Fraser Anning’s Neo-Nazi connections

Senator Fraser Anning shakes hands at St. Kilda in January with convicted criminal, Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell

Increasingly, the far-right in Australia has been emboldened by politicians who repeat and validate their conspiracies, imagined grievances and talking points about “African gangs”, Asian immigration, nationalism, “Cultural Marxism”, Indigenous peoples, Muslims, and “White Genocide”. Last year we reported on the extent to which some far-right, fascist, and neo-Nazi groups had established relations with politicians from both minor and mainstream parties, including a major infiltration of NSW Young Nationals.

It is now clear that Senator Fraser Anning, the ‘accidental’ senator, is becoming the figurehead for this growing movement.

Our investigation into Senator Fraser Anning reveals a complicated web of links between Anning and players and power brokers on the far-right including neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson.

These neo-Nazis and far-right activists have been attempting to influence the Australian political scene for years. They have used their networks and social media techniques to push Anning’s agenda and popularity. Members of defunct far-right groups such as the Patriotic Youth League, the New Guard, and Klub Nation are still working together behind the scenes to install Anning as the acceptable frontman for Australia’s ethno-nationalist/neo-Nazi movement.

We reveal a blueprint for the neo-Nazi movement in Australia

Anning’s maiden speech: neo-Nazi speech writers?

Anning’s parliamentary debut in August 2018 was controversial. His maiden speech called for an end to “Muslim and third world” immigration, proposing a White Australia policy for the 21st century. At the time, Senator Pauline Hanson called the speech “straight out of the Goebbels’ handbook from Nazi Germany” and told the media that Anning’s speechwriter was a One Nation ex-staffer called Richard Howard.

We can reveal that White Rose Society has been passed information from a credible source claiming that another of Anning's speechwriters for the “Final Solution” maiden speech, was longtime ethno-nationalist Frank Salter. Salter is an honorary associate in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney.

In the 1970s, Salter and Jim Saleam co-founded Australian National Alliance, the predecessor to Australian National Action. Most notably, members of National Action took part in a drive-by shooting, organised by Saleam, of anti-Apartheid activist Eddie Funde’s house. (Saleam was later jailed for his role in the crime, and is now the leader of the Australia First Party.)

Salter left activism and Australia in the 1980s and moved to Austria to research the application of behavioural biology to politics. He has published on ethnicity and conflict and describes himself as an Anglo Identitarian. He believes in ‘the great replacement’ of white people by non-white migrants and has been described as “a giant in the intellectual defense of white identity.” He argues for the strengthening of Christianity and the rejection of multiculturalism.

Note: these are all sentiments we have heard uttered by Fraser Anning over the last 6 months.

The ethno-nationalist blueprint for taking over Australia

Frank Salter has recently outlined the steps needed for far-right ethno-nationalists to take Australia “back to its traditional Western identity”:

Salter wants the war fought on two fronts: the political and the cultural. Struggles on the cultural front are important for a number of reasons, including the extent to which they reinforce the political. The most important way the cultural front can help is:

Salter has acted as an adviser to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party on ethnicity. He has spoken against ethno-religious diversity at the Christian Democrat Party national convention in 2010. And now we believe he is influencing Senator Fraser Anning.

Neo-Nazi pseudoscience

Salter has a strong connection to prolific Holocaust denier and academic Kevin Macdonald, an important intellectual exponent of White Nationalism in America. MacDonald's work has become increasingly popular with the alt-right in recent years.

MacDonald argues that a Jewish dominated elite “has emerged to dominate intellectual and political debate” and “loathes traditional institutions of European culture”. MacDonald has associated with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and testified in defence of Holocaust denier David Irving. He was known affectionately as “K-Mac” on the Nazi bulletin board, Daily Stormer.

MacDonald visited Australia in late 2018. Members of Sydney’s Lads Society, including Thomas Brasher (“Thomas Hopper”), subsequently posted fan photos with MacDonald.

Both Salter and MacDonald use pseudo-science to claim that ethnic groups are bound by common interests through shared genetics. They reject multiculturalism and actively work for a white, Christian ethno-state on traditionalist lines. They provide the intellectual foundation for the alt-right nationalist movement in Australia.

