National Socialist Network fail to attack anti-fascist fundraiser in Thornbury

On September 15, 2023, neo-Nazis from National Socialist Network, armed with knives, attempted to attack an anti-fascist gig in Thornbury at Café Gummo. The gig was a fundraiser for us and the Black Peoples Union.

If you recognise any of these cowards e-mail us Please share this image in your networks and on your social media in case anyone recognises them. We have numbered the faces of those we do not yet know the names of.

If you would like to amplify our X post/tweet of these faces you can repost it at this link.

Video of National Socialist Network running like rats:

Our love, respect and solidarity with Melbourne SHARPs and other antifascist comrades who confronted the National Socialist Network on the streets of Thornbury. Antifascism is community self-defence.

There is a Chuffed link to donate to us and The Black Peoples Union for those who couldn't make the fundraiser gig. We have been an anti-fascist research collective for over five years and this is the first time we have fundraised. We aren't going anywhere. We often get messages asking “How can I help?” We know everyone is feeling the cost of living crisis at the moment, but if you have the capacity to donate to us (or share our fundraiser) we would be really grateful for the help. This will go towards our expenses for research like hosting and subscriptions, which aren't cheap.

We want to express our gratitude for and thanks to Café Gummo and Melbourne SHARPs for hosting the fundraiser for us and the Black Peoples Union, and the artists and bands who played: The Victim’s Ball, An Effigy To Extinction, Dire Need and Louts.