porn addicts and deviant behaviour. Like you can do it but you'll get what you deserve. Better to just be honest and live right so you don't have to feel shame and no-one can blackmail you.

So, who is 'Mary Manson'?

Mary manson's bio again, with her URL at IndoorChickenFarmer and the bio, I hate spiritual niggers.

On the one hand, 'Mary Manson' is a typical anti-vaxxer. She's made posters for protests, medical exemption letters, attends protests and boasts of not wearing a mask.

An image post from Mary Manson on Telegram that shows a fake Medical certificate. It has a large red circle with a white cross in it and says, Medical Exemption, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. and links to the DHHS website. The paragraph below reads, To whom it may concern, This letter is to certify that Blank is currently receiving treatment for a medical cndition caused by wearing a mask and is therefore considered exempt. Respectfully yours, Blank.

Mary Manson writes, OK so I will make a PDF version so it prints better. And she adds a download link for the PDF.

But she also hates Jews, denigrates lesbian parents, and promotes Siege, the notorious and influential accelerationist text by child pornographer neo-Nazi James Mason. This text has inspired some of the most extreme violent far-right terrorist groups in the world today.

Mary Manson replies to Jay, saying, The problem is that some Jewish elites aided by some traitorous and ignorant goys are tryna fulfill their own prophecies as laid out jn the Protocols of the elders of Zion and if I say that to anyone outside of telegram they freak out.

'Mary Manson' has also talked about the benefits of showing children an American neo-Nazi story book. This is a serious concern as 'Mary Manson' has access to children through her small business providing musical education to children. She also did childcare for a doctor once her business was closed due to lockdowns.

But how do we know 'Mary Manson' is really Alice McNamara?

We first noticed 'Mary Manson' in Proud Boys chats as a Holocaust denier:

Some Telegram logs from the Dusty Drinking Team chat, where Mary Manson says, I'm not right. Lol. There is no political solution. Hey Bra replies, What are ya. Mary says, A prepper.

More Telegram logs from the Dusty Drinking Team chat. Hey Bra says, The Holocaust is tricky. I think it happened. I wanna go see it for myself but I think it happened. Maybe didn't happen in the numbers we are told though. Mary Manson replies, NAZI! Yeh it definitely didn't and Germany is still paying reparations for people that didn't ever even exist. Hey Bra responds, I'm against Zionism but I don't buy into the zeitgeist conspiracy either. Vito responds to a different message with, Proud Boys. Mary responds to Hey Bra with, I mean ... the numbers aren't right. They rounded up some Jews. Put them in camps.

Telegram chat screenshots where Mary Manson says, Yeh I get booted from chats when I DESTROY retards and proud boys. Proud boys are proud zionists FYI everyone else in this chat. Foxie Ferguson says, I got booted from Melbourne freedom rally.

We then we saw her taking a prominent role in some Melbourne anti-lockdown chats. And we tracked her to neo-Nazi online spaces. Over the last 18 months, we have collected a multitude of data points. We know many people will be shocked by our information and we take the task of proving her identity very seriously. Below we show some of our evidence.

By going through her posts, we were able to identify a number of matching data points between 'Mary Manson' and McNamara: both were women living in Melbourne, both owned a small business providing musical education to children, and both had connections to the Australian alternative music scene.

In one post 'Mary Manson' remarks with surprise that Australian music broadcaster Jane Gazzo had joined one of the more antisemitic Telegram chat groups in the Australian anti-lockdown online environment.

A Telegram chat where Mary Manson says, Hey guys I think it's hilarious that Jane Gazzo is in the covid 19 truth group Face With Tears of Joy emoji. Can't believe she knows about they jews. Another guy I know just joined it as well. Really funny.

At the time she posted this, the most recent poster in the Covid 19 Truth Group chat was Jane Anderson aka Calamity22:

A screenshot of Jane Anderson's Telegram profile with the username at Calamity22.

Jane Gazzo has published in the past using the nom de plume Calamity Jane.

'Mary Manson' explained to others in the chat that she knew 'Jane Anderson' was Gazzo because she had her number saved in her phone – Telegram's settings mean that contact names in your device will supercede a person's chosen display name.

We are not suggesting that Gazzo has posted antisemitic content, indeed her edgiest contribution to the Australian anti-lockdown space was a declaration that she had travelled on a tram without a mask.

Telegrams chats where Jane Anderson posts, Spent 3 hours walking around the city centre yesterday in Melb, Flinders, Collins et al. No mask on the entire time, no mask on tram either. Nobody stopped me, nobody said a word and cops drove past me many times. OK Hand, Medium Light Skin Tone emoji, OK Hand, Medium Light Skin Tone emoji

In other postings, 'Mary Manson' identified a number of Facebook groups she had joined. We discovered that Alice McNamara was a member of each of these groups.

'Mary' and Alice also shared some other data points. Out of respect for McNamara's family, we have left some sensitive personal details out.

The smoking gun

But it was the metadata from anti-lockdown propaganda she created that provided the definitive link. Using publicly accessible data, we were able to cross-match metadata in documents made by 'Mary Manson' to Kiddyrock, the business registered to Alice McNamara.

There is no doubt that 'Mary Manson' is a pseudonym for Alice (Ally) McNamara.

How did McNamara get radicalised?

It was only six short years ago that Alice McNamara was performing anti-racist anthems at the Community Cup. How did she go from performing Blackfella/Whitefella to becoming a Siege-pilled neo-Nazi?

We can't say for sure but one clue might be on an old YouTube profile, where Alice had subscribed to the channel of anti-feminist YouTuber Carl Benjamin (a/k/a Sargon of Akkad).

Telegram chats from 24 March. Mary Manson says, I even had people calling me and congratulating me, Face With Tears of Joy emoji. I was like bitch I've been on telegram for 2 years literally nothing bothers me. I called the patriarchy a conspiracy theory.

In one discussion, 'Mary' references having dropped a supposed truth-bomb about feminism onto a shocked and awed social media audience. Everybody clapped.

In other conversations with members of the far-Right, she makes reference to watching the videos of far-Right pastor Jesse Lee Peterson. It seems probable that McNamara simply followed a well-worn path down the YouTube rabbit hole. She's certainly not the first musician to travel this path.

What next?

Members of Alice McNamara's old band The Spazzys have now issued a statement about Ally's views.

We send our best wishes to the remaining band members. We release this information as a public service especially for those parents who entrusted their children to someone concealing their real abhorrent opinions and political standpoint.

Proud Boys

Calling for Proud Boys to join the anti-lockdown protests, which later happened

Screenshots continued. Slavinator says, There's supposed to be a big anti dan Andrews protest in sept 6th I believe, don't have anymore info. Mary continues, So looks like I'm gonna have to join up with them. Screenshots continued. Mary responds to Slavinator, I'll be there if it goes ahead. Slavinator says, same, and links a youtube video called Kovid Kombat, Battle for the republic of Australia...

In anti-lockdown groups, 'Mary' would promote the infamous neo-Nazi text 'Siege' by convicted child pornographer James Mason. Siege promotes the idea that leaderless terrorist cells are necessary in order to bring about a White revolution.

Mary links a forwarded Telegram message from NLB which is a download link for James Mason Siege 3rd Edition. She adds, Please read everybody.

In neo-Nazi chats, 'Mary' expressed her love of reading in other ways, suggesting that other neo-Nazis might find some value in showing children a book by American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell

Telegram chats from 11 March. Mary Manson says, Show this to your kids they will love it. So good. The linked video shows a thumbnail with ducks in a pond under a banner that says DuckVille. White Socks replies with a gif that says, No, I don't think I will.

Anti-Lockdown activities

Attending anti-lockdown rallies and ignoring health directives around mask-wearing.

Mary Manson continues, I will upload the moment the second group arrived chanting! Such a morale boosting moment!! Got arrested so I have to leave the city now but good luck everyone else, have a great day and see ya next week. Brian says, Problem is all the stall holders that lost turn over from this. Mary Manson says, I was at the protest last weekend and the week before but will have nothing to do with any protest organised by those CRINGE LARPERS from Guardian Angel. Just fucking KYS you are all complete embarrassments. Ry Irish responds, lol.

Racist, Anti-semitic, homophobic comments

Continued, The more I think about yhe more I wonder if I should just come out and say straights only. We enforce traditional gender roles.

Telegram chats from April 15. Mary Manson says, She moved all the money she raised into her personal bank account. She gave everyone the option to withdraw and my friend sent her an email explaining why she was withdrawing and Serena got mad about her reasons one of which was moving the money into her personal account and she asked for her money back. And since then Serena has not replied. R says, Yeah fair enough. She seems sincere, but also I won't say naive, but overly optimistic about litigating against the establishment in the establishment's courts. The only way to win is not to play. Extract yourself from the beast system. May says, Yeh that's what everybody says. But it would be better if we could just gas the jews and keep all our privileges.

Not even the Greeks were quite white enough for Alice McNamara.

The end of Mary Manson.

A screenshot of telegram where someone with the profile name Mmncx responds to child of god, who's said Welcome back Mary, with Thanks I've had a pretty crazy day maybe I'll tell you about it in person. I think I'm good now though. Just had good reason to be paranoid suddenly.

Following contact from Nine Fairfax, Alice has changed her name on Telegram.

Update on 13 March 2020:

“The New Zealand Defence Force says a man who reportedly posted online about forming a terror cell in New Zealand is no longer serving in the military.

And it says it is confident the Defence Force has the systems in place to weed out any extremists in its ranks, after concerns that the Defence Force was being infiltrated by far-right activists. ... A NZDF spokeswoman confirmed that the man enlisted in the NZ Army as a private in 2014 but said he left in December 2016. His reasons for leaving the military were not known.”

NZ Defence Force says white supremacist is a former soldier by Isaac Davison, NZ Herald, 13 March 2020

We believe that misrepresenting yourself as still being enlisted in the military to neo-Nazis in chat rooms, despite leaving NZDF four years ago, may make you a valour thief Max Newsome.

See also:

NZDF hasn't reviewed extremist procedures by Marc Daalder, Newsroom, 12 March 2020

Over the last week, Action Zealandia members have been brought to the attention of authorities by the White Rose Society and anti-fascist researchers in Aotearoa including ParaDoxx. We have seen Action Zealandia members threaten worshippers at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, share confidential police memos and, more recently, an anonymous member 'Matt' was exposed for planning to create a neo-Nazi terror group similar to American accelerationist neo-Nazi groups such as the Atomwaffen Division and The Base.

Action Zealandia member planned terror cell by Marc Daalder, Newsroom, 9 March 2020

We would like to introduce you to 'Matt', a leading figure from Action Zealandia who we believe is better known as Max Newsome from Palmerston North.

Meet 'Matt'. Meet Matt and Max Newsome's eyebrows.

'Matt' is a leader of Action Zealandia based in Palmerston North. He first came to our attention in a small, Australian-based neo-Nazi 'prepper' Telegram group chat where he was an admin. He frequently shared actions by his group Action Zealandia into the chat (gallery). He talked about acquiring firearms on the black market and he posted photos of his camping trip (gallery):

Action Zealandia and the Dominion Movement

Action Zealandia is a New Zealand neo-Nazi group who has come under increasing pressure from anti-fascists, anti-racists, and the state since late 2019. This was when one of their members, a New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) soldier, was arrested last December. The Linton soldier is subject to a name suppression in New Zealand and has since been charged with an “unauthorised disclosure of information” that is “likely to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand”.

In the last week, Action Zealandia has again come to the attention of authorities and the media. 19-year-old member Sam Brittenden was arrested in relation to a threat to Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch which was distributed on a neo-Nazi channel in the encrypted app Telegram based in the Ukraine. 'Matt' was central to the effort to circulate this terror threat on Telegram (see gallery). Of course Al Noor is one of the mosques where an Australian neo-Nazi terrorist massacred 51 Muslim worshippers a year ago this week.

Action Zealandia emerged only months after the neo-Nazi group Dominion Movement shut down its activities and website in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack. Action Zealandia has tried to project a careful public image as an “identitarian” group and, unlike the Dominion Movement, has shied away from more explicit Nazi imagery. Despite Action Zealandia's “wholesome” activities such as gym workouts, hikes, and rubbish pickups, the recent exposure of three members to the public has revealed a more sinister and violent ideology. These members have networked with international neo-Nazi terrorists. They have fantasised and planned for accelerationism and “the boogaloo” (race war). They have promoted neo-Nazi James Mason's book 'Siege' as reading material. They've discussed buying guns on the black market. And they have made violent threats while LARPing in a 'Siege' or skull mask during a drive-by of the Al Noor mosque the week before the first anniversary of a terrible terrorist attack.

The Dominion Movement formed in February 2018 and was the first Identitarian group in New Zealand. It was modelled on the American Identitarian group Patriot Front and also the Australian Neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance. Until the Christchurch terrorist attacks, the Dominion Movement grew rapidly, forming branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Wellington in the North Island as well as Nelson and Christchurch in the South Island. Its growth came through engaging in postering and stickering runs across New Zealand, organising group nature walks, banner drops, as well as participating in solidarity actions. Members “held a “Save the Boer” banner at an All Blacks v South Africa match in Wellington, referring to a false far-right claim that white Afrikaner farmers are being systematically murdered.”