Fraser Anning’s advisers

We have seen from Frank Salter's blueprint how placing ethno-nationalist advisers into minor political parties is a key strategy of the neo-Nazi movement. And so, it is with great concern that we note the presence of a nodding familiar face standing just behind Senator Fraser Anning at the 5 January St Kilda Rally: neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson.

We won't rehash what's been written elsewhere in the last week about the events of the day, the fascist and Neo-Nazi organisers, media incitement to racism and violence and Anning’s galling expenditure of at least $10,000 of public funds to attend far-right events to which he’s invited himself over the last 6 months.

Many media reports have focused on the ‘roman salutes’ thrown by rally attendees while Anning has claimed he saw no neo-Nazis at all. We have been informed that when asked recently, Anning denied knowing Wilson and claimed that Wilson “just happened” to be standing near him. Why would Senator Fraser Anning lie about knowing Andrew Wilson? Why would a Senator hide his relationships with neo-Nazis, unless he knows they're neo-Nazis?

Who is neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson?

Andrew Wilson is a key figure who ties past fascist groups together with current political efforts. Wilson can be linked to Senator Fraser Anning well before he showed up at the rally in St Kilda on 5 January 2019. Wilson has had a long involvement with extreme right politics from his earliest university days. He has been connected to extreme neo-Nazi groups in the USA, boasted about involvement in the Cronulla riot of 2005, was a key participant in attempts to infiltrate Humanist Society of NSW, and is a failed political candidate in WA. Andrew Wilson is at the centre of a network of far-right figures who are intent on achieving political influence.

This section will provide our readers with Andrew Wilson’s background and update you with his activities since he was last publicly active in far-right politics. The next part of our article will explain the pieces of the puzzle that led us to link Wilson to Fraser Anning well before he showed up next to Anning at St. Kilda on 5 January 2019.

Andrew Wilson in the Volksfront era

Fight dem Bak wrote in 2009:

In the years 2004–2005, Andrew Wilson was a member of, and the Sydney organiser for, the ‘Patriotic Youth League’, a botched attempt by AF (Australia First Party) to establish a youth wing. Like Palmer, Rafty and Cratchley, Wilson was also at one point a member of the Stormfront forum. The PYL lead a relatively brief existence, conducted campaigns against the presence of foreign students on University campuses and trade union support for foreign workers, and underwent a significant crisis when its Sydney branch was also discovered to be functioning as the contact point for the US-based neo-Nazi group ‘Volksfront’.

Wilson was a 17-year-old student at the University of Newcastle and living in Epping, NSW, in 2004.

While a member of the Patriotic Youth League (see below), Wilson explained his opposition was to “non-European immigrants who are completely alien to the Australian way of life and culture, and who have no wish to assimilate anyway”.

In February 2005 an Australia First Party front-group in Newcastle “Concerned Citizens Council”, held a public event “Campaign against the Sudanese Invasion of Newcastle”. Their event was heavily countered and outnumbered. Australia First Party's Jim Saleam appeared, with Australia First Party, Patriotic Youth League and the band Blood Red Eagle listed as sponsors, among others. Blood Red Eagle are a Newcastle neo-Nazi band. Vocalist Doug Schott was a member of Volksfront. Later that year Patriotic Youth League boasted of their role at the Cronulla Riots. Just as neo-Nazis sought to take advantage of the Cronulla riots in Sydney in 2005, so too do neo-Nazis in Melbourne in 2019 — on this occasion with the blessings of an Australian Senator — seek to profit from 'Cronulla 2.0'.

Closely following on from his involvement in the PYL and Volksfront, Wilson became a member of a group known as Klub Nation/Klub Naziya/Public Information Forum. This group had big plans. They met at Humanist House (owned and managed by the Humanist Society of NSW) in Sydney from 2001 until 2010.

In 2007, a prominent member of Klub Nation Jason Rafty described Klub Nation on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum as follows:

Klub Nation is the only continuous meeting place for white Nationalists in Sydney since 2003.


Klub Nation is sponsored by the PIF Inc ([P]ublic [I]nformation [F]orum) and in essence is a networking and social point for Nationalists. [W]e present a range of guest and in house speakers covering the full gamut of political-economy, and other subjects of relevance to the Nationalist milieu.

The conveners of Klub Nation seek to cast an image as a survivor’s Klub.

