Thomas Brasher aka Thomas Hopper – “ethno-nationalist” and anti-Semite

If you're starting out as alt-right, the MAGA hat is the first point of virtue signalling. Thomas later renounced Donald Trump and said Trump's “relentless sucking up to Israel and the Jewish establishment proves he's another puppet”.

“I'm not a fascist, I'm an's a Brown Shirt I prepared earlier.”

Thomas Brasher is a 19-year-old man who lives in the Inner West of Sydney. Thomas graduated from Wingham High School in 2016, where his family lived on the mid-North Coast of NSW. His family appear to have moved to Sydney after his graduation, in order for him to attend university. Brasher now studies Economics and Law at The University of Wollongong. He works at a bottle shop and has in the past fretted he would be fired due to not hiding his political views at work (maybe expressing racism in front of customers isn't the customer service expected of him — or his boss knows about all the booze he's been “tasting” with customers). He joined the NSW Young Nationals on 21 April 2018, but was on the radar long before that. Brasher has experimented with a number of alt-media platforms including a (now deleted) YouTube channel, a couple of aborted blogs, appeared on livestreams and podcasts, and is a prolific user of Instagram and Twitter (despite how many posts he later deletes on both platforms).

Brasher helpfully provided a heads up about his role in the infiltration of the “alt-right gang” at the NSW Young Nationals Party conference before it hit the media, in a series of posts to his Instagram Stories.

The Akubra belongs to Joel Harley, another new NSW Young Nationals member who helped Clifford Jennings infiltrate and stack. Joel is a Neo-Nazi. Standing behind Thomas is Neo-Nazi Nicholas Walker.

A month after the NSW Young Nationals conference, Brasher uploaded a photograph to Instagram posing in front of Parliament House in Canberra, describing it as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”. This is perhaps the only point we'll agree with Thomas on. The ratio has definitely increased since the infiltration of the NSW Young Nationals by Neo-Nazis.

Brasher gives us a glimpse into motions he'd like to put forward at the next Young Nationals conference. Or his conspiracy theory driven, puritanical and racist fantasies about what he'd do if he had political power:

Who is Thomas Brasher aka Thomas Hopper?

Thomas Brasher cosplaying at Wingham High School. From Vladimir Putin in high school, to earlier this year publicly expressing support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad (seemingly only because of antisemitism).

Thomas Brasher mentions “International Bankers” often. Protip Thomas: you can be anti-Zionist without being antisemitic. Unless you're a fascist or a Neo-Nazi, obviously.

Thomas Brasher cosplaying wearing the Syrian flag.

Brasher is a member of The Lads Society in Sydney. He frequently promotes their club as well as their new offshoot Identity Australia. Identity Australia is a youth wing for (an unofficial) White Australia Policy, currently in hysterics about “white replacement” and busy wheatpasting racist posters about immigrants (long-term followers of Squadron 88 will start to notice a familiar pattern here) and dropping banners off overpasses while wearing masks. Much like their interstate and more overtly National Socialist brothers Antipodean Resistance. Thomas has also proudly uploaded videos to Instagram of him learning to box at the fascist fight club, demonstrating skills on par with Neil Erikson's.

Video: Thomas Brasher “boxing”

Perhaps you should have edited out Klan Leader and Holocaust denier David Duke in that last YouTube screenshot, Thomas.

Curiously, Brasher hasn't appeared in any of Identity Australia's propaganda yet, perhaps because of his earlier decree about not covering your face?


Video: Thomas Brasher tells his followers that shitposting doesn't further the movement. “Thanks Dad”.

Text from video:

If Brasher's online presence and virulent antisemitism is how he tones down his beliefs for legitimacy...

Brasher appears to want to be “in with the in crowd”, craving the kind of “brotherhood” that Lads Society claims to provide. Despite his passionate appeals for the preservation of “European culture” and to save “the white race”, we've never witnessed Thomas express anything remotely resembling compassion or empathy. Not in his political posts, not in his videos, not in his comments section. For someone so fixated on “ethnic replacement”, he seems strangely disconnected from the pain and struggle of ordinary “white people”. Especially for a “nationalist”. Like his peers among the younger generation of Australian “conservatives” and “nationalists” (fascists and Neo-Nazis), he has no historical knowledge of the history of the far-right or the far-left in Australia, including nationalist movements. He is too young to even remember Reclaim Australia, or know what his “nationalist” heroes were doing during it. He'd much rather recommend books to read on his social media, or upload photographs taken with the “Chads” of Lads Society, especially Blair Cottrell.

