Ally Spazzy's Greatest Hits

Content warning: the below includes racial slurs, mentions of CSA, and extremist bigotry, including racism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia. We have collected a large number of posts by McNamara, what follows is a representative sample.

Alice McNamara, a white woman with a blonde bowl cut, holding a guitar and smiling. Inset is a screenshot of Mary Manson's Telegram profile. The username is IndoorChickenFarmer and the bio reads, I hate spiritual niggers.

The Age have reported yesterday:

Another anti-lockdown promoter has been unmasked as Alice McNamara, a musician who runs a children’s music business, KiddyRock. Ms McNamara, who has been posting neo-Nazi and anti-lockdown propaganda under an online alias, hung up the phone when contacted.

This seems unbelievable to those who knew her personally as Alice, or as Ally Spazzy from the mid-2000s pop punk band The Spazzys.

A twitter reply to at tom underscore tanuki that says, Gutted. Havent seen her in a decade I reckon but just sooo doesnt clock with the person I used to work with at the pub back in the mid 2000s!

McNamara has been a prolific member of the flourishing conspiracy-driven anti-lockdown movement since the start of the pandemic. Our investigations show, however, that her views predate 2020 and that she regularly shares abhorrent racist and white supremacist views in blackpilled accelerationist groups. This is a shocking contrast between her public persona and her work with children.

Ally Spazzy Kiddyrock & The Cool Bananas – Blackfella/Whitefella (Warumpi Band) @ Elsternwick Park (21st June 2015) from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

As 'Mary Manson', however, McNamara doesn't hold back:

A Telegram Screenshot that reads, Mary Manson, Yeh its occured to me that we have to be racist. I cannot abide a chink or an Indian looking down on me. That article on microagression got me thinking. Куд replies, It is our duty. Mary Manson, Yes. Chinks and Indians and niggers need to know their place. And BTW they only respect racist white people anyway. They know we are superior to them too. As long as we act like it.

McNamara is referring to an article from a fascist publication that describes how to have fun while using racist microaggressions in the “war on coloured people” in the workplace. It includes advice for causing maximum upset and offence but staying on the right side of the law. There are suggestions for how to make fun of people's names, cultures, backgrounds and food while maintaining plausible deniability.

McNamara's response? “Lots of great advice and tips in here!”

Mary Manson, Thats laughable to me. Dave responds, Yes but you're a hard ass fascist. Mary Manson, I know I probably sojnd judgemental and I have done stupid things I regret in the past but I'll own them and that's been a big part of my process to FASCISM Face With Tears of Joy emoji. I just have no time for porn addicts and deviant behaviour. Like you can do it but you'll get what you deserve. Better to just be honest and live right so you don't have to feel shame and no-one can blackmail you.

So, who is 'Mary Manson'?

Mary manson's bio again, with her URL at IndoorChickenFarmer and the bio, I hate spiritual niggers.

On the one hand, 'Mary Manson' is a typical anti-vaxxer. She's made posters for protests, medical exemption letters, attends protests and boasts of not wearing a mask.

An image post from Mary Manson on Telegram that shows a fake Medical certificate. It has a large red circle with a white cross in it and says, Medical Exemption, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. and links to the DHHS website. The paragraph below reads, To whom it may concern, This letter is to certify that Blank is currently receiving treatment for a medical cndition caused by wearing a mask and is therefore considered exempt. Respectfully yours, Blank.

Mary Manson writes, OK so I will make a PDF version so it prints better. And she adds a download link for the PDF.

But she also hates Jews, denigrates lesbian parents, and promotes Siege, the notorious and influential accelerationist text by child pornographer neo-Nazi James Mason. This text has inspired some of the most extreme violent far-right terrorist groups in the world today.

Mary Manson replies to Jay, saying, The problem is that some Jewish elites aided by some traitorous and ignorant goys are tryna fulfill their own prophecies as laid out jn the Protocols of the elders of Zion and if I say that to anyone outside of telegram they freak out.