The Dominion Movement also built international connections which included organising security for Canadian white supremacists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's thwarted tour to New Zealand in August 2018. After that failure, Dominion Movement members (including the Linton soldier) appeared on the Scottish alt-right Youtuber Millenial Woes' podcast in December 2018 as well as on the Australian fascist podcast The Dingoes in February 2019. Members also formed alliances with neo-fascist groups around the world, and met with Australian Identitarian group Identity Australia which is now known as Australian Revival in October 2018. The Dominion Movement met with Scandinavian neo-Nazis from the Nordic Resistance Movement in January 2019.

The Christchurch terrorist attacks forced the Dominion Movement to immeditely go underground. However, it only took four months for some of their members to reconvene and form Action Zealandia. They started small, portraying themselves as an all-male, white, patriotic fraternity such as the Lads Society in Australia. The 'new' group aimed to organise beach clean-ups, nature walks, and trips to historical landmarks. A re-branding of the now defunct Dominion Movement, Action Zealandia grew quickly and formed branches in the same locations (although the Wellington and New Plymouth branches didn't last long). The group really started to get going from September 2019 by engaging in postering and stickering runs across New Zealand, and in cleaning up graffiti. Less wholesome activities included vandalising National MP Jiang Yang's electorate office in Epsom and National MP Nick Smith's electorate office in Nelson.

Max Newsome alias 'Matt'

Note: 'Matt' is wearing an NZDF army beret.

While 'Matt' has never provided us with a full face dox, his posts in Telegram chats have provided us with many clues as to his identity. These include his life history, his distinctive eyebrows, the bridge of his nose, and his build. His Telegram profile pictures (see gallery) clearly confirm his alignment with both Action Zealandia and the now-defunct Dominion Movement. In order to identifiy this core member of both groups, we consulted with Paparoa, who have been tracking Action Zealandia and the Dominion Movement for some time. They put forward several possible candidates for 'Matt.' After much analysis, White Rose Society has settled on the one person with the same distinctive eyebrows and facial structure: Max Newsome.

Max Newsome, alias 'Matt', is a mid-20s man from Palmerston North who left school early to join the army, probably around 2014 or 2015 when a close friend of his also enlisted (not the NZDF soldier who has been detained and charged).

We have so far been unable to confirm whether Newsome is still serving in the NZDF as they have refused to comment. We note that in a Telegram chat as 'Matt', Newsome reported he was on a 'no-contact order' with the detained NZDF soldier.

Max Newsome came to the attention of anti-fascists in Aotearoa after he attended a Free Speech Rally in Wellington on 14 July 2018 with other members of Dominion Movement including the detained NZDF soldier, Mark Urry, David Toomath and Jarrad Randell-Walsh. This rally was in response to calls in Aotearoa to de-platform Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux ahead of their tour. (It was also timed to coincide with the jailing of British far-right activist Tommy Robinson who violated a court order and thus endagered justice for victims of sexual abuse).

Max Newsome and 'Matt' both have connections to the New Zealand Army, as shown by the military clothing they wear. Some of this clothing is not available to the public.

'Matt' and Max Newsome both travelled to Australia at the beginning of February 2020. Max was there for a family wedding. 'Matt' mentions being at Sydney Airport during the same period.

Max Newsome's Facebook Likes show a degree of radicalisation and engagement with far-right groups. He also follows the fascist, Identitarian organisation 'Australian Revival' (formerly 'Identity Australia') on Instagram. This is the group that Dominion Movement met with prior to being rebranded as Action Zealandia. Of course Max was a follower of Dominion Movement on Instagram before its account was deleted.

Max was also followed on Instagram by Sam Brittenden, the Action Zealandia member who recently made a terror threat to the Al Noor mosque. 'Matt' made a sympathetic reference to Brittenden's arrest. You can read the full chat with 'Matt' distributing the terror threat against the Al Noor Mosque and talking about his 'boy' who did it at this gallery.

'Matt' recently celebrated the release of Christchurch neo-Nazi Philip Arps from prison.

'Matt' mentioned meeting with Nordic Resistance Movement in a Telegram chat for supporters of the group. You can read screenshots of his chats in the NRM Supporters Chat at this link, this link and this link. Dominion Movement also met with Nordic Resistance Movement in January 2019, reporting it on this archived monthly report. Photos from the meetup were posted along with photos of group bonding joint stickering session:

Marc Daalder wrote:

“In other Telegram channels, Matt chatted with members of the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement, which is banned in Finland and has conducted bombings and attacked anti-racism and LGBT rights marches in other Nordic countries. He invited NRM members to visit New Zealand, promising to “take you on a pilgrimage route a saint did last year”, referencing a popular far-right meme depicting the alleged Christchurch gunman as a saint.”

Max Newsome's Instagram (made private since the story on Newsroom about 'Matt'), includes a photograph of him wearing a Wargus Christi singlet (the same far-right “male body culture” organisation that the Linton soldier belonged to).

Earlier this week, an Action Zealandia security manual was leaked by a member of Action Zealandia via Paparoa. Recently arrested Action Zealandia member Sam Brittenden appears to have heeded the advice of this manual in refusing to cooperate with a police search. However, even the intricacy and sophistication of the security manual failed to help Action Zealandia avoid detection.

Leaked 'security guidelines' reveals neo-Nazi plans to avoid detection by Thomas Manch and Florence Kerr, Stuff, 10 March 2020

Could this be Sam Brittenden from a recent Action Zealandia video climbing Mount Ruapehu?


'Matt' posted in a Telegram chat that he wanted to send a message of support and a prayer to members of The Base after a number of Base members were arrested for conspiring to murder an anti-fascist couple, as well as planning to disrupt the recent Virginia gun rights rally by shooting into the crowd and prompting a shooting spree. Further, 'Matt' also wrote on Telegram that he sought to start an Atomwaffen Division-esque network of terror cells across New Zealand. You can read 'Matt's' chats with an Atomwaffen Division Florida cell leader at this gallery. So far, the Atomwaffen Division has been responsible for over five murders, including that of a gay Jewish teenager, Blaze Bernstein. 'Matt' expressed similar violent homophobic views, including stating that he wanted to throw bricks into the crowds at Pride.

'Matt' casually chatted (gallery) with a leader of Lads Society Queensland and former Antipodean Resistance associate 'Graham Fowler' about 'Graham's' revenge fantasies to murder New Zealand journalist Patrick Gower. 'Matt' and 'Graham' planned to meet in New Zealand later this year.

Neo-Nazi accelerationist thought can be traced to James Mason, whose book Siege has been seminal for neo-Nazi accelerationists worldwide. In Siege, Mason proposes a strategy of decentralised cells enacting widespread white supremacist violence for the goal of setting off a 'race war'. Accelerationism is an ideology that has been accepted by many neo-Nazis internationally. Groups like The Base and the Atomwaffen Division in the US, Antipodean Resistance in Australia, and National Action in the UK, which originally formed on fascist forum IronMarch have embraced Siege culture and accelerationism. More recently, men's only clubs like Australia's Lads Society and Identitarian groups such as Action Zealandia and Australian Revival/Identity Australia have come to act as feeder groups into this insidious ideology.

Feeder groups can appear innocuous but are dangerous due to how effective they can be at radicalising members and mobilising them into action. Some examples include fascist gyms and Identitarian groups which act as a funnel into fascist violence. Far-right survivalist/'prepper' groups are at the more extreme end of this scale. Members start with 'relatively harmless' direct action such as picking up rubbish before participating in more violent activities like graffiti attacks against minorities or stickering with hate speech. At the more extreme end, groups have planned and carried out sabotage and even murder. Following the neo-Nazi accelerationist/Siege mentality, these groups operate as a means of building the capacity of neo-Nazi movements for widescale violence and terrorising vulnerable communities.

'Matt' spoke about creating a group called 'Southern Order' (see gallery) ​​​​​which never went public. It is unclear whether the group existed or if 'Matt' was attempting to accelerate the extremity of the political ideology within Action Zealandia. Considering 'Matt's' lone camping trips, his fantasies about violence against queer people, his weapons training, and his statements of violent intent (“I'm fuckin amped right now I wanna kill”), there is a clear and present danger that he is mentally and physically preparing himself for future “direct action” involving violence. 'Matt' has already mentioned his willingness to access weapons via the black market.

'Matt' only appears to have backed away from accelerationism after two of his comrades were arrested.

Atomwaffen Division encouraged members to join the armed forces for weapons training. The Base actively recruited members with military experience. It remains to be seen if Action Zealandia similarly encouraged newer members to join the military for weapons training in preparation for a 'race war'. First, the Linton soldier, now 'Matt' AKA Max Newsome.

We hope the New Zealand Defence Force is able to confirm whether Max Newsome, a violent neo-Nazi with international connections to terrorist groups, is currently enlisted in the army or the Reserves.

This researched was conducted and written in collaboration with anti-fascist researchers in Aotearoa including ParaDoxx.

We hope our research and writing serves to illustrate the international nature of accelerationism in the Pacific Region. Our ongoing research (forthcoming) on Australian (and some New Zealand) neo-Nazis and their groups reveals intimate connections to Atomwaffen Division, The Base, National Action, Azov Battalion, Order of Nine Angles, Nordic Resistance Movement and others. These are violent groups which need to be designated international terrorist organisations.

If you would like to provide information or tip-offs on any of the groups or individuals named or who feature in photographs in this post, please e-mail Paparoa at or us at We are especially interested in Max Newsome, Sam Brittenden, Action Zealandia and the Dominion Movement, and the individuals (named and unnamed) featured in group Dominion Movement photos.

Our love and solidarity to the Muslim community in Aotearoa and to all victims and survivors of white supremacist violence globally.

Never Again.

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“I know these issues come up all the time with you: racism, sexism, homophobia — I don't know how racism is ever raised with you given your background. It's just ridiculous.”

ABC journalist Barrie Cassidy during a publicity interview for Katter's 2012 book, An Incredible Race of People.

“I am Bob Katter and I am a proud western chauvinist.”

Bob Katter, 2017.

The far-right is a serious and present danger in Australia. However, strategies used by prominent far-right figures are effective in manipulating public opinion and the media by obscuring abhorrent political views with a big dose of the “true-blue Aussie bloke” character.

A case in point is the acceptance that Bob Katter enjoys as something of a folksy crank or 'leftist' 'hardman'. 

Katter is seen as a 'living meme', with each new incident or statement becoming public entertainment. This is despite his explicit, career-long commitment to ethno-nationalism, homophobia, misogyny, and general reactionary conservatism.

Katter's response to journalist Jason Wilson's story regarding his 2017 pledge of allegiance to the Proud Boys is a case in point. It provides an opportunity to address the ways in which concepts such as 'larrikinism' and 'mateship' have long been used in Australian political discourse to paper over the cultivating of lines of solidarity and protection amongst racists, misogynists, and homophobes, i.e., the very same conditions under which fascist groups such as the Lads Society, Identity Australia, True Blue Crew, and the Proud Boys seek to obtain legitimacy.

Katter uses appeals to ignorance and 'irresponsibility' to excuse his regular association with figures such as Blair Cottrell, Tom Sewell, Fraser Anning, and the Proud Boys. This whitewashes how closely his political commitments are aligned with the ideas and desires of the far-right.

One key factor in sustaining Katter's role as a mediator of reaction within the Australian mainstream is the support he receives from right-wing elements of the union movement and the ALP, both of whom attempt to use Katter to bolster the credentials of a supposed 'left-wing' nationalism.

Our history of Katter's political statements leads us to conclude that Katter's own brand of National Socialism is no less extreme than the political views espoused publicly by the Proud Boys, a group he recently denounced as extremists.

It is important not to underestimate the extent to which the Proud Boys in Australia overlap with – and are interconnected to – other far-right and fascist networks throughout Australia. On this point, we recommend this thread from slackbastard which details some of their connections.

Katter: ethno-nationalist, misogynist, homophobe

Bob Katter is an explicit ethno-nationalist who has long advocated the idea that “Australians” are a distinct race whose reproduction is threatened by the combined forces of immigration, abortion, and homosexuality.

In 1995 Katter declared that: “I will try, as I always do whenever I speak these days, to bring this nation’s attention to probably the most important thing: put simply, we belong to a vanishing race.” In 2002 Katter is quoted as saying, “What is so wrong with the Australian nation that it has decided to eliminate itself from the gene pool,” a line that he repeated again in 2012 in a media article on his book, An Incredible Race of People. The book itself opens with a poem by Mary Gilmore, a racist nineteenth-century labour activist who was part of a group of ethno-socialists who travelled to Paraguay in 1893 in an attempt to establish a white-only utopia, a history that Katter himself is well aware of.

Katter’s misogyny and biological racism come together in his arguments against abortion. In 2006, for instance, he argued against the abortion drug RU486 on the grounds that immigrants were not capable of reproducing “Australians”. On this point, it is worth noting that Ben Shand — the Proud Boys “President of Ipswich” — is himself a militant anti-abortionist, in line with his Christofascist, Pentecostal beliefs. He and other members of the Proud in Queensland members attended the 'March For Life' rally in Brisbane in September 2018, protesting against decades overdue abortion law reform. Katter's thoughts on the relationship between abortion, immigration, and decline of the “Australian race” are also comparable to a number of Proud Boys tenets, including explicit Western chauvinism, the closing of borders, and the “veneration of the housewife”. In Shand's own words, this latter idea implies that “there should be a time in every woman's life where they are a mother, where they are at home with kids, looking after kids.”

Katter’s record of homophobic statements is well known amongst mainstream commentators but is generally excused or euphemised as part of his 'maverick' identity. What is less often acknowledged is the extent to which Katter's homophobia is tied in with his ethno-nationalist beliefs, connections that are of course there for anyone who cares to look into them.