Urban survival against the predations of the NWO–Globalist over class is less about arms caches, compounds and tin food stock, but rather having the knowledge, network and social capital to assail and prevail over everything this insidious over class throws at us. NWO tyranny and enslavement is predicated on the atomization of Anglo-Celtic people. Any brotherhood or Klan based unity is like a silver bullet[.]

Klub Nation promotes the “viable Nationalist”: – one who isn’t crest fallen, physiologically addled, impecunious or effeminate. Remaining viable is the linchpin to survival. Like hell, we’re going to become the white trash of South East Asia.

Infiltration attempts by Klub Nation to gain resources

From 2008-2010 Klub Nation attempted to infiltrate the Humanist Society of NSW. This included installing Klub Nation member Mark Pavic as Vice-President of the Society. (Notoriously, Pavic was convicted of the manslaughter of his mother in 1985 after her body was found in Lake Burleigh Griffin weighted down by concrete blocks.) This gaggle of right-wing extremists planned to gain control of Humanist House and other assets held by the Humanist Society of NSW. Slackbastard wrote in 2017 “(Klub Nation) is also alleged to have been involved in some dingbat investment scheme — the purchase of gold and silver — in which several investors allegedly lost some small sums of money.”

David Palmer and other neo-Nazi members of Klub Nation had earlier infiltrated the British-Israel World [Federation] Pty. Ltd. in New South Wales in 1999. According to Jim Saleam, joining to “get a hold of over $500,000 in money and assets left to the Federation from the Estate of Mr. K.D. Nicholls. If they had succeeded, neo-[N]azism in Australia would have become self-sustaining.”

History repeating in 2018?

A decade after the Klub Nation infiltration attempt, members of the Lads Society attempted to infiltrate the NSW Young Nationals. There is overlap between the memberships of Klub Nation, Lads Society and Antipodean Resistance. United Nationalists Australia (neo-Nazis Australia First Party) first warned of this in a bitchy March 2018 blog post Are the Lads Society Klub Nation 2.0?:

“…we have the incredible situation where one of the most influential of Nationalist thinkers has thrown his all in with this non-Nationalist group. Moreover, he is paying it tributes that not only it hasn’t earned, but which are not in any way deserved by this non-political, non-activist, non-Nationalist association.

We will not name the individual or any organisation to which this Nationalist may belong, but by ‘this group’ – we mean the ‘Lads Society’.

[Frank Salter?]

… The Lads Society is a monetised operation dependent on fee-paying members to sustain the club and maintain its equipment. Klub Nation was likewise monetised although it was done so along the lines of a Ponzi scheme. It does not possess a real hope of survival. This is subculture at best and as such it has a finite lifespan. Under the conditions described there is no hope of ‘saving Australia’, particularly when its leaders are reticent about committing to a definition of what constitutes an Australian.”

What Andrew Wilson did next: failed political candidate

Andrew Wilson dropped off the radar for a few years until he reappeared in September 2017 when he ran for council in the North Ward of Mosman Park, Western Australia. Wilson’s candidate profile described him as a long term resident of Mosman Park with a background working in law and media.

Wilson was described by Peter Tinly, the then WA Housing Minister as “a member of the ‘lunatic fringe’ who aspires to local government.” Wilson ran on a single issue platform of evicting Public Housing tenants from Mosman Park, writing on his candidate Facebook Page:

“It's time to address the elephant in the room. Every day a break in occurs in Mosman Park, and we all know it's due to the housing commission.

We have three schools in the area, young children, families, and retirees living in Mosman Park who deserve to feel safe walking the streets, and yes, that means even at night.

I am a resident of Mosman Park. I have a background in law and I am running for local council this October. If elected I will ensure that we get rid of the housing commission blocks ASAP.”

This Facebook post was accompanied a video with the tagline “We have to GET RID of the housing commission. SAFETY FOR MOSMAN PARK NOW!”

During his campaign, Wilson was interviewed on Radio 6PR with Oliver Peterson. In this interview, he made the bizarre assertion, “I have a big heart, if you met me you’d say wow…a big heart.”

Peterson: “I have met you before. I know you have a Memes for the Urban Gentleman Facebook account which is a satirical Facebook account. I'm wondering if this video and your proposed election here to the town of Mosman Park is actually just a pisstake.”

