Gabe Seymour, Queensland Nazi leader

Content warning for extreme misogyny, racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia and violence, discussions of neo-Nazi terrorist attacks, and mention (but no description) of rape.

Gabriel Llewellyn Russell Seymour from Thornlands is the leader of the Queensland branch of Australia's largest neo-Nazi network, the National Socialist Network (NSN). Posting simply as ‘Gabe’ in Nazi online chats or as ‘Gabe Smith’ on wider social media, Seymour's identity was unknown until our research was used to profile him in the recent expose by The Age of Australian neo-Nazi leaders:

Seymour’s identity was confirmed by anti-fascist researchers from the White Rose Society using online surveillance. They matched photos he posted of neo-Nazi propaganda at his Queensland home to pictures of a house listed for sale on a real estate website. Public records linked Seymour to this home address.

A side-by-side with two photos of Gabe Seymour, a relatively tall and very pale blonde man with ears that stick out, a large chin area and a permanently worried expression. The first pic is a full-body shot from a group photo and the second is just his head in a shirtless mirror selfie.

Seymour admins the Werwulf HQ neo-Nazi Telegram channel which frequently posts extremist material. He makes propaganda for the NSN and its other division, the European Australian Movement. He was also an active participant in the small neo-Nazi Telegram chat ‘Aus Boogaloo’ which is where we first noticed him.

Gabe Seymour was studying at the University of Queensland to be a pharmacist, and may still be working as an assistant pharmacist. His potential access to confidential data is a serious concern.

We have observed that Seymour's behaviour shows an escalating commitment to extremism and an ongoing glorification of violence.

Seymour glorifies violence

In private online group chats, Seymour frequently uses dehumanising, racist, misogynistic, and violent language and rhetoric. He has celebrated Tarrant's terrorist attack and ‘fedposted’ (openly talking about committing future crimes) about committing his own attack to 'remove kebabs' (a reference to Brenton Tarrant's attack on Muslims). He has written dehumanising comments about Asian and Muslim pharmacy customers he encountered in his workplace. He has even fantasised about committing violence against his neighbours. And perhaps most alarmingly, he has shared plans for 3D-printed guns in a chat and clearly has access to guns which he is actively training with. All of this was in the extremist 'Aus Boogaloo' group chat, which, it's important to note, also included extremist Conor Sretenovic.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described how the ‘Boogaloo’ meme emerged concurrently in anti-government and white power online spaces in the early 2010s:

In both of these communities, “boogaloo” was frequently associated with racist violence and, in many cases, was an explicit call for race war. Today the term is regularly deployed by white nationalists and neo-Nazis who want to see society descend into chaos so that they can come to power and build a new fascist state.

In April of 2021, Seymour shared instructions for 3D printing firearms and constructing IEDs to the Aus Boogaloo private group chat – at the time renamed as ‘Aus Milk bag’.

A screenshot from the telegram chat Aus Milkbag where Gabe has posted a link to a zip file, which has been blurred out but depicts guns and is titled Gun Plans 2019, with the words, Just drop that here if anyone needs it. Special Six responds, Minecraft mods, and Gabe says, 10GB of Minecraft shaders and textures.

The 'Minecraft mods' comment by ‘Special Six’ is a reference to the ‘In Minecraft’ meme. This meme is part of a ridiculous and ineffective strategy of ‘plausible deniability’ which is encultured within neo-Nazi movements.

Seymour has an obsession with guns and shooting. Here's a photo taken while travelling in Japan at an airsoft shop. Seymour has pinned his target practice on his bedroom wall alongside his Nazi flags and propaganda.

Screenshots from the Aus Boogaloo chat from February 1. Gabe posts a pic of him shooting at an indoor airsoft shooting range with the caption, Shame guns are banned here too but Airsoft isn't bad. The other screenshot shows the chat Aus Boogaloo 2. Gabe posts a photo of a bedroom wall with sheets from target practice, nazi war flags, and various german war paraphernalia. He says, Gotta give asio something nice to look at. The chat admires the photo with him, calling it fucking amazing and v nice.