What are they protecting with their hands? Is this some kind of #NoHomo gesture, necessary in their boys only cubby house?

Brasher has been bulking for most of this year and documenting it through selfies, but doesn't appear to have made much progress (we recommend you don't skip leg day Thomas, even if Blair Cottrell does). He has taken to wearing shirts that don't fit properly over his biceps to make them look bigger, just like Blair. (Curls still haven't gotten the right-wing, traditional, white girl though).

Brasher recently uploaded another “Life Hack” to his Instagram Story, not realising that in 2015 (when he was still in high school) Blair Cottrell, Tom Sewell and others in the United Patriots Front uploaded a video where they pretended to bury a severed pigs head on land they claimed was the proposed Bendigo Mosque site.

Brasher frequently documents his movements around the Inner West and Tempe through social media. Australia First Party (enemies of Alex Annenkov, Mark McDonald and Lads Society) believe there's only room for one Super Nationalist in the village and the keen eyes of Dr Jim Saleam have reportedly been observing Brasher's movements around The Bunker and their neighbourhood.

Brasher is an avowed ethnonationalist, recently recording a livestream with Dia Beltran on the topic (during which his grandmother hilariously interrupted). During this livestream Brasher further articulated his Holocaust denial, as well as revealing more of his fragility about whiteness and belief in white victimhood. [n.b. to the far-right, please pick one: Do you believe you're the “Master Race”? Or do you believe you're oppressed? You can't have both.]

Video: Dia Beltran and Thomas Brasher livestream on ethnonationalism

Selected quotes:

Brasher became interested in history during High School and read classic works such as the The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, although people did give him weird looks for reading Mein Kampf. He recommends these as “two books everyone should read”.

You're only 19, mate.

On the Holocaust

Brasher says he doesn’t “have a strong opinion”, although he's “sceptical about the 6 million and the gas chambers, skin into lampshades, fat into soap. I don’t buy it, there are no facts...something dodgy about the Holocaust, as you can’t question it.”

“Sure, the Jews have been oppressed but white people have been murdered in their dozens and dozens just look at WWI and WWII.”

Then his grandmother interrupts so we pause.

More on Jews:

“A bunch of people have suffered including Communists and people doing treasonous acts, not just Jews.”

“No way would I want to be a Jew.”

On Nationalism:

“I like to call myself first and foremost a nationalist.”

“I believe in the nation, traditionalism, I believe in identity and I do care about the environment.”

“I was a libertarian, but my ideas have changed, and I prefer nationalist.” “You need to be collectivist for your people.”

“White people have been victims at times in history so white people should have their own state.”

“I don’t want white people to become a minority. Look at any city and see the minority problem.”

“Civic nationalists don’t worry if white people become 0% in the country that they created.”

“I’m ok with small amounts of non-European migrants but we are letting these people in en masse.”

On Chinese immigrants and Muslims:

“China is taking over our country, buying all our top resources and buying our land and property in the cities. They are forming the majority in the prestigious universities and these people don’t really assimilate at all. All of the Chinese stick together and segregate themselves.”

“European Australians are being uprooted from our country by the Chinese. What will happen when they take over the top positions in our country?”

“They’re very intelligent and work 12 hours a day.”

“The new upper class of Chinese people will donate to parties which are positive towards China and then overpopulate and take over the white population of Australia.”

“Once the Chinese become 60% of the population they can dictate what happens in Australia. They are peaceful now because they are studious and obey the laws.”

“Muslims will come and they breed like rabbits.”

Now we start to see the histrionic Thomas Brasher, who lives in a constant state of fear about being “ethnically replaced” and becoming a “white minority” in “his own country”. His hysteria has only risen since being introduced to Lads Society leaders Mark McDonald and Alex Annenkov (formerly of Squadron 88), who have been campaigning against “yellow peril” and to “Stop The Mosques” for years (and whatever other right-wing flavours of the month campaigns they could insert themselves into). Brasher frequently talks about “his volk”, in the context of all white Europeans in the United Kingdom needing saving from immigrants from “barbaric countries”. He fears England, like France and Germany, is already doomed. He believes all white “volk” are his volk and therefore homogenous, feeding into his right-wing identity politics to claim a minority status and express a victimhood complex.