In a 2008 speech on superannuation equality for same-sex couples, for instance, Katter argued that “People have belief systems because they are important for the survival of the race and the survival of the tribe. If homosexuality is a fashion statement, it is a very dangerous fashion statement and it is at the present moment in Australia. … We have chosen a values system that says that we do not have children, and other races have chosen a value system that says that they do.” In the same speech, Katter goes on to say that “I think it is everyone's duty to reflect upon the fact that the sort of viewpoint that I have must win in the end because the other viewpoint leads to the non-survival of the race.” This sentiment is coupled with Katter's view of homosexuals as inherent vectors of disease and degeneration. In 1994, for instance, he is quoted as saying that “New South Wales ... has its gay Mardi Gras and skites about all the people that came out from San Francisco, the city of a million people and 20,000 AIDS cases, presumably to bring their pestilence and plague with them.”

As with the issue of abortion, Katter's homophobia overlaps with a number of Shand's own homophobic views, the two having met as part of the Queensland Proud Boys participation in an anti-marriage equality gathering in Brisbane in 2017. It was at this event that the Proud Boys made the video recording of Katter's “Western chauvinist” pledge that featured in the recent Guardian story. This clearly demonstrates the extent of the mutual appeal between Katter and the fascist far-right, one grounded in a shared political outlook rather than ignorance or happenstance. It is also noteworthy that the Proud Boys do accept the membership of both cisgender (exclusively) gay men and men of colour — a fact that Shand uses to launder his bigoted views and associations with other white supremacists, such as Fraser Anning and Blair Cottrell.

First image, Ben Shand interviewing Blair Cottrell, one of Australia's most infamous neo-Nazis.
Second image, professional homophobe, Australian Conservatives senate candidate for Queensland, and general reactionary bottom-feeder Lyle Shelton hanging out with members of the Queensland Proud Boys including Jordan Clayton-Nelson and Dan Schy. Standing behind them is fundamentalist Christian hate preacher Dave Pellowe.
In case it doesn't go without saying, being a “bloke who is sick of PC nonsense” is less a counterpoint to being a Nazi than it is an entry level requirement for being one.

On the question of political alignment, Katter likes to portray himself as a rough-and-tumble member of the “hard left”. His true views on the relationship between labour and capital, however, share next to nothing in common with the ideas of radical leftist politics. Rather, many of the ideas that Katter tries to present as 'leftist' are attributable to a deeply conservative variety of social corporatism. This doctrine of hierarchical social relations has been historically favoured by the Catholic Church, Benito Mussolini, and reactionary socialists who oppose notions of class conflict. In his first speech in the Federal Parliament in 1993, Katter stated that “private ownership was the great bulwark of protection against the excesses of government and of bullies of all types and of collectives in our society today.” In the same speech he derides the ideas of Karl Marx and points to Russia, “the great basket case of the planet”, as evidence of the failure of Das Kapital. Clearly, Katter's critique of Marx is grounded in Katter's own conservatism, rather than in any recognisably 'leftist' tradition of thought.

Katter’s conception of property institutions is equally grounded in his own ethno-nationalist commitments, having stated that “The English had private ownership centuries before any other race.” Katter's claims to embody the ideals of a “hard left” are therefore based on little more than a commitment to supporting the most reactionary inclinations of the Australian labour movement, in partnership with the interests of a supposedly non-exploitative form of 'Australian' capitalism. On examination, Katter's 'leftism' turns out to be less 'hard' than it is white, authoritarian, and capitalist.

Unions and ALP for Katter

Bob Katter has long enjoyed the support of both mainstream unions and leading figures of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). Katter is particularly close with recently elected ALP leader Anthony Albanese. Katter openly and wholeheartedly backed Albanese's bid for party leadership, particularly against the early interest of Tanya Plibersek, whom Katter blamed for the ALP's electoral losses in Queensland. As reported by the ABC, Katter's support for Albanese rests on over 21 years worth of mutual affection between the two, with Albanese having described Katter as “one of the great characters of the national parliament ... He's a mate of mine and I am proud to say that. He is a fair-dinkum bloke.”

Amongst the unions, Katter and his party — Katter's Australia Party (KAP) — have received substantial forms of finacial and political support, including from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union), the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), and the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA). The CFMEU is notable amongst this group as one of several unions who have been instrumental in the ALP's adoption of Tony Abbott's refugee turnback policy and shutting down debate on reforms to asylum seeker policy within ALP. These same policies have themselves inspired support and imitation from a number of neo-Nazi groups across Europe.

In financial terms, between 2011 and 2016 the CFMEU and ETU Victoria donated a combined total of no less than $300,000 worth of members money to the KAP. Notable amongst these records was a $25,000 donation from the CFMEU that came 6 months after Katter had appeared in a photo-op with well-known neo-Nazis from the United Patriots Front (now Lads Society). They met at a rally for dairy farmers which the UPF had attempted to hijack. Tom Sewell (in the background of the photo below), once tried to recruit Brenton Tarrant, the neo-Nazi terrorist responsible for the Christchurch attacks.

Left to right: neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell, MP Bob Katter, neo-Nazi Tom Sewell

In August of 2018 the ETU was reported to have distanced itself from KAP after Katter lent his full-bodied support to Fraser Anning's infamous “final solution” speech. While no statement was recorded from the CFMEU at that time, such details did not hold back union leaders such as Luke Hilakari from posturing over the unfounded assumption that the Australia union movement are undivided in their opposition to fascism. While that particular scandal brought many a concerned and surprised voice from out of the woodwork, the record of Katter's statements previously outlined indicates that reactions on the part of many politicians, media, and union leaders were more often contrived and opportunistic than they were credible.

True to form, less than a year later, Sally McManus and Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) preferenced KAP and the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) above the Australian Greens in Capricornia in the 2019 Federal Election. The Katter family have a long association with the DLP dating back to Katter's father Bob Sr., who once held membership. Katter Sr. went on to join the National Party and win his seat on the third count thanks to preferences from the DLP. McManus and the ACTU's electoral strategy spectacularly backfired.

Leading up to the Federal Election in 2019, the ABC revealed the neo-Nazis working on staff for then independent Senator Fraser Anning. This went unremarked upon by both the ALP and ACTU. A number of fascists and right-wing micro parties campaigned and organised alongside each other in Queensland prior to the election, including a now infamous BBQ and campaign event with members of fascist group True Blue Crew and candidates and members from Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, Great Australia Party, Katter's Australia Party, Pauline Hanson's One Nation (PHON), Shooters, Fishers and Farmers and Independent candidate Sandy Turner. The event was promoted by former Queensland One Nation President Jim Savage, who allegedly told Fraser Anning to “say something really controversial, really hit that nerve” to draw attention to his maiden speech. Media attention post-BBQ resulted in PHON banning their members from associating with True Blue Crew, despite a history of shared membership in their Queensland supporter and voter base. Union members in Queensland have turned out in large numbers many times in the past to oppose fascists and racists, but during the Federal Election in 2019 this anti-fascist union activity was noticably absent — despite candidates from right-wing micro parties making up a majority of the ballot. 

In sum, Bob Katter's dismissal of his loyalty oath to the Proud Boys as “larrikinism” is little more than a convenient cover for his own brand of National Socialism. Far from being a victim of the Proud Boys antics, Katter's politics and values were aligned with the Proud Boys' before any of them, including Gavin McInnes, were even born. Katter's ability to dodge the repercussions of his ethno-nationalist views and fascist hookups can be chalked up largely to the support that he receives from the Australian media, union leadership, and political class, who continue to find comfort in Katter's blokey authoritarianism.

While this support continues to hold, far-right groups such as Proud Boys will be able to derive legitimacy from the interest and support of mainstream political figures.

Max Towns is a well-known figure within Sydney's far-right scene. Even among his fellow violent fascists, Towns is kept at arm’s length due to his reputation for bizarre and unpredictable behaviour. His cowardly and obsessive crusade on the streets of Newtown involves him targeting 'lefties' (predominantly young women) by stalking and physically intimidating them. Towns’ deeply disturbing solo adventures are well documented and creepy enough on their own, but are all the more worrying in the context of his previously unpublished catalogue of hateful online vitriol and threats of serious violence.

During his one-man street patrol days and in the months leading up to his assault on a News Corp journalist and photographer at a Fraser Anning press conference in Cronulla, Max Towns strongly identified with the fascist 'patriot' group True Blue Crew (TBC). He even dropped $100+ on one of their branded hoodies, which he regularly wore while 'on patrol' hunting for anTeEefa. These vigilante patrols were a neat way of excusing pathological behaviour of the worst kind and consisted mostly of the angsty teenager stalking and profiling young women. Towns would often pretend to talk on his phone to imaginary friends, though they never seemed to accompany Towns on his sad little powerwanks.

On the surface, Towns’ behaviour is almost a caricature of the unhinged and isolated ‘lone wolf' archetype. We will demonstrate that Max Towns has long associated, both online and in person, with various far-right organisations, and has attended numerous actions and rallies before the fated press conference in Cronulla. Although Towns doesn’t seem particularly popular with other figures on the far right, he is undeniably well-connected in fascist far-right circles. In line with demographic trends among young men on the far-right, Towns is also from a background of privilege and wealth, with all the benefits of an expensive private education.

In the images above, Max Towns expresses his support for Senator Fraser Anning, ahead of Towns' now infamous assault on journalists Eliza Barr and Dylan Robinson at a Conservative National Party press conference at Cronulla on Friday 26 April 2019. Note that, next to the “Victory or Death” slogan, Towns uses the 🤚 emoji. This emoji is commonly used by neo-Nazis online as shorthand for “Sieg Heil” or “Heil Hitler”, or included alongside these phrases.

In the second image, Towns uses this same “Sieg Heil” sign alongside the “OK”/“White Power” 👌 sign, famously hand signalled by the neo-Nazi terrorist during his first court appearance following his horrific massacre of 50 people in Christchurch.

Anning's racist pilgrimage

It’s no coincidence that Fraser Anning held his NSW Senate ticket launch at Dunningham Park, Cronulla. This is the same park where the 2005 Cronulla race riots began with a gathering of 5000 beer-swilling flagwits, and escalated into violent attacks on anyone judged to be of 'Middle Eastern' appearance. These attacks were stoked by the same white supremacist discourses peddled by Anning and his supporters.

At the launch attended by Max Towns on Friday 26 April, Anning remarked “As you know, this area is the Prime Minister's seat, and there's been all sorts of problems here with the Muslim immigrants who have come in here and attacked people right here where we're standing now”. Thick irony, considering his feet were on the same ground where thousands of racist dogs congregated in 2005, before swarming the streets of Cronulla while shouting “Fuck off Lebs”.

Anning understands all too well the benefits that accrue from stoking racist fantasies among white Australians. His particular brand of incitement includes regular references to nebulous African and Muslim 'gangs', along with the odd reference to Asians 'buying our land.' A high point of this fascist frenzy was the event dubbed 'Cronulla 2.0' in St Kilda in January this year at which Anning — whose attendance was funded courtesy of taxpayers — staged photo-ops with Blair Cottrell and other neo-Nazis amidst a crowd of Sieg Heiling goons frothing for easy minority targets.

Max Towns making threats of violence on a thread about the 'Cronulla 2.0' rally, on a far-right Facebook Page.

Max Towns attended True Blue Crew's 'Aussie Pride Flag March' in June 2018, when he travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to join clusters of fellow ultra-nationalists and right-wing eccentrics. The neo-Nazi terrorist who carried out the massacre in Christchurch, was also a big fan of the TBC.

Towns appeared in Federation Square after the 'march', with over a dozen other neo-Nazis, in the also famous 'Dandyman' incident. slackbastard wrote:

Having journeyed to Transport Bar at Fed Square upon completion of the rally, Cottrell and a number of his followers took the opportunity to enforce some white shariah. Spying a street performer, ‘Dandyman’, dressed in pink, and possibly imagining himself in the role of head of an Antipodean Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Cottrell & The Gang vocally objected to the performer’s pink costume. This, apparently, was sufficient reason to demand that he remove himself from the Square, and sufficient evidence for the performer to be accused of being a paedophile(!). Requesting assistance from police, they merely delayed the Dandyman’s performance and their removal from the Square. ... Cottrell was accompanied by at least thirteen others including the sloppy seconds of Australia's ever desperate alt right scene (LadSoc) and the leftover crack lumps from Melton's TBC meth labs INC who were to assist in the great cleansing of degenerate modern art in Fed Square:

1: Luke Phipps; 2: Bayden Mottee (kicked out of the Proud Boys for lying); 3: Ian Sayer (True Blue Crew); 4: Max Towns; 5: Lee Taylor (Proud Boys); 6: Jacob Hersant (Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society); 7: Lads Society member (unnamed); 8: Kane Miller (True Blue Crew); 9: Troy Crockett (Lads Society); 10: True Blue Crew member (unnamed); 11: 'Bluebeard'; 12: Steven Hansford (True Blue Crew); 13: True Blue Crew member (unnamed).

(Troy Crockett (#9), a violent neo-Nazi member of Lads Society has not previously been named publicly. Troy uses the following aliases online: Trè Blackstone, Trè Bloodstone, Troy or Trè Targaryen and Trè Greystoke. If you have any information on Troy, please e-mail us.)

It was during this incident — in which a group of neo-Nazi thugs intimidated members of the public with impunity — that Max Towns lead an unprovoked assault on a young couple who subsquently became the next target of Cottrell's fixated band of minions.