Wilson: “No I’m not sure what you’re talking about there Ollie.”

Andrew Wilson: Facebook troll?

During the Perth council elections in 2017, another candidate for Mosman Park, Georgie Carey, was “subjected to a barrage of online abuse, with accusations of being ‘anti-male and anti-white'” after calling for greater diversity on the council and reaffirming the sentiment expressed by WA Local Government Minister David Templeman about the need to reverse the “male, pale and stale” stereotype of councillors. Her post was shared by the Facebook Page Abhorrent Australian Memes (with 40,000 followers at the time and since Zucced), instructing their followers to let her know what they thought. Her post also featured on troll bulletin board 4Chan.

Since the St Kilda rally on 5th January, the Abhorrent Australian Memes Did Nothing Wrong Facebook Page has posted to celebrate the rally and in support of Senator Fraser Anning's actions and his new political party.

Georgie Carey stated she received more than 300 abusive comments and posts calling her racist and sexist. Abhorrent Australian Memes and its reincarnation, [Abhorrent Australian Memes Did Nothing Wrong]( is run by Cooma based neo-Nazi Matthew Grant, leader of Australia First Party’s Eureka Youth League, a later incarnation of the Patriotic Youth League, of which Andrew Wilson was once the organiser.

Wilson received 290 votes as a candidate for the North Ward in Mosman Park, behind winning candidate Paul Shaw's 737 votes. Georgie Carey was one of two candidates elected in Mosman Park for the South Ward, coming second with 499 votes.

This incident reveals the power that troll pages have to attack rivals as well as support their chosen candidates. These pages are vocal in their support of Fraser Anning.

Did Andrew Wilson's political ambition end there, or did he have his sights set higher, perhaps a position of influence with a politician like Senator Fraser Anning?

Andrew Wilson falls out with his neo-Nazi mentor

After his electoral defeat in 2017, Wilson appeared in a May 2018 post on the 'United Nationalists of Australia' blog (an online shitsheet for the Australia First Party). Titled 'Klub Defamation: AFP Leader Being Sued over UNA Klub Nation Exposé', it read in part:

Former members of the defunct Klub Nation have joined together to launch a defamation suit against Australia First Party president Jim Saleam for an article published on this blog in June 2017.

Led by Andrew Wilson, who has filed a statement of claim several months after the publication of ‘Rape House’, notices of concern have also been filed by Jason Rafty, Steven Moore, and Peter Coleman. What is unusual is that all four applications have been made from different states claiming damages collectively to the value of $530,000.

It is understood that following the issuing of his statement of claim, Andrew Wilson has travelled to NSW to muster up support for his action.

Information received suggests that another associate of Klub Nation, Mark Pavic, is playing an instrumental role behind the scenes, and may yet himself issue a concerns notice.

We have no update on the progress of the defamation suit against Saleam, but assume it’s ongoing: the blog post in question was later unpublished. In either case, we believe Wilson may now have moved back to Sydney from Perth, or be frequently commuting between the two cities.

Weaponising memes: Andrew Wilson’s connection to Senator Fraser Anning

Andrew Wilson and his associates have been running some of the most prolific online support for Senator Fraser Anning through a network of Facebook Pages and groups, in coordination with Anning. Proving this has been complex. Wilson has actively pushed the “white South African farmers are in peril” narrative. The South African “White Genocide” conspiracy theory has made a major contribution to pushing political discourse further to the right, as well as radicalising conservative politicians.

Tracing Andrew Wilson's online presence was like following a trail of crumbs dropped in odd places. Wilson also wasn't who we expected to find in connection to Anning: we were interested in investigating Wilson's recent activity, and in particular, whether it was linked to other former Klub Nation members.

The trail began in June last year in the comments section on the Future Now Australia Facebook page (then administered by Dan Spiller and Neil Erikson), and an account that looked very much like a sockpuppet. The sockpuppet had accidentally replied in a thread about the Dandyman incident in Federation Square; tellingly, as the sockpuppet, rather than as the Future Now Australia page. Later in this article we will show that the sockpuppet in question, “Henni Mostert”, belongs to Andrew Wilson.

