Antipodean Resistance and the Lads Society

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These two groups are so closely intertwined that it is difficult to talk about one without the other. Antipodean Resistance, an explicitly neo-Nazi collective, first formed in Victoria Australia and came to notice around two years ago. The Lad's Society formed a little later as a curious mix of UPF refugees and fascist-leaning gun owners.

The Lads Society

The Lad's Society (for the sake of brevity LadSoc hereafter) appears to have been primarily formed by one 26 yo James Andrew Buckle of Balwyn North, Victoria, former president of Firearm Owners United, and one Thomas Sewell previously lieutenant of the United Patriots Front.

James Buckle James Buckle Tom Sewell Tom Sewell

Although other former UPF members are closely involved in the LadSoc, including former leader Blair Cottrell, documents obtained by The White Rose Society indicate their “club house”, a converted industrial unit at 9/158 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham (southern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria) is primarily financed by Buckle and Sewell

Antipodean Resistance

The group first came to notice on the now defunct social media site for Nazis. Several early key figures emerged and provided useful information about themselves. These included;

XAV AKA Mathew Baston AKA Matty B

Xav was one of the online founding members for Antipodean Resistance and was very active in recruiting new members via 4chan and IM. Shortly after the time IronMarch disappeared so did Xav's social media footprint. What accounts remained where renamed to MattyB and there was considerable evidence of deliberate scrubbing of their digital footprint. Since that time we have not reacquired Xav's trail with certainty. We provide these images below in the hope that at least one reader may recognise one of them and be able to provide information.

Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles Nest)

His introductory post on IronMarch:

Australian reporting in. I'm 22, unemployed at the moment but trying to get into a trade.I tried to make an account a few months ago with no success, but with a friend of mine's help (not sure what he's called on here) I finally got in. I've been lurking intermittently since then. I've mainly been interested in National Action, and what made me try again to make an account was a fellow Australian thinking of making our version of it. There's a few problems with that, but I've also been considering it.

Political history wise I was a Commie for a year or two (trot variety), then I was a Democratic Socialist for 3 or so. I was even a part of Socialist Alternative, went to their meetings and rallies. It was pretty bad, I have a few stories on it I can talk about if anyone's interested. Then shit happened (another story) and I became a National Socialist, though of the LARPier kind. Not much wrong with that, and ideally it's what I'd like to do. it just depends on what your goal is. That's another argument to have though, so for now I just call myself 'Nationalist'.

'Skills' is an interesting question. It's hard to quantify in my case. I'm basically a strategic and tactical thinker. I can come up with a lot of potential realities and reactions to things. Given my time destroying civilisation, I also know how they think (tip: it isn't much in most cases). Other than that I can make vaguely intellectual arguments, but I wouldn't call that a skill, especially given the anti-intellectualism a lot on our side have.

I'm interested in politics (obviously), and want to be involved in as much as I can. I also like history a lot, though not as much these days, partially because it seems every new discovery is 'X was GAY/BLACK/A WOMAN', it's quite sickening. I've been reading old NS/Fascist literature recently, trying to get a better handle on the ideology and arguments. And I like Hammer of the Patriot a great deal.

My 'projects' at the moment are trying to bring Nationalists together from around Australia, and helping out the United Patriot's Front/Fortitude. I don't know if you know much about them, but from what I can tell about the website you probably wouldn't like them so I won't try and plug them here, though I can answer questions on them if you'd like.

Anyway, onya mates

See SlackBastard for a full write up on Kehlsteinhaus with pictures

HalArts AKA Rusty Sandusky AKA Nathaniel Anderson

His introductory post on IronMarch:

Hey, I'm an majority self taught artist currently designing posters for Antipodean Resistance. I'm willing to do some art requests however I am only making proper posters for AR.

I'm 20, studying 3D design and animation, and if it wasn't obvious with my affiliation to AR, I'm Australian.

My family was always Australian Liberal, but thanks to 4chan and /pol/ I found my way into the extreme right wing, even had a nazi phase which ended up with my highschool gf breaking up with me. Nothing of value lost though. As of current I'm not entirely sure where my politics lie in name, but I'm aligning myself with fascism and I do not want non-whites in my country, period.

I joined IM because all my buddies from AR are here pretty much, and on top of that it'd be great to have a better interaction with this online community.

As I mentioned, I'm an artist. Nothing great but I'm always getting a little better, I know how to work photoshop, flash, maya, mudbox etcetera... Oh and I used to play trumpet for a long time and can still read sheet music. Wouldn't mind relearning the instrument so I can play it at marches.

I'm very focused on media, there is some plans up in the air at the moment to make some fascist vidya. But that's a little while in the future.

As for projects, I'm working close with Antipodean Resistance (great guys) and I'm also quite busy with TAFE for the next year and a half. I do have a bit of a problem with keeping this sorta thing in private though. Since the industry I'm training for is the video game industry, if I don't keep my views under wraps, I will very well be blacklisted from almost every studio out there as is the nature of those working in video games.