This video shows Towns approaching the couple, probably because they looked like 'leftists' to him — or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. This fits Towns' established pattern of victimisation. He tells the young man at the end of the assault to “Fuck off faggot”, an insult he frequently uses when trolling online. The young couple are then surrounded by over a dozen neo-Nazis who continued to abuse, intimidate and threaten them.

Between the Dandyman incident in Federation Square in June 2018 and the verbal and physical assault on two journalists in Cronulla on 26 April 2019, Max Towns has been busy. However, Towns' busy schedule does not appear to be focussed on his studies at The University of Sydney where he is allegedly still enrolled. Nor with the rugby matches he enjoyed during his days at the exclusive $15,000 per annum private Catholic school Waverley College:

Rather, Towns has been busy making himself known throughout the Inner West of Sydney in a series of attacks and intimidation efforts directed at supposed 'leftists', people he believes to be 'antifascists', or people he thinks look at him wrong or just look wrong to him.

Inner West Sydney activities

Reports of Towns' activities were sent to us by concerned Sydney locals on social media. These reports first surfaced after an incident in which he attempted to intimidate a well-known Sydney Socialist activist in Newtown while they were campaigning for the Refugee Action Coalition. The list goes on: he later threatened the daughter of another well-known Sydney Socialist activist; repeatedly egged the front of anarchist bookshop Jura Books; was spotted lurking outside the SWOP building; attacked a door person at an Inner West warehouse party and threw a longneck bottle at them; and is rumoured to have made in-person threats against a Greens MP at their home and electorate office.

On the day of Newtown Festival in November 2018, Towns, sporting his trademark “anti-Antifa” hoody, proceeded to stalk two individuals through the streets of Enmore. The following is an account sent to us from the people who were targeted that day:

On the afternoon of Newtown Festival, mid-November 2018, my partner and I were out getting groceries on Enmore Road.

When we reached Phillip Street we saw a young man was standing outside, talking on his mobile (today, 5 months later, we recognised him as the person who attacked journalists and was arrested at the Fraser Anning event in Cronulla).

We saw the slogans 'anti-antifa' (i.e. pro-fascists) and 'good night lefties' on his pristine black hoodie, so we looked at him visibly disgusted.

Without hesitation, he responded with a smile and then did the 'Heil Hitler' salute. He then aggressively and pointedly snapped up his hoodie while smiling and staring at us, and started yelling stuff like 'die commie pigs' at us as we walked away from him.

We only then realised how aggressive and fixated he was and how dangerous the situation was. We felt physically threatened and like he was a violent guy. We didn't want to turn around and engage any further, so we walked quickly away, with him following and continuing to shout at us.

We turned into Belmore Street and thought he had given up. As we got near to our car we realised he had followed us, and saw him a few cars back, across the street, watching us with his hoodie up, smiling. We got into the car and drove away as quickly as possible.

Until recently many victims of Max Towns' assaults or stalking have been people he thinks are anti-fascists or 'leftists' but who actually have no idea why he's assaulting or stalking them. He generally prefers to pick on people who he reads as smaller or weaker than him, or not up for a fight.

Prior to his abuse and assault on two journalists at Cronulla on 26 April 2019, the last report sent by Sydney locals of Max Towns committing physical assault was again in the Inner West. A young man who passed Towns in the street objected to Towns' “anti-Antifa” hoody. Towns is used to being the one who starts on someone and met his match in a physical altercation. His opponent landed a few punches on behalf of everyone else Towns has assaulted in the past year.

Then Max Towns pushed his opponent into oncoming traffic on a major road.

Towns can often be spotted in Newtown and the Inner West of Sydney wearing anti-Antifa, RA Infidel, or True Blue Crew merchandise. He has also been seen wearing a plain bomber jacket and chinos.

Far-right connections

Max Towns was spotted at other far-right and neo-Nazi events in 2018. He turned up outside the Sydney tour of fascists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux in July 2018 without a ticket, opting instead to stalk up and down outside the venue, hoping to meet leftist counter-protesters.

Towns also turned up to “Freedom of Speech Day” in Lakemba in 2018, seen here on the far right of this group photo:

Some notable faces from left to right: Jaiden Armstrong Penney (Lads Society), John Bolton (lawyer for neo-Nazis including Blair Cottrell), neo-Nazi and violent misogynist Bluebeard (Neil Erikson's former tripod), neo-Nazi Nick Folkes (formerly Party for Freedom), Alex Annenkov and Mark McDonald (formerly Squadron 88 and Lads Society Sydney leaders), Oscar Tuckfield (Lads Society and one of neo-Nazi infiltrators of NSW Young Nationals) and Mitch van Dam (fascist leader of True Blue Crew in NSW).
Max Towns also stood awkwardly in the background of other photographs, taken at “Freedom of Speech Day”, featuring Blair Cottrell, Alex Annenkov, Mark McDonald and Oscar Tuckfield in the foreground.

Journalist Eliza Barr, the latest victim of Max Towns' rage, is familiar with stunts pulled by the far-right at Lakemba. When fascist Lauren Southern toured Australia in July 2018, she claimed Lakemba was a “No Go Zone” and filmed a video there, despite Lakemba's residents failing to live up to her expectations of a gang war or attacks on white women. Southern was instead moved on by the police for making a nuisance of herself. Barr uploaded a video to Twitter debunking Southern's ridiculous claims.

January 2019 saw Towns making his typical threats of violence on Neil Erikson's (now deleted) Facebook Page ahead of Australia Day/Invasion Day protests. He was egged on by Melissa McPhee, a Queensland member of fascist 'patriot' group True Blue Crew.

“First leftist I see on Australia Day will be eating the pavement, no ifs no buts”

“everyone has a plan until they're punched in the face”

“You don't 'negotiate' or 'be civil' with communists”

On that day, Towns was reportedly spotted in his best Infidel Brotherhood shirt outside the Woolworths at Town Hall station a few blocks from the Sydney Invasion Day rally. Perhaps intimidated by the size of the crowd, on this occasion his big plans amounted to yelling at a few confused commuters.

Towns regularly trolled posts about the March 2019 Mardi Gras in Sydney and ended one long comment thread with:

Privately educated misogynist and racist

Unsurprisingly for someone who abused a female journalist for doing her job, Max Towns is also a violent misogynist. Towns is a supporter of unhinged conspiracy theorist and misogynist Andy Nolch, who vandalised the memorial for rape and murder victim Eurydice Dixon:

Andy Nolch is a pet of both Neil Erikson and the Lads Society, with Nolch serving as an unofficial avatar to represent their hatred of women as they encourage his behaviour.

Max Towns has made threats against feminist Clem Ford online:

Threats towards women and journalists are of course a major feature of the fascist far-right discourse. On the rare occasions that Max Towns isn't spotted sad-boy stalking by himself, he is usually seen consorting with other violent misogynists like Blair Cottrell and 'Bluebeard'. Cottrell shares a common trait with Towns of stalking women and has himself been involved in the harassment of women journalists, the best-known case being a rape threat against Sky News reporter Laura Jayes.

'Bluebeard', like Max Towns, has committed public assaults against female 'leftists'. He remarked to The Feed at the 2018 March for Men:

[Because being a man] sucks! I get in a relationship with a woman, she sucks my dick a couple of times, we get a divorce and she gets half – fuck that! I hate women. Well, a lot of them. There’s a lot of fucking dumb women. There’s a lot of dumb guys out there, too, but nobody complains about misandry. Men have to be tough. Life’s a bitch. Everybody asks stupid questions like, What do women want? It depends on the time of day! Women and men are different. You know, we want different things. I’m 48 years old. Don’t tell me what to do – unless you want to go home in a body bag.

These sentiments are worth placing in connection with Anning's own efforts to stoke a specifically gendered form of racist ire among his supporters.

Far from being inconsistent with the behaviours of Towns, Cottrell, and 'Bluebeard', Anning's own efforts play up to the same sense of superiority and entitlement towards women that is a major feature of misogynist organisations in general and, of course, the fascist far-right in particular. This was born out on Friday in the way that Anning referred to one of his own female candidates, a 54-year-old woman, as a 'good girl'.

Not to be found wanting on JQ ('Jewish Question') front, Towns has also been clocked spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories:


In a now ironic comment on a thread about Eggboy, Towns stated “the left get away with murder in this country and it has to stop”.

On the day after Max Towns' arrest at Cronulla for assault, Jesse Nguyen, a former high school acquaintance of Max Towns, shared Facebook posts discussing his history with Towns. Nguyen described exclusive private schools such as Waverley College as a 'fertile breeding ground' for far-right politics.

Nguyen detailed a physical assault Towns perpetrated on him for attending a pro-Palestine protest and stated the only action Waverley College took was to send Jesse to a counsellor — not Max Towns.

Nguyen shared screenshots from a Facebook chat called 'Right Wing Waverley' Towns created in 2017 to harass left-wing students and discuss far-right politics. The screenshots from this chat that Jesse shared on Facebook have been archived by us in this gallery.

Another former high school acquaintance of Towns, Rose Donnelly, described how Towns personally demeaned, threatened and abused her over a span of several years.

Home Ground

The Towns family live in Randwick, in the Eastern Suburbs. Max Towns' father is Michael Towns, who also played Australian Schools Rugby for Waverley College in 1988. Michael Towns works in IT support for Sydney's children's hospitals. Rugby may not be all Max has in common with his father. Michael Towns' Facebook Likes indicate Max's far-right politics may run in the family. Max and Michael Towns both share a hatred of Muslims, something else they have in common with Senator Fraser Anning. Michael Towns' Facebook profile was deactivated a few hours after his son's arrest on Friday 26 April 2019.

Towns was picked up from the watchouse by his supportive mother and grandmother, who tried to help him avoid the waiting media. Towns was again captured smiling smugly outside the watchhouse. He was also photographed a few hours earlier with a self-satisfied smile during his arrest at Cronulla. Those who viewed the full livestream of the neo-Nazi terrorist attack in Christchurch will recall the gunman's calm as he gunned down 50 innocent people at prayer; he was laughing.

It would be a mistake to dismiss Max Towns as merely a dangerous individual trying to make a name with the “big boys” of the fascist scene. He clearly sees himself as some sort of warrior, intent on policing those he deems to be undesirable elements: women, queers, Muslims, reporters, “lefties”, Jews. When violent young men start taking such action, we should all be worried.

Max Towns has shown himself to be a fixated stalker and a dangerous and violent young man. He is not simply a danger to journalists, but to anyone who deviates from his strict, fascist world view. Even though Max Towns usually acts alone on his violence, he is clearly no “lone wolf”, having enjoyed the company and support of the same cross-state network of neo-Nazis with whom Senator Anning has actively sought to associate and align himself with.

We encourage you to e-mail us in confidence if you have any further information about Max Towns — or if you have been targeted by him personally.

We also encourage you to e-mail us if you have further information on the individuals shown above who were in Federation Square during the Dandyman incident. We are particularly interested in #9 Troy Crockett, a violent neo-Nazi member of Lads Society who has not been named until now. Troy uses the following aliases online: Trè Blackstone, Trè Bloodstone, Troy or Trè Targaryen and Trè Greystoke.

Senator Fraser Anning shakes hands at St. Kilda in January with convicted criminal, Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell

Increasingly, the far-right in Australia has been emboldened by politicians who repeat and validate their conspiracies, imagined grievances and talking points about “African gangs”, Asian immigration, nationalism, “Cultural Marxism”, Indigenous peoples, Muslims, and “White Genocide”. Last year we reported on the extent to which some far-right, fascist, and neo-Nazi groups had established relations with politicians from both minor and mainstream parties, including a major infiltration of NSW Young Nationals.

It is now clear that Senator Fraser Anning, the ‘accidental’ senator, is becoming the figurehead for this growing movement.

Our investigation into Senator Fraser Anning reveals a complicated web of links between Anning and players and power brokers on the far-right including neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson.

These neo-Nazis and far-right activists have been attempting to influence the Australian political scene for years. They have used their networks and social media techniques to push Anning’s agenda and popularity. Members of defunct far-right groups such as the Patriotic Youth League, the New Guard, and Klub Nation are still working together behind the scenes to install Anning as the acceptable frontman for Australia’s ethno-nationalist/neo-Nazi movement.

We reveal a blueprint for the neo-Nazi movement in Australia

  • The placement of ethno-nationalist staffers in the offices of minority parties is one key plank in the strategy. We show how certain persons of influence are in Anning’s camp and demand Anning provides information about his staffers, including the names of those who contributed to his “Final Solution” maiden speech.

  • The use of social media to push incendiary and racist messaging is another strategy. We show how a network of alt-right media and Facebook pages run by the far-right and neo-Nazis work together to promote Anning. We also show how these pages have already been used to troll opposition candidates in elections.

  • Whether or not Anning knows it, his statements on banning Muslim and African immigration, deporting families, and protecting Australia’s “European” identity rest on an anti-Semitic ethno-nationalist bedrock provided by far-right Australian academics. This is despite Anning’s publicly declared support for Israel which provides a useful cover for the real agenda.

Anning’s maiden speech: neo-Nazi speech writers?

Anning’s parliamentary debut in August 2018 was controversial. His maiden speech called for an end to “Muslim and third world” immigration, proposing a White Australia policy for the 21st century. At the time, Senator Pauline Hanson called the speech “straight out of the Goebbels’ handbook from Nazi Germany” and told the media that Anning’s speechwriter was a One Nation ex-staffer called Richard Howard.