Seymour has fantasised about taking his target practice into the real world, forgetting to qualify his fedposting with the “in Minecraft” disclaimer. He has gone so far as to muse on whether or not he is “dedicated enough to die or go to prison for removing a few kebabs”:

Screenshots of a conversation of Aus Boogaloo between K R and Gabe. K R talks about someone being removed from the cops or put on paperwork. Gabe, Mhm, But you can be Isis member and just chill, Fuck government cunt people need to act. K R, Based gabe, But do you have balls. Gabe, Do I feel lucky, Do I feel dumb enough to ruin my life over a hatred of society, Almost, Not yet, But almost. K R, Dumb or dedicated. Gabe, True, Dedicated enough to die or go to prison for removing a few kebabs, Idk, Would seem like a waste of life, wait til youre older and plan it out, Try to take out thousands. K R then suggests Jews instead and they talk about how Jews live in the shadows, controlling society, and don't do real work. End of screenshots.

Seymour and the ‘Aus Boogaloo’ chat also shared the livestream and messages approving of Tarrant's massacre as well as Stephan Balliet's attack on the synagogue in Halle, Germany in October 2019 along with memes calling Balliet a new “Saint” (a martyr of fascist struggle).

More Aus Boogaloo screenshots. Gabe says to Michael, who's asked about the ADF, Cringe, dont become a pawn working for a government that hates you. And then a doctored image of a youtube video, now titled Kids React To The Christchurch Shooting, showing a boy grinning as he watches the Tarrant livestream. Next shows Mr Cow posting the livestream video. In another, Gabe responds to a Christchurch zip file with, This better be the album with Cheer up, Brendan Tarrant killed a few in it. In another, Slattery posts a video of the German shooter with the caption, Saint Confirmed. Mr Cow asks for a full video. Slattery says, there's channels, its about a gig. Mr Cow then forwards the full video. In the next screenshot he describes it as, The dude in germany that tried to tarrant a synagogue but fucked up real bad. Gabe asks, Is that the cuck that got stopped by a door an shot some randoms on the street. Fun Gas then comes in with pictures of Hitler as a goodnight message. End screenshots.

Seymour is extremely racist, frequently referring to Jews as “kikes” and once polled the chat to ask “Are niggers considered human?”

More Aus Boogaloo screenshots. Gabe posts Avi Yemeni complaining about a journalist, and says, Look at this stupid kike whinge, Cannot joke about Jooz. Special Six, Muh holocaust. Slattery, Avi midget Jew sniper. The next screenshot shows Gabe doing an Anonymous poll asking Are niggers considered human. The two options are both No. Gabe, K R and a deleted account joke about women always being Jews, bipolar or bisexual. In the next screenshot Special Six says, This kind of stuff turns me into a racist. Gabe, Hahahahaha U arent turned into a racist lol, Nature is racist, Kikes just brainwash people to think, oh we are above all that natural selection garbage. Special Six, Cant trust them, and posts a video titled Top Ten Reasons To Like Israel. Gabe laughs. The last screenshot Special Six says, Ben Shapiro is based. Gabe, Hes a filthy neocon kike who need his brains stomped in. Special Six, Good answer. Gabe replies to his own threat of violence, In Minecraft I mean. End screenshots.

As the pandemic hit, the chat discussed ‘the Boogaloo’ and what happens if SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan). Seymour’s Boogaloo fantasies extended beyond looting for supplies to disturbing and violent fantasies about his neighbours, saying, “if it hits the fan i have multiple neighbours I'd love to put a knife through.”