We started to compare what content was being shared across the Future Now Australia Page, and where. We began to suspect that others on the far-right, perhaps living in Perth, were Admins on this Page. We also noted that since June 2018, “Henni Mostert” had been regularly sharing content from the Senator Fraser Anning Facebook Page into a number of far-right Facebook groups such as:

Prior to this, in May 2018, “Henni Mostert” was sharing content from the Hon Charles Smith MLC (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party) Facebook Page. We’ve uploaded a selection of “Henni Mostert's” Facebook posts and shares to a Photo Gallery for your review. The Future Now Australia Facebook Page strongly supported Anning by also sharing his content.

Why would Senator Fraser Anning lie about knowing Andrew Wilson, when Wilson has been an active supporter of Anning and his politics online since at least June 2018? We have seen Anning fraternise with many on the far-right including fascists “working” in alt-media and their neo-Nazi associates like Blair Cottrell. Yet Anning felt compelled to lie about working closely with neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson, even when Wilson had been seen standing right next to him.

Neo-Nazi and convicted racist Neil Erikson was also an Admin on the Future Now Pages until Queensland businessman, fascist and Mormon Dan Spiller ran out of money after sinking it all into the bankrupt Milo Yiannopolous, and had to cut Erikson loose.

We also noted “Henni Mostert” posing as a South African in Perth, with family still in South Africa suffering because of “White Genocide”:

We compared the “meme template” across a number of far-right Facebook Pages. Rather than make this article more screenshot heavy, we've uploaded a selection of their content to Photo Galleries linked below, for your comparison:

and recently to Memes for the Urban Gentleman, the Facebook Page allegedly run by Andrew Wilson (Wilson’s Facebook regularly interacts with this Page including in the comments section).

These “memes” are photographs and texts in identical or similar fonts and similar layouts, with racist or reactionary text and calls to action. All of these Pages heavily used white space with black text, red text or white text on red backgrounds, or white text on green: design elements that catch the eye and are readable. We noted these Pages were either sharing each other’s content or similar political lines and sentiments at the same time, in what appeared to be an organised communications strategy.

Each of these Pages, including Anning’s, follow parts of Frank Salter’s blueprint: talking about how cultural and racial diversity undermines social cohesion; introducing the public to the meaning and benefits of nationhood and its reliance on a dominant and confident core ethnic identity; explaining that multiculturalism is an ethnic hierarchy that subordinates Anglo Australians; maintaining a rational rage against the corruption of the universities and proposing remedial policies; working with responsible protest groups to defend the right to public assembly. They share memes, text and videos that are anti-immigration (especially Africans, Asians and Muslims), they fearmonger about the “White Genocide” conspiracy theory, they are nationalist, pro-Christian and “traditionalist” and they warn about “Cultural Marxism” and universities. Fraser Anning's posts have included the tagline, “Help save Australia before it's too late.”

Who is responsible for the content on Senator Fraser Anning’s Facebook Page and his communications strategy? Who are the Admins on Anning’s Facebook Page? Are these Admins paid staffers or volunteers?

Henni Mostert and Andrew Wilson

Looking at an account like “Henni Mostert” one could assume it’s a sockpuppet. On closer examination, we quickly saw that Andrew Wilson had simply renamed his Facebook account, active since at least 2009. We found proof of this through an old friend of Andrew Wilson's, Allan Worth:

At one point Wilson was also known as “Bannon Jones” online:

Ultimately it was his close friendship with Allan Worth dating back to at least the Volksfront days, that gave him away. To our knowledge, Worth has not previously been named as an associate or member of Volksfront.

The Volksfront group photo referred to above turned up again on Worth's Facebook profile, confirming our suspicions that “Henni Mostert” is really Andrew Wilson. Allan Worth also features in this photo.

This Facebook post suggests that Wilson was familiar with the Abhorrent Australian Memes Facebook Page, which led an online attack against his rival council candidate Georgie Carey in 2017.

To verify Andrew Wilson's identity we compared numerous other photographs of him that had been published online by his friends, as well as video footage taken during his 2017 council campaign in Perth and at the St Kilda rally this year.

