About Us

We are a collective of anti-fascist researchers based in so-called Australia. Established in 2018, we aim to identify, expose, and combat fascism, neo-Nazism, and far-right extremist groups and ideologies operating in Australia. We are guided by a core belief in the importance of community awareness and action in keeping communities safe from fascists and extremists. Therefore a major aspect of our work is increasing community, public, and government awareness of current and emerging fascist and neo-Nazi threats and trends. We do this by working with the media to foster responsible and effective reporting. We give private and public figures advice when they are threatened by fascists or neo-Nazis. We collaborate closely with anti-fascist researchers internationally. Many of the interventions we make will never be made public.

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Recently we have fielded some queries asking if we are the anti-vaxxer, conspiracist, crypto-fascist British propaganda hub 'White Rose' (est. 2021) that distributes posters and stickers online for people to print and stick up. This would represent an exciting twist in our brand identity, but we must inform you that we are not, and advise that you please tear down this propaganda if you see it in your community. The White Rose was a symbol of a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany who published and distributed antifascist pamphlets. Many modern-day international antifascist groups use the name 'White Rose'.