Screenshots from the Aus Coofaloo chat. Mr Cow posts a meme about a caveman version of a dont step on me libertarian. Gabe says, Fuck prepper gang, Raider is much better, Think about how many fat, useless old cunts are hoarding shit, So easy to take. Mr Cow, Yeah boy, my mate whos a cop is saying many cops will be isolated on sick leave. So thier wont be enough cops arounf. Gabe, Good shit good ahit. If it hits the fan i have multiple neighbours Id love to put a knife through. Mr Cow, They are deploying detectives to frontline because they are struggling for numbers. Gabe, Hahahahaha thats cute. Mr Cow responds to Gabes neighbour threat with, Bruh. Gabe, Bro next door is done for. All im gonna say. Mr Cow, Hahahahaha tp time. Gabe, Nah idec if they have stocks, they made threats against ny family. It will just be out of spite. Mr Cow, Knock knock. End screenshots.

Seymour trained at Bloodshed Muay Thai Gym in 2020. Even at that stage he felt he had reason to hide his legal name.

A Bloodshed Muay Thai gym Facebook post from 5 December 2020 that says Fight announcement in all-caps. Gabe Smith vs name redacted. The attached picture shows a much scrawnier and less muscular Gabe Seymour shirtless and holding his fists up halfheartedly. The other fighter is completely pixellated for privacy.

A group photo of scrawny Gabe in a huddle with twelve other people in Muay Thai clothes. His pale skin looks grey in the low light.

He has since moved on to fight training in public parks in Brisbane with other members of the NSN.

A screenshot of the European Australian Movement Telegram channel and post dated 13 November 2022. Seven men with their faces blurred pose for a photograph in a park in Queensland with large trees behind them. Five of the men are standing and holding up their fists wearing boxing gloves. Two of the men are kneeling and hold a European Australian Movement flag, which is an altered swastika.

The activities of the National Socialist Network in Queensland have so far been limited to banner drops, letterboxing, postering and stickering, punching each other and rival neo-Nazis in public parks, and vandalising sacred sites like carving a swastika into White Rock at Ipswich.

A screenshot of the European Australian Movement Telegram channel and a post dated 25 February 2022. A photograph shows twelve neo-Nazis dressed in black posing for a photograph at the top of White Rock in Ipswich. They have carved a swastika into the rock, desecrating this sacred site. Below they have copy pasted this text to mock it. This Conservation Estate remains sacred to the Traditional Owners of Ipswich. Some of the Cultural Landscapes within this estate include White Rock, the caves and outcrop overhangs. These sacred sites are very important to the Traditional Owners as they provide a link between Country and personal identity and allow the passing on of cultural knowledge. As per Cultural Protocol the Traditional Owners have requested no one climbs White Rock.

A larger version of the same photo showing twelve neo-Nazis dressed in black posing for a photograph at the top of White Rock in Ipswich. They have carved a swastika into the rock, desecrating this sacred site.

That's Gabe Seymour in the red shoes. His small friend and fellow National Socialist Network member Zachary Mark Makkinga ('Lanes') bought the exact same pair of red shoes to be more like Gabe. Like Gabe, he's also been raided by Counter Terrorism.

In Mid-2022, Gabe travelled to Gunnedah with other members from QLD to attend an NSN training camp/cross-burning with members of the NSW cell.

Gabe travelled to Melbourne for the national meet-up in December 2022 at the Legacy Boxing Gym in Sunshine West and fought someone known as “Phil”. Gabe edited their propaganda video from that event to share internationally on Telegram. Gabe was responsible for fucking up the blurring on a split second of a video frame, where we clearly saw Legacy Boxing Gym's owner Tim Lutze in the ring.

A screenshot from the Werewolf HQ Telegram channel of a post dated 19 December 2022. A black and white photo shows Gabe Seymour sitting just outside of a boxing ring, leaning on the ropes. Another neo-Nazi whose face is pixelated, sits inside the ring on a chair or stool, leaning back on the ropes. Surrounding them standing outside the ring are eight neo-Nazis with their faces blurred, and National Socialist Network leaders Thomas Sewell and Jimeone Roberts, with their faces unblurred. The caption on the image is Brotherhood.

Is Gabe Seymour escalating?

Gabe Seymour is one of the few members (alongside Jimeone Roberts and Jack Eltis) of National Socialist Network who has “face doxxed”. This represents a clear escalation in radical behaviour. With his martial arts and weapons training, psychopathic fantasies, as well as access to sensitive personal information through possible employment in a pharmacy, Seymour is one of the most concerning members of NSN.