Andrew Wilson and the New Guard

The New Guard was a secret group which formed the basis of the attempt to infiltrate the Young Nationals in 2018 as outlined by the ABC’s Background Briefing program. During the course of our investigations into Wilson's online profile, we recalled comments by “Henni Mostert” (Andrew Wilson) and others in Western Australia, in the New Guard Facebook group. These comments made reference to a “James Kenneth” from the group Austranati (The Australian Traditional Nationalist), who is accused of attempting to poach members of the group. In the discussion, Mostert/Wilson threatens to launch defamation proceedings against “Kenneth”, suggesting that Mostert/Wilson is familiar with taking such legal action.

We later unearthed mention of a group that may exist in Perth called Dominion League, that has some crossover with Lads Society.

If there is a group named “Dominion League” in Perth, is it Andrew Wilson's group? A number of others in Perth commented under him in the screenshot from the New Guard and none appear to be associated with Lads Society. Given his beginnings in Patriotic Youth League, a group named 'Dominion League' seems to be more Wilson's style; the League, like the New Guard, named after an historical Australian fascist group.

Members of the New Guard Facebook group planned to elect people in local, state and federal parliament. Did Andrew Wilson have his sights set on Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, or Katter's Australia Party, next?

Andrew Wilson's collaborators and the digital agency

Radomir Kobryn-Coletti

In the course of our investigations, we found a link to Andrew Wilson through Radomir Kobryn-Coletti, a person of interest over the last year. Radomir founded R&CO Agency, a video production, advertising and digital agency in Perth, Western Australia. Ironically, they claimed on their website to have worked with the ABC, at the same time as Kobryn-Coletti had a “Defund The ABC” (alt-right meme) profile pic frame on his personal Facebook.

Andrew Wilson's sparse LinkedIn revealed he may be associated with Kobryn-Coletti.

Further investigation revealed that Kobryn-Coletti had traded as R&CO Agency on his personal ABN until 15 June 2017.

On 17 January 2017 Radomir Asterius Kobryn-Coletti formed a partnership with a T.J. Vacher (Tyson John Vacher) and an A.J. Wilson, with the ABN 18 559 392 078. Could Radomir have made Andrew John Wilson and Tyson Vacher partners at R&CO Agency? Or does their partnership have another purpose?

Radomir emerged in Perth in 2013 as a 17-year-old “teenpreneur” running a party management venture Rads Entertainment, co-founded with then 16-year-old Tyson Vacher, both now in partnership with Andrew Wilson. Radomir was educated at The Modern School in Perth, graduating in 2012, then studying at the University of Western Australia. His father Giuseppe Coletti works in the Physics department at UWA and his mother Dr Halina Kobryn is an academic at Murdoch University in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences. Radomir's social media accounts indicate his political beliefs align with the “alt-right”, he identifies as an 'anarcho-capitalist' or proprietarian and is an MRA (Men's Rights Activist).

Radomir is also a rabid racist. In the screenshot below, Radomir teams up with Wilson and Vacher to leave dozens of racist and homophobic comments on the Facebook profile of a young black man. (This link contains the original, unedited thread.)

(With our apologies to Mr Bremner)

Radomir also joined in the online attack on Mosman Park candidate Georgie Carey, commenting on Reddit:

The sole video on Radomir Kobryn-Coletti's Vimeo channel is 33 seconds of Senator Fraser Anning speaking about Peter Dutton's “fast track visa” offer for white South African farmers, saying, “The lessons of Rhodesia have not been learnt”. This video was posted ten months ago. Kobryn-Coletti's Vimeo channel uses the R&Co Agency logo, who offer services in video production.

In January 2018 Kobryn-Coletti was sharing posts in the Palmy Army Facebook group about Clive Palmer or from his Facebook Page, as well as from the Senator Fraser Anning Facebook Page into the Facebook groups THE BOLT REPORT SUPPORTERS GROUP and The Bolt Report Supporters Group (Uncensored Version). From March 2018 he also shared posts from the Hon Charles Smith MLC Facebook Page into Facebook groups THE BOLT REPORT SUPPORTERS GROUP and The Bolt Report Supporters Group (Uncensored Version). From July 2018, he followed the same sharing strategy for posts from Future Now Australia and Future Now News Facebook Pages. We have uploaded selected screenshots of Radomir's Facebook shares and posts to a Photo Gallery for you to peruse.

