The fight begins once more........

Welcome to the White Rose Society

In a time of ascendant fascism the members of the White Rose Society came together in a loose coalition to combat Nazism.

And so our coalition of antifascists, here and now, take their name to renew the fight; sadly necessary once more.

We come from across the left and together we have worked quietly in the background, producing intelligence and feeding it to other outlets. But, the time has come, where the threat is so great and the speed of working through third parties so slow, that we now prepare to speak directly to our comrades.


You can email us at

These two groups are so closely intertwined that it is difficult to talk about one without the other. Antipodean Resistance, an explicitly neo-Nazi collective, first formed in Victoria Australia and came to notice around two years ago. The Lad's Society formed a little later as a curious mix of UPF refugees and fascist leaning gun owners.