A screenshot of a Telegram profile in the name of Gabe. In the profile pic, Gabe Seymour is flexing in a mirror in front of a grey wall. He is wearing a white singlet with a Reichsadler printed on it and blue shorts. This was the first time he face doxxed on Telegram in August 2022.

A number of NSN members co-admin a public trolling channel called DPoker that frequently posts death and rape threats towards academics, activists, journalists, law enforcement, politicians, and other public figures. It was on this channel in early March that an admin posted an alarming photo taken at a shooting range in Belmont, about a 20-minute drive from Seymour's house.

A screenshot from DPoker Cabal III Telegram channel of a post dated 5 March 2022. A photograph taken from behind shows a white male aiming a gun at a target at SSAA Brisbane in Belmont. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a Sonnenrad design printed on it. His head is covered by a trollface sticker.

Only four years ago, Australian neo-Nazi terrorist Brenton Tarrant posted an online manifesto with the Black Sun (or ‘Sonnenrad’) on the cover, put on a bulletproof vest with a Sonnenrad patch and picked up weapons painted with the Sonnenrad. He then massacred 51 people who were at Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah (Friday prayers).

Photograph of Brenton Tarrant's gear showing his Sonnenrad patch and dog tags.

It beggars belief that a member of National Socialist Network was able to go shooting at a gun range wearing this same extremist symbol without being challenged. The Royal Commission into the Christchurch massacre found that concerns about Tarrant's behaviour while training at a gun club in Aotearoa New Zealand had been inadequately reported. We are alarmed that an NSN member has been able to boldly proclaim their Nazi sympathies while training with guns.

Gabe Seymour, prospective pharmacist

We have strong reasons to believe that Gabe Seymour is a current or former assistant pharmacist. We are extremely concerned about Gabe Seymour’s access to the personal details (including addresses, date of birth, Medicare numbers etc.) and private medical information of pharmacy customers. Given Seymour’s violent fixations about his political and racial enemies, the information accessible to him in his position at a pharmacy could allow him to build profiles on people, share their information among his neo-Nazi comrades, or carry out harassment or violent attacks himself.

Seymour revealed in Telegram chats that he was studying Pharmacy at the University of Queensland and working (at least during 2020) at a chemist. Below, he calls female customers at his workplace 'roasties' (a misogynistic term from Incel culture to refer to sexually active women) and discusses how he shames them if they buy the morning-after pill or are prescribed the contraceptive pill, by refusing to give them a bag for their purchase.

Screenshots from a Telegram chat called Aus Right Wing Fed Squad of a conversation between Murdoch, Mr Cow, Hansel and Gabe. Murdoch, Stop the pill. Murdoch posts a meme pretending to be a black lives matter infographic to trick people into getting 14 88 tattoos. Murdoch, remove the negro, remove the chink, remove the pill. Mr Cow, hashtag B L M 14 88. Gabe responds to Murdoch's stop the pill, Based. Hansel, why's there so many childhood disorders these days. has child past the 30 year cut off for good health. Gabe, at work I always make roasties walk out with in in their hands, you can see they are shameful about it. No bag for you. Mr Cow, hahahahaha savage cunt. Gabe, nah fuck em cunt. You can tell they want one too. Same with contraceptive pills. Murdoch, Fuckign nation of degenerate men. Gabe, wear it proud scumbag. Murdoch, should secure a white waifu and impregnate her immediately.

Gabe Seymour studying at the University of Queensland

Gabe Seymour posted in the Aus Boogaloo chat about studying Pharmacy at the University of Queensland.

The NSN posted photographs taken on the UQ campus giving (unwanted and unwelcomed) support to embattled stupol activist Drew Pavlou.