Tyson Vacher

Tyson Vacher, or “Dongers” according to those who went to high school with him, is notorious in Perth for being fined $7500 in 2017 after his company Black Tie Waiters took payment from clients for engagements, parties and weddings, but didn't turn up to the events. Fisting $50 notes in a selfie, he boasted on Facebook, “Prosecution sought $144,000 in fines. I got fined $7,000. On my way to court now to pay my fines in CASH. Peace.”

Tyson previously made local media in Perth in 2015 after a publicity stunt advertising a nightclub event “exclusively for private school graduates within Perth's 'golden triangle'.” Kobryn-Coletti is also heavily involved in events management in Perth.

Tyson is, or was, a student of The University of Western Australia. He went to Beldon Primary School and Lake Joondalup Baptist College. Tyson is a homophobe and racist and appears to be fond of harassing women and misogyny. He also described a game which rewards shooting LGBTQI+ people as an “epic gaming moment”.

Fraser Anning and the AltRight media

Fraser Anning has been heavily supported by fake news journalists including The Unshackled and XYZ, both running numerous articles about Anning as well as video interviews and live-streams. One of Anning's staffers, Boston White, has also supplied photographs of rallies (including March for South Africa) to XYZ to use for their articles.

AltRight media and Anning have a mutually beneficial relationship. The AltRight media and their far-right followers are able to advance bigoted, racist and white supremacist policies and talking points through Anning to the mainstream. Anning has his voice amplified through the alt-media and their far-right followers and is able to build his voter base, hoping to improve on the paltry nineteen votes that saw him elected. Online, Anning has support from garden variety racists to neo-Nazis, despite his public despite his public support for the state of Israel and its policies. Neo-Nazis see Anning as “our guy” despite his failure to publicly identify as an explicit white nationalist. The same considerations apply to their support for other political figures such as Clive Palmer.

Anning appears to have been carefully coached in public speaking and talking points, with communications appearing scripted to be digestible by a far-right audience who rely on headlines and short video clips. His explicit communications also ensure greater outrage (or support) when reported in the mainstream.

We have seen direct links with AltRight media and other far-right politicians before. Fake news journalist from The Unshackled, Steele Archer Hawes, claimed partial credit for Senator Pauline Hanson's “It's OK To Be White” motion in October last year:

Morgan Munro, The Unshackled and Neil Erikson

Morgan Munro is a cameraman for The Unshackled and is originally from Perth. He is an Admin in the “unofficial” Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook, where he uses the sockpuppet account “Buster McDuff”. Facebook groups like this run by “volunteers” in close contact with Anning's office, are cheaper and easier to run than focus groups or phone polls, allowing staffers to quickly take the pulse of issues like this one:

Or this one:

Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society member Aaron Long, a neo-Nazi, is also a Moderator in the “unofficial” Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook. Here he mentions that he has a mate who works for Anning:

On 8 December 2018 neo-Nazi and twice-convicted racist Neil Erikson attended the African Music & Cultural Festival in Federation Square in Melbourne. There he mounted the stage to yell the White Supremacist slogan “It's OK To Be White!”. On this occasion Erikson was accompanied by some of his current crop of devotees: fascist Morgan Munro (“Buster McDuff”), frequent mental health-ward patient, rotting-corpse and woman-basher 'Bluebeard' (Rino Grgurovic) and Stefan Eracleous, a former Young Liberal at the University of Melbourne, aspiring rapist and former supporter of Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn.

“Buster McDuff” live-streamed a couple of videos in the Fraser Anning Supporter's Group on Facebook. Neil Erikson's group selfie (above) with his fellow serial pests was later deleted from his Facebook Page (by Erikson).

Note that Richie Whelan is one of Erikson's neo-Nazi comrades of many years. Like Erikson, Whelan is facing charges arising from the Milo event in Melbourne in December 2017. The pair, along with Ricky Turner, are due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court in May.

If you compare the group selfie and the first few seconds of this video, you'll see that Morgan Munro accidentally outs his sockpuppet Buster McDuff:

Over the next month, alt-media continued to escalate an imagined “African gang crisis”, first manufactured by their colleagues in the mainstream media and federal politicians. Far-right Facebook Pages and groups continued to amplify this “issue”. In late December, Neil Erikson went to St Kilda and filmed a group of African youths playing football, harassing them until a young man was brutally capsicum sprayed and arrested. Recently Avi Yemini (a close political colleague of Senator Fraser Anning) and Anning himself, have mentioned “African gangs” in Queensland. We believe none of these events were accidental or independent of each other.