We can reveal that White Rose Society has been passed information from a credible source claiming that another of Anning's speechwriters for the “Final Solution” maiden speech, was longtime ethno-nationalist Frank Salter. Salter is an honorary associate in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney.

In the 1970s, Salter and Jim Saleam co-founded Australian National Alliance, the predecessor to Australian National Action. Most notably, members of National Action took part in a drive-by shooting, organised by Saleam, of anti-Apartheid activist Eddie Funde’s house. (Saleam was later jailed for his role in the crime, and is now the leader of the Australia First Party.)

Salter left activism and Australia in the 1980s and moved to Austria to research the application of behavioural biology to politics. He has published on ethnicity and conflict and describes himself as an Anglo Identitarian. He believes in ‘the great replacement’ of white people by non-white migrants and has been described as “a giant in the intellectual defense of white identity.” He argues for the strengthening of Christianity and the rejection of multiculturalism.

Note: these are all sentiments we have heard uttered by Fraser Anning over the last 6 months.

The ethno-nationalist blueprint for taking over Australia

Frank Salter has recently outlined the steps needed for far-right ethno-nationalists to take Australia “back to its traditional Western identity”:

Salter wants the war fought on two fronts: the political and the cultural. Struggles on the cultural front are important for a number of reasons, including the extent to which they reinforce the political. The most important way the cultural front can help is:

Salter has acted as an adviser to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party on ethnicity. He has spoken against ethno-religious diversity at the Christian Democrat Party national convention in 2010. And now we believe he is influencing Senator Fraser Anning.

Neo-Nazi pseudoscience

Salter has a strong connection to prolific Holocaust denier and academic Kevin Macdonald, an important intellectual exponent of White Nationalism in America. MacDonald's work has become increasingly popular with the alt-right in recent years.

MacDonald argues that a Jewish dominated elite “has emerged to dominate intellectual and political debate” and “loathes traditional institutions of European culture”. MacDonald has associated with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and testified in defence of Holocaust denier David Irving. He was known affectionately as “K-Mac” on the Nazi bulletin board, Daily Stormer.

MacDonald visited Australia in late 2018. Members of Sydney’s Lads Society, including Thomas Brasher (“Thomas Hopper”), subsequently posted fan photos with MacDonald.

Both Salter and MacDonald use pseudo-science to claim that ethnic groups are bound by common interests through shared genetics. They reject multiculturalism and actively work for a white, Christian ethno-state on traditionalist lines. They provide the intellectual foundation for the alt-right nationalist movement in Australia.

Fraser Anning’s advisers

We have seen from Frank Salter's blueprint how placing ethno-nationalist advisers into minor political parties is a key strategy of the neo-Nazi movement. And so, it is with great concern that we note the presence of a nodding familiar face standing just behind Senator Fraser Anning at the 5 January St Kilda Rally: neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson.

We won't rehash what's been written elsewhere in the last week about the events of the day, the fascist and Neo-Nazi organisers, media incitement to racism and violence and Anning’s galling expenditure of at least $10,000 of public funds to attend far-right events to which he’s invited himself over the last 6 months.

Many media reports have focused on the ‘roman salutes’ thrown by rally attendees while Anning has claimed he saw no neo-Nazis at all. We have been informed that when asked recently, Anning denied knowing Wilson and claimed that Wilson “just happened” to be standing near him. Why would Senator Fraser Anning lie about knowing Andrew Wilson? Why would a Senator hide his relationships with neo-Nazis, unless he knows they're neo-Nazis?

Who is neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson?

Andrew Wilson is a key figure who ties past fascist groups together with current political efforts. Wilson can be linked to Senator Fraser Anning well before he showed up at the rally in St Kilda on 5 January 2019. Wilson has had a long involvement with extreme right politics from his earliest university days. He has been connected to extreme neo-Nazi groups in the USA, boasted about involvement in the Cronulla riot of 2005, was a key participant in attempts to infiltrate Humanist Society of NSW, and is a failed political candidate in WA. Andrew Wilson is at the centre of a network of far-right figures who are intent on achieving political influence.

This section will provide our readers with Andrew Wilson’s background and update you with his activities since he was last publicly active in far-right politics. The next part of our article will explain the pieces of the puzzle that led us to link Wilson to Fraser Anning well before he showed up next to Anning at St. Kilda on 5 January 2019.

Andrew Wilson in the Volksfront era

Fight dem Bak wrote in 2009:

In the years 2004–2005, Andrew Wilson was a member of, and the Sydney organiser for, the ‘Patriotic Youth League’, a botched attempt by AF (Australia First Party) to establish a youth wing. Like Palmer, Rafty and Cratchley, Wilson was also at one point a member of the Stormfront forum. The PYL lead a relatively brief existence, conducted campaigns against the presence of foreign students on University campuses and trade union support for foreign workers, and underwent a significant crisis when its Sydney branch was also discovered to be functioning as the contact point for the US-based neo-Nazi group ‘Volksfront’.

Wilson was a 17-year-old student at the University of Newcastle and living in Epping, NSW, in 2004.

While a member of the Patriotic Youth League (see below), Wilson explained his opposition was to “non-European immigrants who are completely alien to the Australian way of life and culture, and who have no wish to assimilate anyway”.

In February 2005 an Australia First Party front-group in Newcastle “Concerned Citizens Council”, held a public event “Campaign against the Sudanese Invasion of Newcastle”. Their event was heavily countered and outnumbered. Australia First Party's Jim Saleam appeared, with Australia First Party, Patriotic Youth League and the band Blood Red Eagle listed as sponsors, among others. Blood Red Eagle are a Newcastle neo-Nazi band. Vocalist Doug Schott was a member of Volksfront. Later that year Patriotic Youth League boasted of their role at the Cronulla Riots. Just as neo-Nazis sought to take advantage of the Cronulla riots in Sydney in 2005, so too do neo-Nazis in Melbourne in 2019 — on this occasion with the blessings of an Australian Senator — seek to profit from 'Cronulla 2.0'.

Closely following on from his involvement in the PYL and Volksfront, Wilson became a member of a group known as Klub Nation/Klub Naziya/Public Information Forum. This group had big plans. They met at Humanist House (owned and managed by the Humanist Society of NSW) in Sydney from 2001 until 2010.

In 2007, a prominent member of Klub Nation Jason Rafty described Klub Nation on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum as follows:

Klub Nation is the only continuous meeting place for white Nationalists in Sydney since 2003.


Klub Nation is sponsored by the PIF Inc ([P]ublic [I]nformation [F]orum) and in essence is a networking and social point for Nationalists. [W]e present a range of guest and in house speakers covering the full gamut of political-economy, and other subjects of relevance to the Nationalist milieu.

The conveners of Klub Nation seek to cast an image as a survivor’s Klub.

Urban survival against the predations of the NWO–Globalist over class is less about arms caches, compounds and tin food stock, but rather having the knowledge, network and social capital to assail and prevail over everything this insidious over class throws at us. NWO tyranny and enslavement is predicated on the atomization of Anglo-Celtic people. Any brotherhood or Klan based unity is like a silver bullet[.]

Klub Nation promotes the “viable Nationalist”: – one who isn’t crest fallen, physiologically addled, impecunious or effeminate. Remaining viable is the linchpin to survival. Like hell, we’re going to become the white trash of South East Asia.

Infiltration attempts by Klub Nation to gain resources

From 2008-2010 Klub Nation attempted to infiltrate the Humanist Society of NSW. This included installing Klub Nation member Mark Pavic as Vice-President of the Society. (Notoriously, Pavic was convicted of the manslaughter of his mother in 1985 after her body was found in Lake Burleigh Griffin weighted down by concrete blocks.) This gaggle of right-wing extremists planned to gain control of Humanist House and other assets held by the Humanist Society of NSW. Slackbastard wrote in 2017 “(Klub Nation) is also alleged to have been involved in some dingbat investment scheme — the purchase of gold and silver — in which several investors allegedly lost some small sums of money.”

David Palmer and other neo-Nazi members of Klub Nation had earlier infiltrated the British-Israel World [Federation] Pty. Ltd. in New South Wales in 1999. According to Jim Saleam, joining to “get a hold of over $500,000 in money and assets left to the Federation from the Estate of Mr. K.D. Nicholls. If they had succeeded, neo-[N]azism in Australia would have become self-sustaining.”

History repeating in 2018?

A decade after the Klub Nation infiltration attempt, members of the Lads Society attempted to infiltrate the NSW Young Nationals. There is overlap between the memberships of Klub Nation, Lads Society and Antipodean Resistance. United Nationalists Australia (neo-Nazis Australia First Party) first warned of this in a bitchy March 2018 blog post Are the Lads Society Klub Nation 2.0?:

“…we have the incredible situation where one of the most influential of Nationalist thinkers has thrown his all in with this non-Nationalist group. Moreover, he is paying it tributes that not only it hasn’t earned, but which are not in any way deserved by this non-political, non-activist, non-Nationalist association.

We will not name the individual or any organisation to which this Nationalist may belong, but by ‘this group’ – we mean the ‘Lads Society’.

[Frank Salter?]

… The Lads Society is a monetised operation dependent on fee-paying members to sustain the club and maintain its equipment. Klub Nation was likewise monetised although it was done so along the lines of a Ponzi scheme. It does not possess a real hope of survival. This is subculture at best and as such it has a finite lifespan. Under the conditions described there is no hope of ‘saving Australia’, particularly when its leaders are reticent about committing to a definition of what constitutes an Australian.”

What Andrew Wilson did next: failed political candidate

Andrew Wilson dropped off the radar for a few years until he reappeared in September 2017 when he ran for council in the North Ward of Mosman Park, Western Australia. Wilson’s candidate profile described him as a long term resident of Mosman Park with a background working in law and media.

Wilson was described by Peter Tinly, the then WA Housing Minister as “a member of the ‘lunatic fringe’ who aspires to local government.” Wilson ran on a single issue platform of evicting Public Housing tenants from Mosman Park, writing on his candidate Facebook Page:

“It's time to address the elephant in the room. Every day a break in occurs in Mosman Park, and we all know it's due to the housing commission.

We have three schools in the area, young children, families, and retirees living in Mosman Park who deserve to feel safe walking the streets, and yes, that means even at night.

I am a resident of Mosman Park. I have a background in law and I am running for local council this October. If elected I will ensure that we get rid of the housing commission blocks ASAP.”

This Facebook post was accompanied a video with the tagline “We have to GET RID of the housing commission. SAFETY FOR MOSMAN PARK NOW!”

During his campaign, Wilson was interviewed on Radio 6PR with Oliver Peterson. In this interview, he made the bizarre assertion, “I have a big heart, if you met me you’d say wow…a big heart.”

Peterson: “I have met you before. I know you have a Memes for the Urban Gentleman Facebook account which is a satirical Facebook account. I'm wondering if this video and your proposed election here to the town of Mosman Park is actually just a pisstake.”

Wilson: “No I’m not sure what you’re talking about there Ollie.”

Andrew Wilson: Facebook troll?

During the Perth council elections in 2017, another candidate for Mosman Park, Georgie Carey, was “subjected to a barrage of online abuse, with accusations of being ‘anti-male and anti-white'” after calling for greater diversity on the council and reaffirming the sentiment expressed by WA Local Government Minister David Templeman about the need to reverse the “male, pale and stale” stereotype of councillors. Her post was shared by the Facebook Page Abhorrent Australian Memes (with 40,000 followers at the time and since Zucced), instructing their followers to let her know what they thought. Her post also featured on troll bulletin board 4Chan.

Since the St Kilda rally on 5th January, the Abhorrent Australian Memes Did Nothing Wrong Facebook Page has posted to celebrate the rally and in support of Senator Fraser Anning's actions and his new political party.

Georgie Carey stated she received more than 300 abusive comments and posts calling her racist and sexist. Abhorrent Australian Memes and its reincarnation, [Abhorrent Australian Memes Did Nothing Wrong]( is run by Cooma based neo-Nazi Matthew Grant, leader of Australia First Party’s Eureka Youth League, a later incarnation of the Patriotic Youth League, of which Andrew Wilson was once the organiser.

Wilson received 290 votes as a candidate for the North Ward in Mosman Park, behind winning candidate Paul Shaw's 737 votes. Georgie Carey was one of two candidates elected in Mosman Park for the South Ward, coming second with 499 votes.

This incident reveals the power that troll pages have to attack rivals as well as support their chosen candidates. These pages are vocal in their support of Fraser Anning.

Did Andrew Wilson's political ambition end there, or did he have his sights set higher, perhaps a position of influence with a politician like Senator Fraser Anning?

Andrew Wilson falls out with his neo-Nazi mentor

After his electoral defeat in 2017, Wilson appeared in a May 2018 post on the 'United Nationalists of Australia' blog (an online shitsheet for the Australia First Party). Titled 'Klub Defamation: AFP Leader Being Sued over UNA Klub Nation Exposé', it read in part:

Former members of the defunct Klub Nation have joined together to launch a defamation suit against Australia First Party president Jim Saleam for an article published on this blog in June 2017.

Led by Andrew Wilson, who has filed a statement of claim several months after the publication of ‘Rape House’, notices of concern have also been filed by Jason Rafty, Steven Moore, and Peter Coleman. What is unusual is that all four applications have been made from different states claiming damages collectively to the value of $530,000.

It is understood that following the issuing of his statement of claim, Andrew Wilson has travelled to NSW to muster up support for his action.