If you'd like to learn more about ethnostates and White Nationalism, Southern Poverty Law Centre has an excellent primer. At this point Brasher could be described as a mainstreamer for ethnonationalism, using the infiltration and stacking of a major political party in ways similar to how SPLC describes:

Mainstreamers believe that infiltrating and subverting the existing political institutions is the only realistic path to power. They aspire to convert disaffected “normies” to their politics and advocate for white nationalists to seek positions — in politics and society — that have access to resources otherwise unavailable to avowed racists. These resources often require that white nationalists disguise their politics and compromise on their most extreme positions. Mainstreaming allows those sympathetic to white nationalism to pursue or enact policies furthering white nationalist priorities. These aren’t always exclusive to white nationalism, such as immigration restriction or the elimination of social welfare programs.

This is also demonstrated through the politics of Senator Fraser Anning, who unsurprisingly, is Thomas's favourite politician right now. Anning is a favourite of racists and Neo-Nazis across Australia, for his explicit articulations of White Supremacy in the media and parliament. Move over, Pauline Hanson.

Well, that's because you ARE a racist, Nazi, homophobe, Islamaphobe, and you're definitely associating with extremists who have serious criminal convictions.

Brasher in all sincerity despite the meme below, believes “white” people deserve a homeland. Funny, we thought that was what colonisation had provided them.

Of course Brasher has had his Ancestry tested and uploaded it to his followers to prove his “whiteness”. He seemed mildly anxious about what the 1% might be, despite how inaccurate these tests are.

Brasher is a Baby Boomer in the body of a 19-year-old male. Unlike some of his Neo-Nazi friends who aren't afraid of airing explicitly National Socialist views, Brasher has constructed his identity by clinging to a cardboard cut out Australian “traditional Nationalism”. He fetishises colonialism and the diggers; he writes lengthy diatribes about his hatred of modern architecture and the loss of Australia's “European, Christian heritage”; he visits the Art Gallery of NSW and quivers over the artistry, masculine bravado and physique of marble carvings; he's been bushwalking once; his daily commute enrages him because he sees non-white faces waiting for the train.

Brasher is triggered by seeing posters in other languages in his multicultural city and on his university campus. He is triggered by multiculturalism. If he'd been old enough, he would have been a Pauline Hanson voter her first time around the block (many of his posts read similarly to posts by her Baby Boomer supporters in the Pauline Hanson's One Nation Facebook group). Brasher is triggered by many daily occurrences. Seeing anarchist posters in the Inner West. Attending university, something he believes to be a form of indoctrination into Cultural Marxism. Any sign of gender or sexuality that isn't cisnormative or heterosexual. Mardi Gras and Sexpo (warning about “Satanic forms of sexual pleasure like sex with robots”). “Accidentally” finding an Instagram account featuring interracial couples having sex.

We thought Lads Society was supposed to provide a safe space for people like Brasher. That's just on Friday nights though, when they meet up for their fascist fight club. He told Dia Beltran: “We meet up Friday nights, I go most of the time. We discuss things, politics, philosophy...We have a library which is massive with lots of books, you can rent a book, one huge bookshelf filled with good quality books...A lot of us are political and we do go to rallies and it’s good to be able to defend yourself, the left are extremely violent.”

Note the comment by Blair Cottrell


Brasher longs desperately (at the age of 19) to meet a white, right-wing “traditional” girl at church or a rally, who he can settle down and make enough white babies with to save the white race. From White Genocide, of course. Most young men would be out partying instead of planning for fatherhood: young men of Brasher's political persuasion are scrapbooking or vision boarding their dream White Weddings.

Would Brasher ever consider “race-mixing”? That's a no.

Brasher has some predictable and perverse views on Aboriginal peoples, in line with his ethnonationalist ideology. Showing he's never actually met or talked to an Aboriginal person, to understand what connection to land is. We're sure he learned everything he needed to know from Stefan Molyneux's genocidal talk, an event he sold merch and ushered at:

Video: Thomas Brasher on “Aboriginals”

Brasher was very proud to have assisted as a member of the fascist entourage for Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's tour. He wore his best suit.