'Mary Manson' has also talked about the benefits of showing children an American neo-Nazi story book. This is a serious concern as 'Mary Manson' has access to children through her small business providing musical education to children. She also did childcare for a doctor once her business was closed due to lockdowns.

But how do we know 'Mary Manson' is really Alice McNamara?

We first noticed 'Mary Manson' in Proud Boys chats as a Holocaust denier:

Some Telegram logs from the Dusty Drinking Team chat, where Mary Manson says, I'm not right. Lol. There is no political solution. Hey Bra replies, What are ya. Mary says, A prepper.

More Telegram logs from the Dusty Drinking Team chat. Hey Bra says, The Holocaust is tricky. I think it happened. I wanna go see it for myself but I think it happened. Maybe didn't happen in the numbers we are told though. Mary Manson replies, NAZI! Yeh it definitely didn't and Germany is still paying reparations for people that didn't ever even exist. Hey Bra responds, I'm against Zionism but I don't buy into the zeitgeist conspiracy either. Vito responds to a different message with, Proud Boys. Mary responds to Hey Bra with, I mean ... the numbers aren't right. They rounded up some Jews. Put them in camps.

Telegram chat screenshots where Mary Manson says, Yeh I get booted from chats when I DESTROY retards and proud boys. Proud boys are proud zionists FYI everyone else in this chat. Foxie Ferguson says, I got booted from Melbourne freedom rally.

We then we saw her taking a prominent role in some Melbourne anti-lockdown chats. And we tracked her to neo-Nazi online spaces. Over the last 18 months, we have collected a multitude of data points. We know many people will be shocked by our information and we take the task of proving her identity very seriously. Below we show some of our evidence.

By going through her posts, we were able to identify a number of matching data points between 'Mary Manson' and McNamara: both were women living in Melbourne, both owned a small business providing musical education to children, and both had connections to the Australian alternative music scene.

In one post 'Mary Manson' remarks with surprise that Australian music broadcaster Jane Gazzo had joined one of the more antisemitic Telegram chat groups in the Australian anti-lockdown online environment.

A Telegram chat where Mary Manson says, Hey guys I think it's hilarious that Jane Gazzo is in the covid 19 truth group Face With Tears of Joy emoji. Can't believe she knows about they jews. Another guy I know just joined it as well. Really funny.

At the time she posted this, the most recent poster in the Covid 19 Truth Group chat was Jane Anderson aka Calamity22:

A screenshot of Jane Anderson's Telegram profile with the username at Calamity22.

Jane Gazzo has published in the past using the nom de plume Calamity Jane.

'Mary Manson' explained to others in the chat that she knew 'Jane Anderson' was Gazzo because she had her number saved in her phone – Telegram's settings mean that contact names in your device will supercede a person's chosen display name.

We are not suggesting that Gazzo has posted antisemitic content, indeed her edgiest contribution to the Australian anti-lockdown space was a declaration that she had travelled on a tram without a mask.

Telegrams chats where Jane Anderson posts, Spent 3 hours walking around the city centre yesterday in Melb, Flinders, Collins et al. No mask on the entire time, no mask on tram either. Nobody stopped me, nobody said a word and cops drove past me many times. OK Hand, Medium Light Skin Tone emoji, OK Hand, Medium Light Skin Tone emoji

In other postings, 'Mary Manson' identified a number of Facebook groups she had joined. We discovered that Alice McNamara was a member of each of these groups.

'Mary' and Alice also shared some other data points. Out of respect for McNamara's family, we have left some sensitive personal details out.

The smoking gun

But it was the metadata from anti-lockdown propaganda she created that provided the definitive link. Using publicly accessible data, we were able to cross-match metadata in documents made by 'Mary Manson' to Kiddyrock, the business registered to Alice McNamara.

There is no doubt that 'Mary Manson' is a pseudonym for Alice (Ally) McNamara.

How did McNamara get radicalised?

It was only six short years ago that Alice McNamara was performing anti-racist anthems at the Community Cup. How did she go from performing Blackfella/Whitefella to becoming a Siege-pilled neo-Nazi?