Information received suggests that another associate of Klub Nation, Mark Pavic, is playing an instrumental role behind the scenes, and may yet himself issue a concerns notice.

We have no update on the progress of the defamation suit against Saleam, but assume it’s ongoing: the blog post in question was later unpublished. In either case, we believe Wilson may now have moved back to Sydney from Perth, or be frequently commuting between the two cities.

Weaponising memes: Andrew Wilson’s connection to Senator Fraser Anning

Andrew Wilson and his associates have been running some of the most prolific online support for Senator Fraser Anning through a network of Facebook Pages and groups, in coordination with Anning. Proving this has been complex. Wilson has actively pushed the “white South African farmers are in peril” narrative. The South African “White Genocide” conspiracy theory has made a major contribution to pushing political discourse further to the right, as well as radicalising conservative politicians.

Tracing Andrew Wilson's online presence was like following a trail of crumbs dropped in odd places. Wilson also wasn't who we expected to find in connection to Anning: we were interested in investigating Wilson's recent activity, and in particular, whether it was linked to other former Klub Nation members.

The trail began in June last year in the comments section on the Future Now Australia Facebook page (then administered by Dan Spiller and Neil Erikson), and an account that looked very much like a sockpuppet. The sockpuppet had accidentally replied in a thread about the Dandyman incident in Federation Square; tellingly, as the sockpuppet, rather than as the Future Now Australia page. Later in this article we will show that the sockpuppet in question, “Henni Mostert”, belongs to Andrew Wilson.

We started to compare what content was being shared across the Future Now Australia Page, and where. We began to suspect that others on the far-right, perhaps living in Perth, were Admins on this Page. We also noted that since June 2018, “Henni Mostert” had been regularly sharing content from the Senator Fraser Anning Facebook Page into a number of far-right Facebook groups such as:

  • Australians vs Neoliberal & Right Wing Politics
  • Palmy Army
  • Australian Conservatives Party
  • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
  • Pauline Hanson/One Nation Supporters & Discussion Forum
  • Outsider’s Support Group 2.0
  • Proud South African in Perth.

Prior to this, in May 2018, “Henni Mostert” was sharing content from the Hon Charles Smith MLC (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party) Facebook Page. We’ve uploaded a selection of “Henni Mostert's” Facebook posts and shares to a Photo Gallery for your review. The Future Now Australia Facebook Page strongly supported Anning by also sharing his content.

Why would Senator Fraser Anning lie about knowing Andrew Wilson, when Wilson has been an active supporter of Anning and his politics online since at least June 2018? We have seen Anning fraternise with many on the far-right including fascists “working” in alt-media and their neo-Nazi associates like Blair Cottrell. Yet Anning felt compelled to lie about working closely with neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson, even when Wilson had been seen standing right next to him.

Neo-Nazi and convicted racist Neil Erikson was also an Admin on the Future Now Pages until Queensland businessman, fascist and Mormon Dan Spiller ran out of money after sinking it all into the bankrupt Milo Yiannopolous, and had to cut Erikson loose.

We also noted “Henni Mostert” posing as a South African in Perth, with family still in South Africa suffering because of “White Genocide”:

We compared the “meme template” across a number of far-right Facebook Pages. Rather than make this article more screenshot heavy, we've uploaded a selection of their content to Photo Galleries linked below, for your comparison:

and recently to Memes for the Urban Gentleman, the Facebook Page allegedly run by Andrew Wilson (Wilson’s Facebook regularly interacts with this Page including in the comments section).

These “memes” are photographs and texts in identical or similar fonts and similar layouts, with racist or reactionary text and calls to action. All of these Pages heavily used white space with black text, red text or white text on red backgrounds, or white text on green: design elements that catch the eye and are readable. We noted these Pages were either sharing each other’s content or similar political lines and sentiments at the same time, in what appeared to be an organised communications strategy.

Each of these Pages, including Anning’s, follow parts of Frank Salter’s blueprint: talking about how cultural and racial diversity undermines social cohesion; introducing the public to the meaning and benefits of nationhood and its reliance on a dominant and confident core ethnic identity; explaining that multiculturalism is an ethnic hierarchy that subordinates Anglo Australians; maintaining a rational rage against the corruption of the universities and proposing remedial policies; working with responsible protest groups to defend the right to public assembly. They share memes, text and videos that are anti-immigration (especially Africans, Asians and Muslims), they fearmonger about the “White Genocide” conspiracy theory, they are nationalist, pro-Christian and “traditionalist” and they warn about “Cultural Marxism” and universities. Fraser Anning's posts have included the tagline, “Help save Australia before it's too late.”

Who is responsible for the content on Senator Fraser Anning’s Facebook Page and his communications strategy? Who are the Admins on Anning’s Facebook Page? Are these Admins paid staffers or volunteers?

Henni Mostert and Andrew Wilson

Looking at an account like “Henni Mostert” one could assume it’s a sockpuppet. On closer examination, we quickly saw that Andrew Wilson had simply renamed his Facebook account, active since at least 2009. We found proof of this through an old friend of Andrew Wilson's, Allan Worth:

At one point Wilson was also known as “Bannon Jones” online:

Ultimately it was his close friendship with Allan Worth dating back to at least the Volksfront days, that gave him away. To our knowledge, Worth has not previously been named as an associate or member of Volksfront.

The Volksfront group photo referred to above turned up again on Worth's Facebook profile, confirming our suspicions that “Henni Mostert” is really Andrew Wilson. Allan Worth also features in this photo.

This Facebook post suggests that Wilson was familiar with the Abhorrent Australian Memes Facebook Page, which led an online attack against his rival council candidate Georgie Carey in 2017.

To verify Andrew Wilson's identity we compared numerous other photographs of him that had been published online by his friends, as well as video footage taken during his 2017 council campaign in Perth and at the St Kilda rally this year.

Andrew Wilson and the New Guard

The New Guard was a secret group which formed the basis of the attempt to infiltrate the Young Nationals in 2018 as outlined by the ABC’s Background Briefing program. During the course of our investigations into Wilson's online profile, we recalled comments by “Henni Mostert” (Andrew Wilson) and others in Western Australia, in the New Guard Facebook group. These comments made reference to a “James Kenneth” from the group Austranati (The Australian Traditional Nationalist), who is accused of attempting to poach members of the group. In the discussion, Mostert/Wilson threatens to launch defamation proceedings against “Kenneth”, suggesting that Mostert/Wilson is familiar with taking such legal action.

We later unearthed mention of a group that may exist in Perth called Dominion League, that has some crossover with Lads Society.

If there is a group named “Dominion League” in Perth, is it Andrew Wilson's group? A number of others in Perth commented under him in the screenshot from the New Guard and none appear to be associated with Lads Society. Given his beginnings in Patriotic Youth League, a group named 'Dominion League' seems to be more Wilson's style; the League, like the New Guard, named after an historical Australian fascist group.

Members of the New Guard Facebook group planned to elect people in local, state and federal parliament. Did Andrew Wilson have his sights set on Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, or Katter's Australia Party, next?

Andrew Wilson's collaborators and the digital agency

Radomir Kobryn-Coletti

In the course of our investigations, we found a link to Andrew Wilson through Radomir Kobryn-Coletti, a person of interest over the last year. Radomir founded R&CO Agency, a video production, advertising and digital agency in Perth, Western Australia. Ironically, they claimed on their website to have worked with the ABC, at the same time as Kobryn-Coletti had a “Defund The ABC” (alt-right meme) profile pic frame on his personal Facebook.

Andrew Wilson's sparse LinkedIn revealed he may be associated with Kobryn-Coletti.

Further investigation revealed that Kobryn-Coletti had traded as R&CO Agency on his personal ABN until 15 June 2017.

On 17 January 2017 Radomir Asterius Kobryn-Coletti formed a partnership with a T.J. Vacher (Tyson John Vacher) and an A.J. Wilson, with the ABN 18 559 392 078. Could Radomir have made Andrew John Wilson and Tyson Vacher partners at R&CO Agency? Or does their partnership have another purpose?

Radomir emerged in Perth in 2013 as a 17-year-old “teenpreneur” running a party management venture Rads Entertainment, co-founded with then 16-year-old Tyson Vacher, both now in partnership with Andrew Wilson. Radomir was educated at The Modern School in Perth, graduating in 2012, then studying at the University of Western Australia. His father Giuseppe Coletti works in the Physics department at UWA and his mother Dr Halina Kobryn is an academic at Murdoch University in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences. Radomir's social media accounts indicate his political beliefs align with the “alt-right”, he identifies as an 'anarcho-capitalist' or proprietarian and is an MRA (Men's Rights Activist).

Radomir is also a rabid racist. In the screenshot below, Radomir teams up with Wilson and Vacher to leave dozens of racist and homophobic comments on the Facebook profile of a young black man. (This link contains the original, unedited thread.)

(With our apologies to Mr Bremner)

Radomir also joined in the online attack on Mosman Park candidate Georgie Carey, commenting on Reddit:

The sole video on Radomir Kobryn-Coletti's Vimeo channel is 33 seconds of Senator Fraser Anning speaking about Peter Dutton's “fast track visa” offer for white South African farmers, saying, “The lessons of Rhodesia have not been learnt”. This video was posted ten months ago. Kobryn-Coletti's Vimeo channel uses the R&Co Agency logo, who offer services in video production.

In January 2018 Kobryn-Coletti was sharing posts in the Palmy Army Facebook group about Clive Palmer or from his Facebook Page, as well as from the Senator Fraser Anning Facebook Page into the Facebook groups THE BOLT REPORT SUPPORTERS GROUP and The Bolt Report Supporters Group (Uncensored Version). From March 2018 he also shared posts from the Hon Charles Smith MLC Facebook Page into Facebook groups THE BOLT REPORT SUPPORTERS GROUP and The Bolt Report Supporters Group (Uncensored Version). From July 2018, he followed the same sharing strategy for posts from Future Now Australia and Future Now News Facebook Pages. We have uploaded selected screenshots of Radomir's Facebook shares and posts to a Photo Gallery for you to peruse.

Tyson Vacher

Tyson Vacher, or “Dongers” according to those who went to high school with him, is notorious in Perth for being fined $7500 in 2017 after his company Black Tie Waiters took payment from clients for engagements, parties and weddings, but didn't turn up to the events. Fisting $50 notes in a selfie, he boasted on Facebook, “Prosecution sought $144,000 in fines. I got fined $7,000. On my way to court now to pay my fines in CASH. Peace.”

Tyson previously made local media in Perth in 2015 after a publicity stunt advertising a nightclub event “exclusively for private school graduates within Perth's 'golden triangle'.” Kobryn-Coletti is also heavily involved in events management in Perth.

Tyson is, or was, a student of The University of Western Australia. He went to Beldon Primary School and Lake Joondalup Baptist College. Tyson is a homophobe and racist and appears to be fond of harassing women and misogyny. He also described a game which rewards shooting LGBTQI+ people as an “epic gaming moment”.

Fraser Anning and the AltRight media

Fraser Anning has been heavily supported by fake news journalists including The Unshackled and XYZ, both running numerous articles about Anning as well as video interviews and live-streams. One of Anning's staffers, Boston White, has also supplied photographs of rallies (including March for South Africa) to XYZ to use for their articles.

AltRight media and Anning have a mutually beneficial relationship. The AltRight media and their far-right followers are able to advance bigoted, racist and white supremacist policies and talking points through Anning to the mainstream. Anning has his voice amplified through the alt-media and their far-right followers and is able to build his voter base, hoping to improve on the paltry nineteen votes that saw him elected. Online, Anning has support from garden variety racists to neo-Nazis, despite his public despite his public support for the state of Israel and its policies. Neo-Nazis see Anning as “our guy” despite his failure to publicly identify as an explicit white nationalist. The same considerations apply to their support for other political figures such as Clive Palmer.

Anning appears to have been carefully coached in public speaking and talking points, with communications appearing scripted to be digestible by a far-right audience who rely on headlines and short video clips. His explicit communications also ensure greater outrage (or support) when reported in the mainstream.

We have seen direct links with AltRight media and other far-right politicians before. Fake news journalist from The Unshackled, Steele Archer Hawes, claimed partial credit for Senator Pauline Hanson's “It's OK To Be White” motion in October last year:

Morgan Munro, The Unshackled and Neil Erikson

Morgan Munro is a cameraman for The Unshackled and is originally from Perth. He is an Admin in the “unofficial” Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook, where he uses the sockpuppet account “Buster McDuff”. Facebook groups like this run by “volunteers” in close contact with Anning's office, are cheaper and easier to run than focus groups or phone polls, allowing staffers to quickly take the pulse of issues like this one:

Or this one:

Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society member Aaron Long, a neo-Nazi, is also a Moderator in the “unofficial” Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook. Here he mentions that he has a mate who works for Anning:

On 8 December 2018 neo-Nazi and twice-convicted racist Neil Erikson attended the African Music & Cultural Festival in Federation Square in Melbourne. There he mounted the stage to yell the White Supremacist slogan “It's OK To Be White!”. On this occasion Erikson was accompanied by some of his current crop of devotees: fascist Morgan Munro (“Buster McDuff”), frequent mental health-ward patient, rotting-corpse and woman-basher 'Bluebeard' (Rino Grgurovic) and Stefan Eracleous, a former Young Liberal at the University of Melbourne, aspiring rapist and former supporter of Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn.

“Buster McDuff” live-streamed a couple of videos in the Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook. Neil Erikson's group selfie (above) with his fellow serial pests was later deleted from his Facebook Page (by Erikson).