At least he didn't suffer from a case of “hover hand”

Brasher also seeks out connections with other international fascists like his crush and Toronto Mayoral candidate Faith Goldy. Faith is a fascist who was too extreme even for Rebel Media, who fired her for appearing on a podcast affiliated with Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Faith was extremely sympathetic towards White Supremacists when covering the “Unite The Right” protests in 2017, and captured some of the clearest footage of Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr., murdering peaceful protestor Heather Heyer with a car. Faith, like Brasher, is a proponent of the “White Genocide” conspiracy theory, is an antisemite and an Islamaphobe, as well as racist towards Black Americans. She was also banned from Patreon for reciting the Fourteen Words.

September 2018 saw Brasher meeting US psychologist and favourite academic of the Neo-Nazi movement Kevin McDonald in Australia, at a private tour we suspect was arranged through the Sydney Traditionalist Forum. McDonald is a pioneer of White Nationalism in America and a prolific Holocaust denier. From Southern Poverty Law Centre:

A psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, MacDonald published a trilogy that supposedly “proves” that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies...MacDonald also argues that anti-Semitism, far from being an irrational hatred for Jews, is a logical reaction to Jewish success in societies controlled by other ethnic or racial groups. After the publication of a 2007 Intelligence Report exposé detailing MacDonald's anti-Semitism, his teaching duties were reduced and many of his colleagues publicly condemned his racist research.

You can read further quotes from McDonald at the link above.

That Brasher seeks out these connections shouldn't be surprising to anyone familiar with his antisemitic views. We've chosen a selection for you, before we move on to his public “activism”.

Brasher's first foray into public speaking was when he was asked to do an impromptu speech at a Free Tommy Robinson rally to a crowd of less than a dozen people in Sydney's CBD. Prior to this Brasher had stuck to posting videos online and practising over-enunciating like his idol, Blair Cottrell.

Video: Thomas Brasher impromptu speech at Free Tommy Robinson rally

Thomas gets so worked up during this speech we suggest he requests a blood pressure check next time he visits his GP. By the end of his two-minute speech he's shrieking and appears close to a breakdown.

So we're fighting against fascism in the name of...Freedom! The British men died on the battlefield for freedom. What would those British soldiers think of Britain today? They would be outraged! They would be outraged at what their politicians are doing! This is absolutely disgusting! You see movies of the Nazis arresting political dissidents, and what are we seeing in Britain right now?! And nobody in this city cares. Nobody. It's just us here. Nobody else cares about this. Why? Because they're fed the lie that he's a bigot. He deserves to be locked up. He's a racist. He deserves it! Well it's a free political opinion and it's a free country so you can get used to that, or you can leave! This rally also proves the false facade of the left. I say this because the left-wing are always talking about egalitarianism, equality, freedom, tolerance. If they truly tolerated and loved freedom they would be here with us side by side, but where are they? Could you imagine a far-left winger outside of a court case, maybe covering some bigoted Christians, and they got locked up by police? THE STREETS WOULD BE CROWDED! THEY WOULD BE CROWDED WITH THE FAR-LEFT! But because it's one of our guys, nobody cares and that's the problem with the modern day west, it is completely one-sided. They are against us. Keep that in mind — but always keep strong, keep proud and stand up for the principles that our people fought for in World War II. That's it, thank you very much. Free Tommy Robinson.

Thomas's next public speech was given at True Blue Crew's Aussie Pride Flag March in Sydney's Hyde Park, where he was loudly interrupted multiple times by a world-weary looking woman who he seemed quite puzzled by. Thomas's speech again reached levels of histrionics that might require sedation, next time. This march was another flop, despite Tim Wilms trembling when describing Melbourne's parallel event in The Unshackled as “The biggest nationalist/patriot event on the Australian calendar.” Our favourite parts of Thomas's speech were when he railed against universities and talked about all the extracurricular reading he'd done to educate himself, encouraging True Blue Crew flag wavers to also educate themselves. The key to a good speech is to know your audience, Thomas. That's never going to happen.