We can't say for sure but one clue might be on an old YouTube profile, where Alice had subscribed to the channel of anti-feminist YouTuber Carl Benjamin (a/k/a Sargon of Akkad).

Telegram chats from 24 March. Mary Manson says, I even had people calling me and congratulating me, Face With Tears of Joy emoji. I was like bitch I've been on telegram for 2 years literally nothing bothers me. I called the patriarchy a conspiracy theory.

In one discussion, 'Mary' references having dropped a supposed truth-bomb about feminism onto a shocked and awed social media audience. Everybody clapped.

In other conversations with members of the far-Right, she makes reference to watching the videos of far-Right pastor Jesse Lee Peterson. It seems probable that McNamara simply followed a well-worn path down the YouTube rabbit hole. She's certainly not the first musician to travel this path.

What next?

Members of Alice McNamara's old band The Spazzys have now issued a statement about Ally's views.

We send our best wishes to the remaining band members. We release this information as a public service especially for those parents who entrusted their children to someone concealing their real abhorrent opinions and political standpoint.

Proud Boys

Calling for Proud Boys to join the anti-lockdown protests, which later happened

Screenshots continued. Slavinator says, There's supposed to be a big anti dan Andrews protest in sept 6th I believe, don't have anymore info. Mary continues, So looks like I'm gonna have to join up with them. Screenshots continued. Mary responds to Slavinator, I'll be there if it goes ahead. Slavinator says, same, and links a youtube video called Kovid Kombat, Battle for the republic of Australia...

In anti-lockdown groups, 'Mary' would promote the infamous neo-Nazi text 'Siege' by convicted child pornographer James Mason. Siege promotes the idea that leaderless terrorist cells are necessary in order to bring about a White revolution.

Mary links a forwarded Telegram message from NLB which is a download link for James Mason Siege 3rd Edition. She adds, Please read everybody.

In neo-Nazi chats, 'Mary' expressed her love of reading in other ways, suggesting that other neo-Nazis might find some value in showing children a book by American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell

Telegram chats from 11 March. Mary Manson says, Show this to your kids they will love it. So good. The linked video shows a thumbnail with ducks in a pond under a banner that says DuckVille. White Socks replies with a gif that says, No, I don't think I will.

Anti-Lockdown activities

Attending anti-lockdown rallies and ignoring health directives around mask-wearing.

Mary Manson continues, I will upload the moment the second group arrived chanting! Such a morale boosting moment!! Got arrested so I have to leave the city now but good luck everyone else, have a great day and see ya next week. Brian says, Problem is all the stall holders that lost turn over from this. Mary Manson says, I was at the protest last weekend and the week before but will have nothing to do with any protest organised by those CRINGE LARPERS from Guardian Angel. Just fucking KYS you are all complete embarrassments. Ry Irish responds, lol.

Racist, Anti-semitic, homophobic comments

Continued, The more I think about yhe more I wonder if I should just come out and say straights only. We enforce traditional gender roles.

Telegram chats from April 15. Mary Manson says, She moved all the money she raised into her personal bank account. She gave everyone the option to withdraw and my friend sent her an email explaining why she was withdrawing and Serena got mad about her reasons one of which was moving the money into her personal account and she asked for her money back. And since then Serena has not replied. R says, Yeah fair enough. She seems sincere, but also I won't say naive, but overly optimistic about litigating against the establishment in the establishment's courts. The only way to win is not to play. Extract yourself from the beast system. May says, Yeh that's what everybody says. But it would be better if we could just gas the jews and keep all our privileges.

Not even the Greeks were quite white enough for Alice McNamara.

The end of Mary Manson.

A screenshot of telegram where someone with the profile name Mmncx responds to child of god, who's said Welcome back Mary, with Thanks I've had a pretty crazy day maybe I'll tell you about it in person. I think I'm good now though. Just had good reason to be paranoid suddenly.

Following contact from Nine Fairfax, Alice has changed her name on Telegram.