Note that Richie Whelan is one of Erikson's neo-Nazi comrades of many years. Like Erikson, Whelan is facing charges arising from the Milo event in Melbourne in December 2017. The pair, along with Ricky Turner, are due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court in May.

If you compare the group selfie and the first few seconds of this video, you'll see that Morgan Munro accidentally outs his sockpuppet Buster McDuff:

Over the next month, alt-media continued to escalate an imagined “African gang crisis”, first manufactured by their colleagues in the mainstream media and federal politicians. Far-right Facebook Pages and groups continued to amplify this “issue”. In late December, Neil Erikson went to St Kilda and filmed a group of African youths playing football, harassing them until a young man was brutally capsicum sprayed and arrested. Recently Avi Yemini (a close political colleague of Senator Fraser Anning) and Anning himself, have mentioned “African gangs” in Queensland. We believe none of these events were accidental or independent of each other.

This brings us to Saturday 5th January 2019 and a far-right rally called by Neil Erikson and nicknamed “Cronulla 2.0” in the leadup. Speaking to the crowd and media at that event was far-right favourite, Senator Fraser Anning, with neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson by his side.

Senator Fraser Anning must answer to parliament and the public:

  • Is Frank Salter the real author of Senator Fraser Anning's “Final Solution” speech?
  • Does Senator Fraser Anning have an ongoing relationship with Frank Salter and what is the nature of it? What communications have there been between Anning, his office and staffers, and Salter? What payments have been made?
  • Why did Senator Fraser Anning lie about his relationship with neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson?
  • In what capacity are neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson and fascist Morgan Munro of The Unshackled, working for Senator Fraser Anning? Are they consultants, paid staffers or volunteers? What communications have there been between Andrew Wilson and Morgan Munro, with Anning, his office and staffers?
  • Are Andrew Wilson and Morgan Munro being paid by Anning or another source connected to Anning?
  • What communications have there been between Senator Fraser Anning, his office and staffers and: Andrew Wilson; Radomir Kobryn-Coletti and Tyson Vacher and others at R&CO Agency; Dan Spiller and Future Now; The Unshackled; XYZ; and others on the far-right like Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell?
  • Have any payments been exchanged, with any of these individuals or groups?

If Senator Fraser Anning continues to lie, all avenues of investigation should be exhausted by those with the means to pursue them: Freedom of Information requests should be made and financial records should be made available and examined.

Australian media, politicians and the public are mistaken if they think the only neo-Nazis in Australia are the visible and vocal few. Neo-Nazis Sieg Heiling in public and Nazi merchandise or tattoos are shocking, but not as shocking as the rapid shift to the far-right, in Australian discourse and policy. Or comments regularly made by politicians like Senator Fraser Anning, that should violate Human Rights Law. Neo-Nazis who were active ten, twenty, thirty years ago haven’t gone away, nor has their ambition. They are actively working with younger generations in the far-right on aggressive recruitment strategies into new organisations, or new organisations formed from old ones. These players and power brokers behind the scenes should not be ignored or underestimated, nor should the growing threat of the far-right in Australia be minimised or rationalised away. Personal and political apathy and deliberate ignorance of people who do not share right-wing views, provides the far-right with space to communicate and organise, in parliament and on the streets. Far-right infiltration of political parties is not a one-off incident, nor is it neutralised by an internal party investigation that failed to remove the ringleaders.

Frank Salter's behind the scenes influence on “nationalist” thought, policy and political direction, needs to be carefully considered in line with his blueprint.

If the Australian media, politicians and public do not start paying attention, soon there will be more than a couple of hundred fascists and neo-Nazis at the beach or on the streets. There will also be more of them in parliament, further accelerating the shift to the right of our political discourse and policies. Australia may be behind the Americas, Europe and South East Asia, but we are still drifting towards fascism in perfect conditions. Fascists and neo-Nazis are already all around you, vocal online and quietly biding their time offline. They occupy spaces outside of bonehead clubhouses, they wear white collars. They are comfortable with boneheads and their criminal connections and caches of weapons. They teach your children and work in your office and go to your church. They are radicalised young and go to high school with your children. They are provided with a platform by mainstream media outlets who share their views, allowing them to reach pre-groomed and sympathetic audiences. There is no national approach to collecting intelligence on domestic extremists on the far-right. There is no national (or even statewide) strategy for de-radicalisation of the far-right. There are very few, if any, safeguards in our “democratic” parliamentary system to prevent them from gaining political influence and power. Anning just launched his own political party with an unknown source of funding. The first time, he was only elected on nineteen votes. Since his election, Senator Fraser Anning has been working from Frank Salter's blueprint and campaigning to shore up a large far-right voter base. The very real danger in the next Federal Election is an increased and emboldened far-right vote, empowering politicians like Senator Fraser Anning and his neo-Nazi advisors to push Australian politics and society even further to the right.

We can be contacted at

Bonus photos of Senator Fraser Anning with some familiar neo-Nazis:

Fraser Anning and former Squadron 88 member and current Lad's Society Sydney co-leader, Mark McDonald, at St. Kilda. Five members of Lads Society Sydney travelled to St. Kilda for the rally: Mark McDonald, Alex Annenkov, Thomas Brasher, Michael Heaney and Jaiden Armstrong Penney.

Fraser Anning and neo-Nazi Thomas Brasher (“Thomas Hopper”) at St. Kilda. Thomas is a member of the Lads Society Sydney and a former Young Nationals NSW member. He resigned in protest with Clifford Jennings.

Fraser Anning and fascist Claudia Benitez (“Dia Beltran”) at St. Kilda. Claudia is a YouTuber who frequently interviews her neo-Nazi friends.

Fraser Anning and Lads Society Sydney member Jaiden Armstrong Penney at St Kilda. Jaiden likes to make threats of violence against politicians he thinks are “communists”.

Fraser Anning with fascist Tim Wilms from The Unshackled. The Unshackled are devoted supporters of Anning.

Brandon Vereschagin and Ben Puckett celebrating Brandon's election as a Federal Delegate for the ACT Young Liberals in August this year.

On 29 November, Buzzfeed News published a story by Josh Taylor A Canberra Liberal Is Being Investigated Over Allegations He Saluted And Said “Heil Hitler” During A Pub Crawl, about Ben Puckett, a former staffer to a Liberal Member in the Legislative Assembly in the ACT.

We were first contacted about Ben Puckett after the ABC Background Report Briefing report Manifesto reveals alt-right's plans to go mainstream after 'infiltration' of NSW Young Nationals by Alex Mann (11 October 2018) and our supplementary coverage NSW Young Nationals stacked by Clifford Jennings and Neo-Nazis were released.

Josh Taylor from Buzzfeed News reported on the internal investigation:

In a letter to Puckett, seen by BuzzFeed News, the Canberra Liberals state that the Liberal Party complaints committee is investigating a complaint against Puckett regarding an event on Sept. 22 where, surrounded by Liberal Party members, it is alleged Puckett “raised [his] right hand in a salute form and said the words 'Heil Hitler'“.

“Since receiving the original complaint, the committee has been provided with statutory declarations from witnesses to the alleged conduct.”

The committee is investigating if the incident took place and, if so, whether it would be in breach of the Canberra Liberals' constitution.

President of the Canberra Liberals John Cziesla told BuzzFeed News in a statement that the party had zero tolerance for the alleged behaviour.

“The Canberra Liberals have zero tolerance to the alleged behaviour. If the allegation is upheld the person will face expulsion from the party.”

Puckett declined to comment when contacted by BuzzFeed News, except to say that the allegations did not match his recollection of the event.

Josh Taylor referenced the recent decision by The National Party to ban 22 members for life, “after an investigation into alleged links to neo-Nazi and fascist groups”.

Josh stated at the end of his reporting, “BuzzFeed News is not suggesting Puckett has any link to these groups.”

We suggest Puckett has links to these individuals and groups.

Our source told us that earlier in the year Ben Puckett had attended the engagement party of Neo-Nazis Lisa Sandford and Justin Beulah. Ben was familiar with guests of Lisa and Justin's who were later revealed to be part of the branch stacking of NSW Young Nationals, or who we know hold far-right views. Some of the guests in attendance were NSW Young Nationals members like Xanthe Winter and Neo-Nazi Nicholas Walker (pressured to resign after the ABC Background Briefing investigation was published), fascist Steele Archer and Neo-Nazis Matthew Looke and Marlon Vrancic.

Rumours were circulating in Canberra that in the past Ben Puckett had attended rallies by United Patriots Front (UPF), a far-right group formed in 2015 with notable Neo-Nazi leaders and members like Shermon Burgess, Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell (who went on to form Lads Society), Christopher Shortis and Neil Erikson. We cannot verify Ben's attendance at UPF rallies. but urge anyone who may be able to, to e-mail us.

Investigations into Ben Puckett were difficult, as he suspiciously deleted his Facebook profile in August this year and then created a new one. Ben's new Facebook profile (which he has deactivated since the internal investigation) showed he was friends with Marlon Vrancic and Xanthe Winter. Other stand out names on his Facebook friends list included Neo-Nazi Clifford Jennings, fascist Steele “Archer” Hawes from alt-media/fake news outlet The Unshackled, (now former) NSW Young Nationals member Lucas di Cicco and Neo-Nazi Matthew Grant and his wife Christelle. Matthew Grant is known for his “leadership” of Australia First Party's “youth wing” (he may be the only member), now named Eureka Youth League. Grant also attended the UPF anti-Muslim rally in Bendigo in October 2015. (with thanks to slackbastard).

We urge anyone who has further information on Ben Puckett's far-right associations or beliefs to e-mail us in confidence at We urge the Canberra Liberals to look closely at Ben Puckett, his beliefs and social networks: especially other Liberal and National Party members he is close to.

We also join the call for the National Party to re-investigate senior members of the party who have been cleared as a result of investigations into the Neo-Nazi branch stacking of the NSW Young Nationals. We believe that support for fascism and Nazism continues to operate within the Coalition, and is helping to protect people like National Party staffer Jeffrey McCormack and other more senior party members who were implicated in the branch stacking. The banning of 22 members for life from The Nationals has done little to purge fascist and Neo-Nazi sentiment from the Coalition who, along with the ALP and micro-parties, continue to support and enact racist policies against Indigenous peoples, migrants, people of colour, and other minority groups.

Brandon Vereschagin (again) on the far-left and Ben Puckett on the far-right. Vote No to Christofascists and Neo-Nazis.

Before he was alleged to have Sieg Heiled and said “Heil Hitler” at a Liberal Club pub-crawl, Ben Puckett had scrubbed all evidence online of him holding any Neo-Nazi beliefs. Here Ben, with his friends the caterpillar on his top lip and his monkey soft toy, is illustrating a gentler and kinder form of optics that is more suitable to a Neo-Nazi trying fly below the radar within the Liberal Party. Maybe you shouldn't have had so many beers and given away your true Neo-Nazi loyalties, Ben.

Welcome to the White Rose Society

In a time of ascendant fascism the members of the White Rose Society came together in a loose coalition to combat Nazism.

And so our coalition of antifascists, here and now, take their name to renew the fight; sadly necessary once more.

We come from across the left and together we have worked quietly in the background, producing intelligence and feeding it to other outlets. But, the time has come, where the threat is so great and the speed of working through third parties so slow, that we now prepare to speak directly to our comrades.


The Alt-Right Gang White Power OK

“The Alt-Right Gang” celebrating their successful stack of the NSW Young Nationals Conference.

On 27th May this year The Australian reported:

A former Alt-Right Australia member was elected to the Young Nationals State Executive on the weekend amid fears from party members of a right wing push in the party.

Clifford Jennings was elected at the Young Nationals conference in Lismore yesterday as Metropolitan Regional Coordinator where he also moved — unsuccessfully — for the party to resolve to only accept immigration from “culturally compatible nations”.*

Mr Jennings’ attendance at the conference and that of some of his friends — all new members of the party — almost led to the postponement of the AGM of the party.

Outgoing Young Nationals chair Jessica Price-Purnell yesterday expressed concern at a potential takeover of the Young Nationals.

“It’s completely repugnant that people with [those] beliefs that has been quite public about it feel it appropriate they can come in and try and take over what’s normally a very reasonable [group] of young people,” Ms Price-Purnell said.

A federal government staffer, Jeff McCormack, who nominated Mr Jennings for his position, told the executive that if they did not let certain people in the party they could be “sued” so elections went ahead and Mr Jennings was elected.

Mr Jennings confirmed to The Australian he had been a member of the “Alt-right” group but said it had been a “long time ago”.*

He denied any nationalist views and said he had simply supported Donald Trump.

In a historical Facebook video, Mr Jennings says, “I created alt-right Australia. We have a podcast on our website, weekly”.

Mr Jennings said he had been “big-noting” and no longer had anything to do with that website, which now has links to an “Implicit White Nationalism” website.

“I am not affiliated with Alt-Right Australia and I totally refute any accusations to that effect,” Mr Jennings said.”

This was followed by three in-depth articles in The Land by Alex Druce: Young Nats ‘appalled’ as conference motion targets immigrants 28 May 2018, NSW Nationals delegates to debate migrant intake, nuclear energy, election safeguards at 2018 conference 29 May 2018 and NSW Nationals MP Wes Fang, son of a Singaporean migrant, opens up about ‘dogwhistling’ discourse 1 June 2018, as well as a mention in The Saturday Paper – The Briefing with Alex McKinnon 29 May 2018. Since June all has been quiet on The NSW Young Nationals front, at least publicly.