Video: Thomas Brasher speed at Aussie Pride Flag March, Sydney 2018


Dan Evans:

Thomas is a 19-year-old uni student. He is doing a double degree in law and economics. He is a member of Lads Society. He holds strong views and one day hopes to enter into politics. So, thanks Thomas…


I wanna thank you all for being here today with all of us, it’s a truly meaningful experience for me and everyone else around you I’m sure. Thank you for celebrating our great nation. And uh, I wanted to talk today about how the man I am today is solely due to this country. I learnt the values of strength, comradery, kinship, resourcefulness and intelligence from living in this beautiful country. And I am proud and I know I am lucky to live in this country. And I will always defend this country. Now, we can rally and we can talk about how great Australia is. but we have to recognise that there is a problem in the current political climate. Nationalists in today’s age are basically compared to the devil by the media, the government condemns us, and in the academia, they teach our children that we are the very scum of this earth. If you don’t recognise this, you are absolutely ignorant to the current political situation. We only have to look at speakers like Tommy Robinson or Blair Cottrell. Tommy Robinson was put into prison for simply covering a Muslim court case where there were a bunch of paedophiles and he got locked up for the reason that he was preaching (unintelligible). Furthermore, Blair Cottrell, he is currently having to deal with the Victorian State due to offending Muslims. This is the current climate of Australians.

Nationalists are suppressed… so don’t tell me that we live in a free country when Anteefa can destroy property they’re left alone, but we get locked up for thought crimes!

Woman interrupts:

That Muslim girl that had the plastic semi-automatic gun at the hospital, she got off with a WARNING! If we did that with a platic gun.... WE'D BE IN JAIL.


100% [in agreeance, perhaps he doesn't know that True Blue Crew's motto is 110%]

Nationalists in the media, we’re called losers for wanting to defend this beautiful country. But if a man in Collingwood chops of his penis and says he's another gender, he’s an absolute hero. An absolute hero. But we’re the losers. We’re just idiots. Well the thing is that they have to wake up, because our movement is rising and it is growing and we’re taking this country back. Rappers who rap about killing people, doing hard drugs, having promiscuous sex…. By the media standards, they’re now our cultural icons. Ah, idiots like Kim Kardashian are the new face of women... Ah everything else like that. Everything is promoted except us. Why? Because we’re the only healthy alternative to this country! Everything unnatural, everything subverted is being pushed except for us because we pose a real threat to the status quo. It’s not Anteefa – they’re the foot soldiers of the status quo!

The reason also that I had the courage and I had the passion to come up here today is due to the fact that I educated myself. I educated myself through books that weren’t prescribed by my high school teachers. I educated myself through books that weren’t prescribed by my university professors. I read books that I weren’t recommended. And through those books I learnt to love my country and defend it against everything that threatens it! And the reason that our high school teachers and our university professors don’t recommend these books is because it teaches us to stand up against the exploitation that we’re currently facing against International Bankers that are taking everything from us. Everything! They are ruthless! We have a country that they don’t! They’re everywhere and anywhere. But us, we have a soil and we have to defend it against everything that threatens it. They’re currently taking everything from us. They are dividing our society. They are dividing our society very aggressively through this mass, mass immigration. They are dividing our society through this new wave of gender theory. This new radical feminism. This new age of Marxism which is all being pushed by our universities. It is no coincidence that all of this Anteefa idiots are coming straight out of university. Because universities are propaganda machines. The way we fix this mass division in our communities, which I absolutely hate, is to recreate a national spirit, a national unity! Open to fighting against this division! This national community won’t be achieved by sending a letter to Malcolm Turnbull. It won’t be achieved by signing a petition. It will be achieved through our very own will! Our own determination! Our own struggle! Struggle is the law of nature and nature only rewards those who embrace struggle the most. We must embrace it until we become one again. Because until then, the media, the academia, the government, they will aggressively attack us until we are gone or until they’ve succeeded.

Anyway, all I wanted to say here today is that we have to really work hard toward the future. We have to work hard to create a new national community and we have to put aside all of this Anteefa and Cultural Marxism that is currently happening. I want all of you to continually educate yourselves and to continually educate those around you, that you have to believe that this nation is worth protecting. There’s on….

...Because that’s the only way we turn people in society onto our side for us to succeed. Thank you very much.

Leads a chant of Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

Thank you.

We'll leave you with some words of hope from Thomas about his future (or the future of his “volk”). If he provides any comment after reading this, we'll be sure to update you.

We would describe Thomas's “style” as a wannabe “movement” leader, as “overwrought”.

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