This brings us to Saturday 5th January 2019 and a far-right rally called by Neil Erikson and nicknamed “Cronulla 2.0” in the leadup. Speaking to the crowd and media at that event was far-right favourite, Senator Fraser Anning, with neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson by his side.

Senator Fraser Anning must answer to parliament and the public:

If Senator Fraser Anning continues to lie, all avenues of investigation should be exhausted by those with the means to pursue them: Freedom of Information requests should be made and financial records should be made available and examined.

Australian media, politicians and the public are mistaken if they think the only neo-Nazis in Australia are the visible and vocal few. Neo-Nazis Sieg Heiling in public and Nazi merchandise or tattoos are shocking, but not as shocking as the rapid shift to the far-right, in Australian discourse and policy. Or comments regularly made by politicians like Senator Fraser Anning, that should violate Human Rights Law. Neo-Nazis who were active ten, twenty, thirty years ago haven’t gone away, nor has their ambition. They are actively working with younger generations in the far-right on aggressive recruitment strategies into new organisations, or new organisations formed from old ones. These players and power brokers behind the scenes should not be ignored or underestimated, nor should the growing threat of the far-right in Australia be minimised or rationalised away. Personal and political apathy and deliberate ignorance of people who do not share right-wing views, provides the far-right with space to communicate and organise, in parliament and on the streets. Far-right infiltration of political parties is not a one-off incident, nor is it neutralised by an internal party investigation that failed to remove the ringleaders.

Frank Salter's behind the scenes influence on “nationalist” thought, policy and political direction, needs to be carefully considered in line with his blueprint.

If the Australian media, politicians and public do not start paying attention, soon there will be more than a couple of hundred fascists and neo-Nazis at the beach or on the streets. There will also be more of them in parliament, further accelerating the shift to the right of our political discourse and policies. Australia may be behind the Americas, Europe and South East Asia, but we are still drifting towards fascism in perfect conditions. Fascists and neo-Nazis are already all around you, vocal online and quietly biding their time offline. They occupy spaces outside of bonehead clubhouses, they wear white collars. They are comfortable with boneheads and their criminal connections and caches of weapons. They teach your children and work in your office and go to your church. They are radicalised young and go to high school with your children. They are provided with a platform by mainstream media outlets who share their views, allowing them to reach pre-groomed and sympathetic audiences. There is no national approach to collecting intelligence on domestic extremists on the far-right. There is no national (or even statewide) strategy for de-radicalisation of the far-right. There are very few, if any, safeguards in our “democratic” parliamentary system to prevent them from gaining political influence and power. Anning just launched his own political party with an unknown source of funding. The first time, he was only elected on nineteen votes. Since his election, Senator Fraser Anning has been working from Frank Salter's blueprint and campaigning to shore up a large far-right voter base. The very real danger in the next Federal Election is an increased and emboldened far-right vote, empowering politicians like Senator Fraser Anning and his neo-Nazi advisors to push Australian politics and society even further to the right.

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Bonus photos of Senator Fraser Anning with some familiar neo-Nazis:

Fraser Anning and former Squadron 88 member and current Lad's Society Sydney co-leader, Mark McDonald, at St. Kilda. Five members of Lads Society Sydney travelled to St. Kilda for the rally: Mark McDonald, Alex Annenkov, Thomas Brasher, Michael Heaney and Jaiden Armstrong Penney.

Fraser Anning and neo-Nazi Thomas Brasher (“Thomas Hopper”) at St. Kilda. Thomas is a member of the Lads Society Sydney and a former Young Nationals NSW member. He resigned in protest with Clifford Jennings.

Fraser Anning and fascist Claudia Benitez (“Dia Beltran”) at St. Kilda. Claudia is a YouTuber who frequently interviews her neo-Nazi friends.

Fraser Anning and Lads Society Sydney member Jaiden Armstrong Penney at St Kilda. Jaiden likes to make threats of violence against politicians he thinks are “communists”.

Fraser Anning with fascist Tim Wilms from The Unshackled. The Unshackled are devoted supporters of Anning.