Samples of his art work:


His introductory post on IronMarch 2016

Hi, I'm taking this opportunity to introduce myself to you all

I'm a 24 year old Australian, born and raised. As a child, I always felt apart from the world, as if modernity was somehow wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it back then, but I knew that tales and philosophies from our ancestors seemed more naturally appealing than anything I heard or saw at the time. As I progressed into my teenage years, I discovered my fascination with conflict and war, which narrowed down to an interest in WWII. Like most people, I became particularly fascinated with the Axis Powers, and Nazi Germany in particular, but never felt any real kinship with them. That is, until I graduated to high school. Previously, I hadn't give a thought to politics and generally considered myself conservative. After my family moved to the city, I went from a homogeneous neighborhood to a “low-income” high school in a “diverse” community and got to witness our government's program of ethnic replacement firsthand. Over the years, as I went to the city, I'd seen our streets becoming darker and less safe, but I hadn't given much of a thought to it, since I didn't live in the city. Now that I lived amidst the roiling sea of foreigners, I realized how alien I felt in my own country. Going to a school where kids brag about their parents being drug dealers, gang members, war criminals and inmates tends to awaken you to the perils of diversity rather quickly. Thanks to a skinhead who was in my class, I was able to shunt myself into political thinking, with the help of Stormfront and David Duke. While offering limited perspectives, they opened my eyes to an entire new world of ideas, beyond the traditional neocon right vs. neoliberal left. I became fascinated, although I hesitated for months to read Adolf Hitler's seminal work and since then, have been pursuing fascism, however I can. I posted on 4chan's /pol/ until it was shut down and migrated to 8chan, but I started to realize the limitations of such a platform. Namely, the lack of ideological cohesion and openness to shilling and cointelpro, leading to widespread paranoia. I also listened to certain shows on TRS, before they were cancelled and their hosts blacklisted. It wasn't the first time I'd heard of IM (that was the shitstorm of 2015), but witnessing the difference between ideological purity and a driven purpose compared to complaints of “purity spiraling” firsthand, I realized how important it is to forge a presence & identity. I've taken part in a few rallies, but have to admit that I have nothing much to show for my political actions.

Umnachtung Hi, guys. I've been lurking here for a while, it's good to actually be able to interact now.

I'm a 19 year old medical student and from Australia. My political history is pretty close to a fair few people I've met with similar beliefs. I'm a National Socialist, though I was raised in a pretty Marxist house, with my mum being a hardline socialist and my dad being apathetic and kinda just going along with whatever she said. Because of this I found my way into communism as a kid, even being a tankie in my early teen years, but slowly leaning further and further towards NatSoc as I found out more about the world. Now, I'm at the point where I've done everything I can to distance myself from what I believed as a kid. What really tipped me over into being publicly NatSoc would have been the migrant crisis, seeing so much destruction and rape of our people yet there being so little that anyone was doing about it (not to mention those that were defending it). I joined because it's always good to have a place to speak your mind with like minded individuals without having to worry about being doxxed. 'm interested in paganism, history, biology and bushcraft, and am trying to find ways that I can be more self sufficient in terms of food production.

Good to be here,

Umnachtung.(Mental derangement)

VandalNationalist AKA Jacob Hersant

His graphic welcome of a female National Socialist which includes an image of himself from an Antipodean Resistance camping trip.

His introductory message on IronMarch

Melbourne, Australia

I was an edgy Atheist leftist gamer at 14, then I started playing a lot of Company of Heroes and that got me interested in World War 2. I always liked the Germans better since I have German heritage and was/still am learning German. I wanted to learn more so I started watching the good goy World War 2 documentaries on Youtube until I stumbled upon Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told. I've been a bad goy ever since.

I normally frequent and forums but I decided to join the Iron March forum after listening to all of Fascism 101 videos on YouTube. They're excellent but I wish there were more on there.

I'm interested in joining any Fascist/National Socialist group in Melbourne.Melbourne, Australia

The LadSoc Crossover

We provided you with the early research history on Antipodean Resistance members on IronMarch for two reasons: A. that the information in the member introductions might match with someone a reader knows or knows of and B. most importantly, to establish the blatant neo-Nazi disposition of the these individuals.

Now we'd like to ask you to examine the image below of the LadSoc security detail provided to the Melbourne leg of the Lauren Southern tour recently:

No 1 is Jacob Hersant, AKA Herman Rostock AKA Bacob Berman AKA VandalNationalist (formerly TerminalAutist88) from

This is Jacob shortly after he was caught putting up Antipodean Resistance stickers around Melbourne University. It would also be salient to note that Jacob was a student at University High in Melbourne, which in 2016 was one of the first locations to be defaced by Antipodean Resistance material, coincidentally Jacob's final year.

Once Jacob was identified we commenced an investigation in detail of his life and all those who interacted with him. Over subsequent posts we will detail the identities of the rest of Antipodean Resistance that investigation has yielded.

It was no particular surprise to find Jacob active in the LadSoc just a few months after his activities in Antipodean Resistance were discovered. Here he is pictured at the club house with James Buckle (left) Tom Sewell (2nd left) and “Oscar Iseult” (2nd right).

No 2 is Nathaniel Anderson of the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne AKA HalArts of IronMarch AKA Rusty Sandusky (note the gas de giges in the address).

This is an image from Nathaniel's Facebook account

And here we see him attending the recent True Blue Crew hosted Flag March in Melbourne. (note the jacket)

We had been chasing Nathaniel's distinctive red hair for some time. He features prominently in a number of Antipodean Resistance videos. Rusty Sandusky had also been a prime Antipodean Resistance suspect for a considerable length of time. The Rusty Sandusky account was subsequently data matched to Nathaniel Anderson's and so once more we set about a careful and detailed examination of his relationships and circumstances. As with Jacob we will bring you the identities of his Antipodean Resistance and LadSoc associates in coming posts.


There are many more members of Antipodean Resistance from all across Australia who will have their identities unmasked in coming posts.

Likewise we will show you those who are also closely associated with the Lads Society. For today however, we have given you two examples that draw a line directly from neo-Nazi activism to the heart of the Lad's Society.

Willie Graf.