A screenshot of the National Socialist Network Telegram channel of a post dated 19 July 2020. Three neo Nazis stand in front of The University of Queensland St Lucia campus sign. They are wearing all black and black balaclavas. Two of them are holding a National Socialist Network flag, which is an altered swastika. Their caption reads, While the University of Queensland sells out to China, we stand with Drew Pavlou against the yellow communist vermin who are infiltrating all our countrys institutions. Australia for the White man.

Below Seymour shares a selfie wearing a Nazi SS shirt while on campus at The University of Queensland:

Screenshots from Aus Boogaloo 2 chat including a selfie of Gabe Seymour wearing a black t-shirt with a Totenkopf printed on it in white while he is on campus at the University of Queensland. This symbol is most commonly associated with Hitler's Schutzstaffel or SS. Gabe Seymour boasts in the chat about the looks he got on campus for wearing it.

Gabe Seymour uploads a photo of his assessment and says “apparently remove kebab isn't the right answer” (a reference to Brenton Tarrant's attack on mosques in Christchurch on 15 March 2019).

A screenshot of Aus Boogaloo chat. Gabe Seymour uploads an image of a multiple choice question for a university assessment and says Low res but apparently remove kebab isn't the right answer.

Seymour also posted in the chat about his studies in the pharmacy course, mocked pregnant women and mocked people prescribed medical cannabis, called his pharmacy course 'gay bullshit', and mocked the idea of health equity.

Gabe Seymour at home

Seymour lives at home with his parents in Thornlands and adorns his bedroom walls with neo-Nazi propaganda and target practices. He's been raided at home by counter-terrorism at least once, and had his bank account cancelled.

A screenshot of Aus Boogaloo chat. Gabe Seymour posts a photograph of his bedroom with his walls decorated with Nazi flags and propaganda and says Reckon that's enough evidence for when feds raid my house.

A screenshot of Australian Meditations Nationalist Yarn chat. Gabe Seymour replies to a voice message and says Had it happen to me after raid, bank account shut down a couple of months after they asked me questions, i said I didn't wanna answer but they said I have to otherwise they'd close my account. Full schizos. And then wouldn't say why they closed my account Just say they don't want to continue business with me. Stefanos Eracelous replies as Australian Meditations 51 and says yeah I got an email from commbank years ago saying for commercial reasons they are closing my account...but that was after i racially abused the staff cos they fucked my account up i don't think it was counter terrorism related. i reckon NAB is fishing for now and they are probably planning to shut things down. Landrews replies to Gabe and says Did you open with another bank?

A collage of photos of Gabe Seymour's bedroom showing his walls decorated with Nazi flags and propaganda, his German Shepherd dog. He has pinned his target practices up from Rothwell Professional Indoor Industry Pistol Club in Rothwell. Gabe Seymour has pinned his target practices up from Rothwell Professional Indoor Industry Pistol Club in Rothwell on his bedroom wall along with his Nazi flags and propaganda.

If you have any information about Gabe Seymour, you can e-mail us in confidence at

Action items


The SSSA range has been made aware of the posts above. If you have concerns about psychopathic neo-Nazis being granted firearms licences, we recommend reaching out to your local MP as well as the responsible minister, the Honorable Mark Ryan.

Contact the Pharmacy Board politely to express your concerns about any registration or future registration of Gabriel Llewellyn Russell Seymour as a pharmacist and explain why, citing this article and our post.

Contact SSAA Brisbane, where Gabe Seymour or his fellow National Socialist Network members train and express your concern about neo-Nazis training for race war at their range, while wearing extremist symbols like the Sonnenrad, linked to neo-Nazi terrorist Brenton Tarrant. Gabe Seymour and anyone associated with him who has joined or visited SSAA Brisbane should be banned from this range and all others. Neo-Nazi extremists who have openly fantasised about committing mass casualty attacks should not hold firearms licences.

To our knowledge, Gabe Seymour is no longer studying at the University of Queensland but we do not know if he’s graduated or may return to his studies in the future. We would like assurances from AHPRA that he will never be registered as a pharmacist.

Chemist Warehouse has also stated he does not currently work there but hasn’t commented on past employment.