No other media thought to further investigate, so since June, we have quietly gathered as much intelligence as possible in order to bring you the profiles of some key fascists moving into mainstream politics. We then ensured this story made it into mainstream media as a major investigation by journalist Alex Mann from The ABC's Background Briefing. You can listen to the podcast of Alex's story at Haircuts and hate: The rise of Australia's alt-right.

We suspect The Nationals do not know how to begin to deal with a stack by nearly two dozen new members who identify as either alt-right or Neo-Nazis, or how to deal with a manipulative political operator like Clifford Jennings.

As Alex Druce reported in The Land on 1 June 2018:

“New Young Nationals chairman Jock Sowter said he had held several meetings with members of the Young Nationals executive since the weekend’s controversial conference in Lismore, where there was tension over the alleged objectives of an influx of new city-based members.

Mr Sowter said he had counselled metro region chair Clifford Jennings about the party’s ethos, but rejected that the NSW Young Nationals were being hijacked by the alt-right and welcomed the recent jump in membership.

“I communicated to (Mr Jennings) that we represent farmers, the little guy in the little town who feels like his voice hasn’t been heard in 35, 40 years,” Mr Sowter said.

“That there was support for a number of agricultural, environmental, and social issues [at the] conference shows there is no alt-right takeover here.

“As I’ve said to everybody on the executive, we abide by doing the right thing by the party, and doing the right thing by the people in regional NSW.

“There is no way I would let the Young Nationals represent anything else.”

The growth and mainstreaming of the far-right in Australia

Since June we've seen further mainstreaming of far-right discourse in Australian politics, with the far-right appearing to have a direct line to many politicians including Senator Fraser Anning and Federal MPs Bob Katter and Peter Dutton. We've heard the far-right and once niche “white genocide” myth about South African farmers directly from politicians' mouths; never-ending hysteria about an imagined “African gang crisis”; calls for a “Final Solution” to end Muslim immigration (direct from far-right Facebook echo chambers calling to end all Muslim and non-white immigration); and articulations of a desire to return to an explicit and formal White Australia Policy (a policy which has existed since colonisation, whether written into law or otherwise).

Meanwhile, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to live under legal and social apartheid with sovereignty denied; a second Stolen Generation is carried out; deaths in custody receive no justice; imprisonment rates of youth and adults skyrocket under a justice system designed to criminalise Aboriginality, and cycles of colonial violence and trauma perpetuate. Brutalities inflicted on racialised bodies and prison warehousing of “the other” are repeated in Australia's system of offshore concentration camps, with refugees demonised and tortured by the government for simply seeking safety. We can celebrate a false “multiculturalism” as a nation as long as these experiences of suffering remain out of our sight or something that never touches us: but The White Australia Policy never officially went away. There are many within Australian political circles and society who are actively working to officially resurrect the White Australia Policy.

When we first read the news of the stack and saw the names of the new members who'd joined (just within the membership window that allowed them to be able to vote and hold positions within the party), we saw a convergence of members and former members of various groups such as Young Liberals, The Dingoes, Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society, along with assorted other fascist memelords and shitposters, hiding under the guise of “irony”. A “White Power” / “OK” hand sign has moved beyond “ironic” trolling to a form of in-group signalling. Fashwave memes were never ironic, to begin with. A number of the new NSW Young Nationals members appear to be men still in their teens chosen for their views and groomed further in far-right politics to participate in the stack. Most live in the city, not the country.

We recognised that many of those relationships had initially formed in the closed Facebook group The New Guard, where leaders and members of Australian alt-right and Neo-Nazi groups formed over the last two years met and communicated quite openly: among them Dingoes, Antipodean Resistance, Austranati (The Australian Traditional Nationalist) and other now-defunct conservative and far-right “parties” (that never made it off the ground). That The Nationals didn't see this coming and were caught by surprise should be a warning to everyone to take the far-right and fascists seriously – whether in your communities or in mainstream parties.

The Facebook group The New Guard was inspired by the The New Guard Movement in Australia, formed in Sydney in 1931. From National Archives of Australia: Its membership application form said that the movement stood for: unswerving loyalty to the Throne; all for the British Empire; sane and honourable government throughout Australia; suppression of any disloyal and immoral elements in government, industrial and social circles; abolition of machine politics; and maintenance of the full liberty of the individual. A revealing history of the fascist The New Guard movement written by Andrew Moore is available to read online at the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History.

Who is Clifford Jennings? Who are the new members who infiltrated and stacked The NSW Young Nationals and what do they believe in? How are they connected to far-right and Neo-Nazi groups like Antipodean Resistance, The Dingoes and Lads Society?

A bonus question that we cannot answer: How will other major and minor political parties deal with possible threats of future infiltration by people with explicitly fascist and Neo-Nazi politics, when all parties in Australia either lean either to the centre, or are already on the right?

Clifford Jennings

Jennings is known online as “CW Jenn” or “Cee W Jen”. Jennings recently changed his name again on Facebook to “See Gen” — what will it be tomorrow? Clifford honed his political skills in The Sydney University Liberal Club, while completing a degree in Political Science and Government. Jennings was close to others from the right faction of the NSW Young Liberals, like Chad Sidler and Morgan Qasabian. Chad was particularly effective at stacking meetings for the hard right within the party, a tactic Clifford appears to have drawn on in his NSW Young Nationals infiltration and stack. The right faction within The Sydney University Liberal Club were heavily influenced and strongly supported by ultra-conservative Catholic state MLC David Clarke, who has a long history with the group.

With Clifford now elected as Metro Region Chair of NSW Young Nationals and his views seemingly unchallenged by the party except for a polite chat, he will be able to move up the ranks of the party if he wishes. Working as a Business Development Manager at a telco partnered with Optus, Jennings lives a comfortable suburban life in Sydney at the foot of the Blue Mountains with his wife. He is now perfectly positioned to realise his political ambitions and further mainstream the fascist beliefs and discourse he's worked hard over the last couple of years to foster (fester), both in online and offline activities with The Dingoes and networking with other groups.

Clifford is the ultimate networker — on his Facebook friends lists you'll find everyone from former Young Liberals, political powerbrokers, “patriots”, self-styled alt-media “journalists”, Antipodean Resistance members and other Neo-Nazis including “former” Squadron 88 members. While Clifford leads The Dingoes, he is intimately involved with the members of Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society and is supportive of their goals. He sees these groups as working towards a common goal: the mainstreaming of fascism and White Supremacy. Clifford also has a close political friendship with “The Aussie Fascist”, whom we will reveal in a future article.

The NSW Young Nationals infiltration and stack comes after a long period of in-fighting, much of it centred around Jeffrey McCormack, campaign director for John Barilaro at the last NSW election, and John's golden boy. Reportedly, the word “infiltration” was heard frequently during the conference weekend. Jennings officially joined the party on 13 December 2017. Jeffrey McCormack was the one to nominate Jennings to the Executive. This appears to be more than just opportunism, in considering the date Jennings joined The Nationals, the staggered join dates of those who participated in the infiltration and stack, and the apparent close associations on Facebook between Jennings, McCormack and McCarthy.

Clifford believed the Liberal Party was a waste of time by the end of March 2017, but that didn't deter him from his careerist stacking of the NSW Young Nationals, which he joined later that year.

Liberal Party

Clifford now says he's no longer alt-right, but he has long been an avowed fascist, stating on 6 January 2017, ”...all I care about is the fourteen words”. The 14 words is Neo-Nazi shorthand for “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. This phrase was coined by White Supremacist David Lane, who founded the terrorist organisation The Order, and was inspired by or derived from Adolf Hitler's autobiographical book Mein Kampf.

14 Words

Jennings was also never shy to articulate his political ideologies in The New Guard Facebook group:

Pure Ideology

Towards the end of March 2017 Jennings answered the question, “Are we white racist?” in the Facebook group The New Guard with, “One can learn from other cultures without gutting the blood and identity of your own people” – a warning against miscegenation – and following it up with, “I am sure that many APEX folks are Christian but that won't stop their violent blood.” Clifford went further, replying to a group member's view that ” least 80% of the people in white countries should be white” with the assertion that “Abraham Lincoln nearly repatriated every black slave back to Africa to address this very issue, unfortunately Congress (predictably) cucked him.”

Are we white racist

He then made arguments against compromise and against democratic ideals, articulating his ideas on how to gain traction in building fascist movements through good optics and public activities. This is disturbing in light of his more recent motions at the NSW Young Nationals Conference where he put forward:

That the NSW Young Nationals denounce the racial violence against white South Africans and calls upon the Australian Federal government to offer refugee status to those impacted by the violence and that are willing to relocate to regional and remote NSW and Australia or relocate to Agricultural Centres within Australia.*


That the NSW Young Nationals endorse immigration from culturally compatible peoples and nations but support strict immigration controls from those who are not.*

We also note Jennings' other motion from the conference, related to a more recent post he made to his personal Facebook:

That the NSW Young Nationals recognise the Australian energy crisis and its impact on Australian consumers and business and endorse the immediate expansion of coal and nuclear energy sources as a means by which to make energy more affordable and guarantee supply.


Clifford was the key organiser of DingoCon in late April 2017, as reported by slackbastard on 8 July 2017 ( /// The Convict Report /// DingoCon). DingoCon featured luminaries such as the kinkiest Orthodox Christian in Mackay, Pineapple Leather Dom George Christensen MP; domestic violence perpetrator and meth-addict Kane Miller of True Blue Crew; and Neo-Nazi and convicted racist (and arsonist, drug trafficker, stalker, etc. etc.) Blair Cottrell, who now represents Lads Society in Melbourne, where he grooms and radicalises young men for Antipodean Resistance through wholesome activities at his “boys only” cubby house. Tickets for DingoCon were priced at $88, another explicit reference to a Neo-Nazi term, with 88 standing for “Heil Hitler” (H being the eighth letter of the alphabet — or HH).


Jennings is so fond of Neo-Nazi terminology that in July this year he and his wife purchased a home together as newlyweds, with a street adress that includes the numbers 88 and 14. Whether he found this For Sale listing by coincidence or actively searched out a suitably numbered new address to fit a made up Neo-Nazi Feng Shui (or is it Numerology?), you'll have to ask Clifford. Whether his wife is aware of why he had his heart set on this particular property, you'll have to ask her. This Neo-Nazi Feng Shui is sure to bring Jennings just as much luck as everyone else in the “nationalist” movement — by which we mean, a string of misfortune self-inflicted through sheer arrogance.

In April 2017 Clifford was also organising an “alt-right gathering” for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Martin Place.


Towards the end of May 2017 Clifford had reopened recruitment for The Dingoes after a temporary freeze, advertising for members in The New Guard Facebook group.

Dingoes recruitment

In September 2017, the sockpuppet for The Aussie Fascist was still referring to Clifford in The New Guard Facebook group as a contact for members in Sydney who wanted to join a group for offline activities.


In late October 2017 Clifford expressed interest in collaborating on a movement similar to the Swedish (Nordic) Resistance Movement, a violent Neo-Nazi organisation.

Swedish Resistance Movement

Lastly, around 17 June 2017 Clifford commented on a post in The New Guard Facebook group about a postering activity in most states of Australia “next weekend”. Whether this activity ended up being limited to Sydney and this date was pushed back or not we don't know, but from 10 July 2017 racist posters in Sydney's Inner West were first reported in the media:


Racist As Shit Nationalist Posters Are Popping Up In Sydney’s Inner West by Ben Mcleay, Pedestrian 10 July 2017 and Police investigating racist posters plastered across Sydney's inner west by Pallavi Singhal, The Sydney Morning Herald 11 July 2017.

These posters were crude and puerile but they provoked the response the wheat pasters wanted (whoever they were). That these posters went up less than a week after DingoCon could indicate an emboldened membership. Clifford regularly referred to political and social activities in Sydney in comments and posts in The New Guard Facebook group, including meetups for parmas and beers and postering.

Posters1 Posters2 Posters3

Clifford has been fairly quiet on Facebook of late but his Facebook friends list continues to grow as he networks indiscriminately with a “Who's Who” of the far-right in Australia. We don't expect him to remain quiet in Nationals politics for long given his elected role.

Who else helped Clifford stack the NSW Young Nationals?

Nicholas Walker aka Niklaus Velker Stuart Churchill aka Stuart Durand Oscar Tuckfield aka Oscar Tuckers or Oscar Tucker Lisa Sandford and Justin Beulah Thomas Brasher aka Thomas Hopper

These are just a few of the names involved in the infiltration and stack of the NSW Young Nationals. The good news is we have all of their names and have completed intensive investigations into each of them, to be released in the near future. If your name is on the list there's no point in hiding, you've already been made.

We hope you're looking forward to reading our post about you soon.

We can be contacted at

We are aware that each of these profiles are image heavy. For those with vision impairment or using screen readers, we are endeavouring to write image descriptions for each as soon as possible. If you'd like to be notified as soon as image descriptions are available on these posts, please e-mail us at the address above.

Stuart Durand is an interesting investigative subject but not because he's intrinsically fascinating. On the contrary, he's just another Nazi boi hiding in plain sight. Rather, because he's managed to be the subject of two investigations that both met at Churchill. The first investigation is the one you're reading right now. The second, you'll read more about in future posts: Antipodean Resistance.


If you're starting out as alt-right, the MAGA hat is the first point of virtue signalling. Thomas later renounced Donald Trump and said Trump's “relentless sucking up to Israel and the Jewish establishment proves he's another puppet”.

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